Attack of the B-Girls

Another Outfoxed gal proves that if you want to smear Fox, nothing works like a lie. Until you get caught. With J$P Video!

It really bothers some people that every program on the Fox News Channel is number one over the competition on CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, or Headline News. For a living, breathing example of how this sends the Fox-haters into paroxysms of desperation, one need only turn to the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed mob). One of these rabid pooches is Donna, whose job it is to "monitor" Studio B every afternoon. And sometimes, you know, when the pickings are slim, it becomes necessary to post something, anything, just to make some sort of unsubstantiated slur:
Fox Blames Rising Oil Costs On Fire In England
Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith there was a segment on the British Oil Depot that caught fire yesterday. Fox took this opportunity to say that this is why oil prices went up dramatically to over $60 a barrel today....Some things will never change.

The alert reader will note that our B-girl offers nothing to suggest that "Fox" was wrong in reporting the impact of the fire on oil prices. Since the curs have eliminated voices of dissent and only permit approved opinions to be posted, they have made their kennel so insular that they don't need no stinkin' documentation. They are just preaching to the choir. That must be why Donna didn't tell her Amen chorus what that rascally outfit, Reuters, was reporting on that very same day:

An oil depot explosion near London over the weekend and OPEC's decision to rein in production pushed oil prices higher on Monday.

Studio B takes another hit from Donna:
Neither Smith, nor his guests provided any hard data to prove that crime is a serious problem on cruise ships.... It was played out as a fear factor...

Maybe it was those Congressional hearings that were the first clue that there is a crime issue. But Donna has further "evidence" that this was all a smear smokescreen:
Smith spoke with two 'experts'. One was a former Connecticut detective, Vito Carlucci, who admitted he had never heard of any problems with the cruise industry until the Smith case...

Now little Donna is being a bit less than honest. How so? Because she conveniently leaves out the question Mr Carlucci was asked when he made that reply:

SHEPARD SMITH: Is it true that the cruise industries pay off passengers who've been the victims of crimes to keep us from even hearing about them?
VITO CARLUCCI: All the research has shown that, Shepard. You know, I've been in police work and a private detective for 16, 17 years now. And I've never heard of any of these things until the Smith case happened.

Hmm, puts a little different spin on it, eh, Donna? So much for Carlucci "admitting" something. But that's garden variety dishonesty compared to lying about what somebody said. This time our B-girl is upset because Studio B they dared to show a clip of a pro-Bush Iraqi voter:
Looking for 'Fair and Balanced' coverage on Fox? It was no where to be found in a segment on voting by Iraqi ex-patriates in the United States today.... The video cut to the 77 year old Iraqi woman who was voting in Farmington Hills, Michigan.... What happened to the 'Fair and Balanced'? I'm sure there were a lot of different opinions to be found in the voting populace.

Little Donna, who moments ago was complaining about the lack of "hard evidence" on a topic that is being investigated by Congress, knows from her psychic powers what the voting opinions of Iraqi expats in Michigan are. Naturally she leaves out the qualifier that reporter Steve Brown took pains to specify:

STEVE BROWN: That's not very surprising, given that people are participating in the democracy. It's kind of natural, I think it follows that they would pro-American and pro the American current foreign policy scheme.

What does he know? He was just there talking to these voters all day. Donna is "sure", and she didn't even have to get up out of her chair. But the best is yet to come:
The woman pointed her finger at the camera and said (paraphrased because of her accent but pretty much verbatim), "For Iraq and thanks to America. Without America we couldn't accomplish, could not reach this day. So, anyone who doesn't appreciate what America has done and President Bush, let them go to hell." The camera went back to Steve Brown who said, "That's right. (Then he seemed to catch himself) At least that's her opinion."

See? Not only is this despicable Iraqi voter for Bush, but the Fox reporter comes on and says he agrees with what she said, and then has to correct himself. Except that he didn't. Donna has advanced beyond merely distorting context and twisting words. Now she's just not telling the truth [QuickTime video clip]:

Did you notice that? Compare what Steve Brown said with what little Donna claims. He did not say the woman's opinion was right. He did not "catch himself". Why is it that the Fox haters are so desperate that they will smear a reporter's reputation and lie about something millions of people heard him say? To make up falsehoods when anybody armed with a tivo can expose you as a liar is not just desperate. It's stupid.

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