Four Wrongdoings and a Funeral

When Mr Gump noted that "stupid is as stupid does", he could have been talking about the Outfoxed gals. With J$P Video!

How can anyone take them seriously? The Fox-haters, that is. When they aren't making up facts and concocting smears, they reveal themselves as be ignorant, unethical dolts. Submitted for your consideration, these illustrations from the kennel of incongruity, the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed gang).

Item: Fox lies about the immigration bill! Says Janie:
Fox White House Correspondent Wendell Goler made this claim during a segment he filed on immigration: "The House bill makes illegal immigration a felony. Some Republicans actually tried to remove the provision, but a majority of house democrats voted to keep it in the bill.". Goler is doing nothing more than literally providing the viewer with Republican talking points, since no one outside of Bill Frist and Dennis Hastert have made this wild and preposterous claim.

To prove her case, the probie prints a list of those who voted in favor of the bill (mostly Republicans), adding:
Despite Fox's outright lies, do you see a pretty common theme?

It took mere minutes for the first comment to appear:
  • Wendell Goler told the truth about what happened on the vote to remove the felony provision from the bill. Then you went and listed a different vote entirely, an earlier vote, not the one Goler was talking about. Who's lying now? From USA Today: But when House Judiciary Committee Chairman F. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., tried to reduce the penalty for illegal immigration to a misdemeanor, his amendment was defeated, 257-164. Among those voting against Sensenbrenner's amendment were 191 Democrats. You owe Wendell Goler and Fox an apology. They told the absolute truth and you didn't.

Oops. The probie of course issued a correction and apology immediately. Umm, no, that would smack of responsibility and ethics. Instead, she deleted the entire article. You can check the newshaters' front page, the archives, the topics, and you won't find it. But guess what? We have the secret URL.

Item: Don't try to confuse newspoodle deborah, because to her they all look alike:
Megyn Kendall interviewed a a former security staffer on the Hill who claims he had a physical confrontation with MCKinney [sic] in 1998. This was followed with yet another debate about MCKinney's [sic] behavior.... Michael Barrone [sic] and Michael Massie appeared to discuss the issue again...

A "debate" between a Republican strategist (Massie) and a conservative (Barone)? Aha! Fox caught stacking the deck again! Except that Michael Barone wasn't there, despite deborah's dubious claims. Democrat strategist Michael Brown was. It must have been just a harmless error on debbie's part, since they are so easy to confuse:

Item: The newsmutts have a huge scoop. In fact, according to them, Fox has been caught "in a major gotcha!" There's a secret bird conspiracy being operated out of FNC's Baghdad bureau. No, we couldn't make up something this inane. It comes straight from the "mind" of newspooch Janie:
If you listen closely to the video, you will notice that in each and every outdoor shot, despite the cuts between images, despite the lack of other sounds, there are birds chirping.... Did Fox add a soundtrack to make Iraq appear more serene than it is...

Only denizens of the kook kennel would claim that evil Fox sound engineers carry tapes of our feathered friends with them to Iraq, as part of a cloak-and-dagger propaganda plot. Once again, the regular Joes proved to have more on the ball than the bowser birdbrains:
  • The audio has nothing to do with the cuts between images. The audio is an interview and correspondent report. The images are B-roll with no connection to the birds or the people speaking on the soundtrack. Of course the audio doesn't change at cuts between images, because it is not audio of the images, it is audio of the people speaking.
  • I have to agree with Tadeuz. The birds chirping are in the background of the interview with the soldier. As soon as the reporter takes over, they go away.
  • I've worked in film & TV production for more than 30 years (specializing in audio production)... The birds are just background noise for that one segment. Professionally speaking, that's no big deal. I don't think they were added in post, or that any real sweetening was done on this clip. That's probably just the way it sounded at that location.
  • I think that Tadeusz is right. It sounds like the reporter interviewed a soldier in a genuinely tranquil field.
  • First, ignore the video. The only time the video and audio are coming from the same place is when you see the soldier or the reporter actually mouthing the words. This is typical in a taped field report. The audio all comes from the same place. It's a place where a reporter interviewed a soldier, and it was a place that had some birds in the background.... The ironic part is, if they'd actually added in birds, you would probably never have realized it consciously...

For some reason, this "major gotcha" has yet to be picked up by the Columbia Journalism Review, Editor and Publisher, or even Media Matters. Maybe they're all part of the Great Bird Conspiracy.

Item: "Sorry" is the hardest word, especially for probie Janie:
During today's press gaggle with Press Secretary Scott McClellan, he tried to divert attention from the actual topic, as usual, by demanding the press issue an apology for reporting the story. According to McClellan, one network did.

Janie, of course, suggests in her screaming, bold-type headline that it must have been Fox. Who else would be so groveling as to retract a story that was demonstrably false? Once again, it took just minutes for this boneheaded hogwash to get shot down:
  • ...the network that apologized to the WH was not FOX but ABC...

We know the probie hates apologies, so she didn't issue one either. Once again, with a wave of her cyber wand, the entire story vanished from the newshaters site. Except that it can still be found, since once again we know the secret URL.

With four recent examples of such flagrant wrongdoing by the bumbling bowsers, and the desperate attempts to cover their tracks and hide their mistakes, does anyone doubt that there should be a funeral? A funeral for the truth, which is not permitted to live within the walls of the kook kennel. And the ceremony was held today, in the Temple of the Dog:
Jane Skinner interviewed two morning regulars, Jim Warren of the Chicago Tribune and Tammy Bruce.... Skinner asked Tammy “what the voters – especially your audience – are thinking.” (Comment: to associate Tammy’s audience with critical thought process is a bit of a stretch!). Rather than cite what her fans are telling her, Bruce went into a monologue....

Reality check #1 [QuickTime video clip]:

Tammy claimed that the “Iranians don’t support their regime” (a questionable assumption) and said, “war is always unpleasant and nobody wants it; but we know what happened in the 30’s.” Jim attempted to say something but she continued to talk over him...

Reality check #2 [QuickTime video clip]:

Did you note how the alleged verbatim "quotes" from Bruce have been rewritten by newshater chrish? And how Bruce did cite what her fans told her? And how she did not continue to talk over Jim Warren when he "attempted to say something"? There's a technical term for what chrish did here. It's called "lying".

When the newshounds aren't making up lies to smear FNC, their own ham-fisted ignorance reduces their unprofessional sniveling to incompetent bilge. And we will continue to expose their dishonest ineptitude until the last dog is hung.

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Once again, nice work J$P!
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johnny dollar
Thank you so much.
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I realize this was posted last week but I haven't been by the site in a while. However, I never cease to be amazed that anyone would take the Newspoodles seriously with the continuous blatant lying they do. 
As someone who has done a lot of research academically, I can say that while they may think they're proving a point, they wouldn't make the grade out in the real world. Hmm... maybe that's why they keep on doing what they're doing.
Keep up the good work, JD.
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