Dirtier by the Dozen

Caustic, kooky, eccentric, half-cocked, delusional. Are we talking about the newshounds? Surprisingly, no.

The flacks for Outfoxed are perpetrating so many frauds upon their gullible readers that there are too many to analyze one by one. So here is part one of a three-part series that exposes an even dozen of these distortions and falsehoods from their little website. No snarky commentary--just what they said, followed by the truth. As you read their summaries, remember, sometimes it's not what you say that counts, it's what you don't say.

Re the most trusted anchor in cable news, Shepard Smith:
Shep said "Coming up.... we'll look at...Republican claims that the Democrats are working on an Extreme Makeover. Extreme Makeover seems to be the phrase for the day for the incumbents." After the break and some news tidbits Carl Cameron tells us Ds need to stop the Bush-bashing (you first, Rs) and then Shep says, "The phrase for the day, at least for Republicans, seems to be Extreme Makeover, and I know where they're coming from with that..." Comment: Well. It looks like Shep got his talking points memo this morning and like anyone who wants to keep his job, he followed orders.

SMITH: Coming up, we'll take a hard look at Democratic claims that the party is united, like nothing in years, and the Republican claims that the Dems are working on an extreme makeover. "Extreme makeover" seems to be the phrase of the day for the incumbents. Both sides, as you decide, coming up, live, in Boston.
SMITH: The phrase of the day here, for Republicans at least, appears to be "extreme makeover", and I know where they're coming from with that...but the Democrats are now trying to say look, the Republicans are not the conservative Republicans they've been talking about. Look how big this government is. Look how big this deficit is. Look how they haven't controlled spending and all the rest....

Re Fox News Live with Gregg Jarrett :
In a five minute discussion of Teresa Kerry's "tone", Fox and guests stated and/or quoted a number of personal adjectives describing John Kerry's wife. A sampling of the adjectives used in relation to Mrs. Kerry: half-cocked; delusional; caustic; sassy, sharp-tongued, kooky, eccentric.

JARRETT: Look, to be fair and balanced here, Ed, one could argue that her "shove it" comment pales in comparison to Dick Cheney's recent remark to Sen Leahy on the floor of the US Senate, of all places, when he told him to go "F" yourself. You'd agree with that, wouldn't you?
JACK QUINN: What I see here is her being candid and forthright...
KAREN TUMULTY: The campaign was very nervous about her at the beginning, but now they have come to see her as a great asset.
JARRETT: And here's how the Boston Globe put it in today's edition, I'll quote: "Is she a little bit kooky, a little bit eccentric, or just a woman who decided that her time on earth was too short to fake it and not speak her mind?"
JARRETT: In other words, there's an alluring humaness to her, and we do admire candid people. So might she actually be, as I think Jack is trying to say, John Kerry's secret weapon?

Re Linda Vester's Dayside:
Fox aired a part of Al Gore's speech from last night's Democratic National Convention in which Gore jokes about winning, losing, or "the third" option - which applied to him. Lowry chuckled but said something about how in reality there's deep anger hidden in Al Gore - the Republican line of the week - anger that looms in all Democrats. Then they moved on to criticise The Daily Show for a minute before getting to their favorite, Theresa Heinz Kerry for a few good pecks.

[re Gore's speech]
LOWRY: It's a classic if you don't laugh, you'll cry kind of thing. Especially if you've earned the sort of reputation Gore has over the past couple of years of being anger and bitter, it's smart to use some humor and he did it pretty effectively last night.
VESTER: You know, he was not bitter in that speech, and I think that was one of the most important things for him to do.

[re the Daily Show]
VESTER: [reacting to clip] Very funny.
HENICAN: It's very hard to joke about security, because it's a serious subject, but he did it with a nice tone.

[re Teresa Heinz Kerry]
HENICAN: The thing that she shouldn't do is try and wheel herself in, become one of these cookie-cutter Stepford political wives...
AUDIENCE: [laugher, applause]
HENICAN:...I agree, I agree, I don't want them all to be bland. There's a danger she's going to say some crazy stuff as the weeks go by but, you know what, I don't know how terrible it is. Just shrug and move on.

Finally, this classic bit of verbal flimflam regarding Fox & Friends :
When Tad Devine, Kerry Campaign Adviser, countered Steve Doocy with some positive statements about Carter and the Kerrys, Doocy said, "See that ferry over there? Fox News would like to send you wherever it goes."

[after about three minutes of interview]
DEVINE: Well, I don't think it's a big problem. Listen, Teresa Heinz Kerry is someone who went out and campaigned for her husband in places like Iowa and New Hampshire. People got to know her and like her, and in the end a lot of people got to love her. She is who she is, she's an outspoken person. I think it speaks volumes about John Kerry that he would fall in love and marry someone like her who is plain spoken, says it like it is, and, you know, she attracts some attention, and frankly I think that's pretty good because I think the American people--about 50,000,000 of them I think--they want to tell George Bush to "shove it" right now. So, I think that's in sync.
DOOCY: [laughter] Very good. There are about 20,000 people here, united with that message.
DEVINE: That's for sure.
DOOCY: So, where do we go from here?
DEVINE: Well, I think tonight we're going to talk about John Kerry's lifetime of service and strength. We've got some, Teresa Heinz Kerry, his wife, who's going to be able to talk, I think, very powerful about him.
DOOCY: Will it be scripted?
DEVINE: [laughter] I think she's written a speech, and I look forward to hearing it.
DOOCY: Have you looked over the speech?
DEVINE: [laughter] Personally I haven't but I hear it's a wonderful speech.
DOOCY: You have people who looked at it?
DEVINE: I hear it's a wonderful speech. I'm looking forward to her son, Chris Heinz, is going to introduce her. Barack Obama, who is a new, emerging star of the Democratic Party, is going to talk about service, which is a very big part of John Kerry's life. And we're going to continue to hear from people who've been affected by John Kerry's service.
DOOCY: Tad Devine, we thank you very much for joining us. To help you get home, do you see that ferry that's just pulling up right now?
DOOCY: Fox News would like to send you wherever it goes. It's on us.
DEVINE: Fantastic. I want to go to Block Island, OK? [laughter]
DOOCY: Don't push it. [laughter] All right, Tad Devine, senior campaign advisor to Senator Kerry. We thank you very much.

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