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The Outfoxed gals move from dishonesty, to hypocrisy, to outright lies. And one of the pooches earns herself the Croix de Johnny Dollar. With J$P Video!

Every week brings us new absurdities from the scrambled minds of the Fox haters. Once again we turn to the top dogs of premeditated slander, the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed cabal). We begin with Marie Therese, who hyperventilates thusly:
FOX & Friends' Steve Doocy Uses Super Bowl Coverage to Boost Republican Candidate
Every now and then, their loyalty to the GOP just gets the better of a FOX News host. The loosely secured mask of impartiality drops and true feelings come to the fore. Unable to contain himself or herself, the FOX News host or analyst breathlessly blurts out their enthusiasm about some Republican issue or candidate.... Doocy clearly expressed support not only for [Lynn] Swann to be the GOP nominee, but for his ultimate win in the state's gubernatorial election. If you want to let Mr. Doocy know that you don't approve of this kind of political partisanship in a discussion of a sports event, you can email your opinion...

Wow! Doocy endorsing a candidate on national television must be big news. But the rabidly anti-Fox Media Matters didn't spot anything wrong. Perhaps we should check the transcript and see exactly what was said. Incredibly, M-T actually provides the verbatim (more or less). Read for yourself Mr Doocy's clearly expressed "support" for Lynn Swann and his naked political partisanship:

KILMEADE: I think I saw 20 Sea Hawk fans. This was solid Steelers. And when they said Terry Bradshaw, Lynn Swann and Frank O'Harris [sic] and they're dissenting, you thought you were in the middle of Steel Town.
DOOCY: Absolutely. In fact, I think Lynn Swann won the governor job last night when he came out during that parade of champions and he waved and it was a - whooooossshhhh - he could have - and, of course, he's runnin' for governor in Pennsylvania right now.

So where is the part where Doocy supports Swann for Governor? M-T made it up! All the better to smear someone's character.

In the Fox Hater Hypocrisy department, we welcome our guest, Miss Ellen:
When it was Hannity’s turn, he immediately showed a lack of respect for the King family and the mourners by denigrating their political beliefs.

Really? What did Ellen herself have to say on the occasion of Ronald Reagan's funeral? See for yourself:
Willam P. Clarke said Reagan believed in the "dignity and sanctity of human life." Maybe so but that would have been before the baby was actually born. Once it started breathing, Reagan did a lot to remove its guarantees of a decent wage, food, medical treatment or shelter. And as for peace through strength, what about his backing of the Afghani mujahadeen that set the ground for the Taliban? Where are the journalists to provide this information and put the spin in its proper place?

Is it possible that this might qualify as showing a "lack of respect" for the Reagans by "denigrating their political beliefs"? For the Fox haters, if Hannity criticizes the politics of the dead, that's outrageously disrespectful. But Ellen can do the exact same thing, because....because....well, who knows? Just chalk it up to Hound Hypocrisy.

And when insincerity just isn't enough, the curs bring out their not-so-secret weapon: bald-faced lies. Deceitful deborah tried to get away with a whopper:
Bill Maher visited O'Reilly tonight to plug the start of the his new season on HBO. It's a good thing that the dates and times for the show were posted on screen because O'Reilly said absolutely nothing about Maher's show.

Here's the first "absolutely nothing" [QuickTime video clip]:

And here's the second [QuickTime video clip]:

Caught in the act, the deceitful one claimed:
My writing was unclear but not dishonest as you are trying to insinuate.

What exactly was "unclear" about "O'Reilly said absolutely nothing about Maher's show"? Her plea of innocence might be easier to swallow if she didn't happen to be our #1 liar of 2005. She claimed that was also just a mistake, but as it turned out, she was lying about that too.

One of the cardinal rules of fabricating is: don't get caught. To that end, it helps to not spin a story that anyone can easily prove false. Obviously, deborah has not learned that lesson, but neither has her kennel-mate judy:
Fox, of course, has no overseas bureaus, so it cannot offer viewers any in-depth reports on what goes on in other countries.

This is too easy. How exactly does FNC broadcast reports from their bureaus in London, Paris, and Baghdad if they don't have any, Judy? Or maybe you aren't aware that an entire ocean separates us from Paris, which makes it, like, "Over Seas". But never mind what the Fox website would have told you had you spent 30 seconds to learn the truth instead of inventing a lie. How about what appears on your own website, which references Fox News bureaus in Baghdad, Moscow, Jerusalem, and Kabul, Afghanistan? How do you expect to get away with claiming there are no overseas bureaus when just a click of the mouse on your own website exposes your lie for what it is?

We award Judy the Croix de Johnny Dollar for Conspicuous Chicanery and Character Assassination. Rarely has there been a more worthy recipient.

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