New Lies for a New Year

The Outfoxed gals start 2006 with a fresh assortment of distortions and lies. And just like last year, they've been caught. With J$P Video!

The Fox haters have begun the new year with a cornucopia of distortions, smears, and lies. For incontrovertible evidence of that, one need only turn to the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed mafia). Example 1:
Murdoch uses FNC to smear NY newspapers which made the same mistake as his NYPost
...I was just in time (about 10:45 am ET) to hear the blonde woman say that USA Today and the New York Times had gotten the headlines wrong, and both papers front pages were shown for several seconds. Fox going after the NYTimes is nothing new - they do it on a daily basis.

Newshater chrish goes on to detail her arduous investigation to try to find out what the New York Post had on its front page, and when she learns that they too had a wrong headline, she adds:
the people at Fox News Channel are smearing, unprofessional, posturing hypocrites.

Whatever they are, at least they aren't liars, like a certain newspoodle. There was no such segment on Fox at 10:45 am that day, but there was a few minutes later, at 10:54. Not only did Fox not "go after" the Times, the paper was praised for getting the headline right. Furthermore, the New York Post was shown right up on the screen, as an example of getting it wrong! [QuickTime video clip]:

Why does chrish lie about all this? Because she thinks she can get away with it. Just like newspup ellen in Example 2:
FOX News Censors Bush Criticism...Jack Spadaro, former director of the National Mine Safety and Health Academy, dared to criticize President Bush’s record on mine safety. Sean Hannity interrupted Spadaro’s discussion with Alan Colmes...

Um, it wasn't a discussion with Alan Colmes. It was a discussion with Alan Colmes and Sean Hannity. Why are the newspooches so afraid of being fair and balanced?
Spadaro continued, “I’m telling you what the truth is. And this is - the truth is that there are 180 violations that are serious.” Oops, too much information for FOX News. The music started, thus ensuring that the discussion ended.... I believe it was at Hannity's prompting. The point is, Hannity's portion ended early.

Did it? Let's go to the tivo [QuickTime video clip]:

The break came at 18 minutes after the hour. Was that "early", as the newsliars claim? Keep you eye on that time stamp in the lower left corner and let's see where the breaks came on other broadcasts of Hannity and Colmes the same week [QuickTime video clip]:

So every other night as well, they were into the break at 18 minutes after the hour. But ellen insists that Spadaro's interview ended "early" just to keep him from talking. Why does she make such a preposterous claim? Because she's lying. Oh, she also said this:
I wonder what would happen if Colmes decided to end a discussion when a conservative guest “politicized” an issue by blaming Clinton for a news event involving the Bush Administration.

More misdirection from the anti-Fox terriers, as the clip clearly shows it was Alan Colmes who ended this discussion. But just in case anyone doubts that the curs are the prima donnas of prevarication, we present Example 3:
Fox Argues on Behalf of Pat Robertson's Ariel Sharon Remark... with a graphic, "Divine Punishment" over his shoulder, substitute host Stuart Varney introduced Father Jonathan Morris, a "Fox News Contributor"... It is so like Fox to take Robertson's position...

With a screaming bold-type headline, that's all it takes to convince the credulous, as the kennel-dwellers lap up the slop as if it were true:
  • Both the Christo/fascist Fox News and the 700 Club are one and the same...
  • Cavuto and Robertson can [deleted] in Hell.... I hope he has his own stroke soon...

First, let's see that graphic:

Hmm, not quite as advertised. And then there's the actual content of the discussion. To quote Father Morris:
It hurts my soul to hear those type of words coming from Pat Robertson. You know, he said a lot of beautiful things in his day. He said a lot of holy things. This is not one of them. I'm hoping he comes out very soon" and says, "I'm sorry."

So how exactly was this Fox News Contributor arguing "on behalf of" Robertson's statement? He wasn't. That claim was another classic HeadLie from the newshaters. Just who on Fox was taking Robertson's position? We checked that broadcast day, and we found:
  • ALYSIN CAMEROTA: He just keeps making more and more outrageous statements.
  • E.D. HILL: It's just not a Christian thing to say.... It just doesn't seem kind and loving and caring.
  • PAUL LEVINSON [guest]: Graceless, absurd statements, such as Pat Robertson made.
  • JOHN KASICH: It wasn't appropriate. It was just not the right time to be talking about this.
  • JANET FOLGER [guest]: The time to make statements like that is when he can actually do something about it.
  • GERALDO RIVERA: Many politicians who would otherwise be revolted by some of what Robertson says gladly accept his endorsement...which is a lot like taking dirty money from a lobbyist or a pimp.

So we ask again, when and where did Fox "take Robertson's position"? Melanie won't answer, because her entire point is a smear and a lie. Just like her little parting shot:
Varney looked bewildered and dumbfounded as he ended what was a very short segment.

[QuickTime video clip]:

That piece of slander is just icing on the cake for haters who will lie with impunity to satisfy their own diseased obsession. As long as they continue to lie, we will continue to expose them as dishonest charlatans. The truth is out there. It's just not found at the newshounds kennel.

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