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Has somebody spiked the Alpo? The Outfoxed gals step in it again, and their credulous cohorts go off the deep end. With J$P Video!

Strange goings on in the Fox haters echo chamber. Oh there's the usual: misrepresentation, doctoring quotes, and the like. But there's also a curious incident of deja vu, some bizarre stalking-like activity, and a freakish obsession with your humble correspondent. And where else would one find the hub of all this peculiar activity but the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed mob)?

We find Judy up to the usual hound tricks. On Dayside a man was interviewed who says he was not hired as a pilot by Jet Blue because of his Muslim religion and Pakistani nationality. Judy's assignment--make it look like Mike Jerrick was biased:
"Dayside" co-host Mike Jerrick tried to rationalize Jet Blue's rejection, saying the airline might be worried that passengers would be afraid of Baig as a pilot.

Jerrick expressed no such opinion. He asked Mr Baig if this was what the airlines were saying to rationalize their actions. It was a question, not a statement of belief.
"I just have a hard time believing that's really the reason they didn't hire him," Jerrick said, taking Jet Blue's side after admitting that he likes Jet Blue and probably wasn't being objective.

Another newspoodle classic of creative editing. To make it look like Jerrick was "taking Jet Blue's side", they left a little something out [QuickTime video]:

Now why do you suppose Judy didn't mention that comment (or Jerrick wishing both Mr Baim and his attorney good luck)? We wondered the same thing:

Oops. Can't have the gullible kennel-dwellers seeing that. Within minutes our comment was erased from the page. No correction was made. More newhounds honesty!

Meanwhile, other denizens of the dog house were engaged in a mad scramble to learn the real truth about...johnny dollar!
  • Any known facts about him? Maybe we can find out who he is.
  • He is a picayune maggot who loves to edit each thread...
  • j$ is from Dearborn Michigan, first name actually William....
  • 40 something...
  • I heard he was "hatched"...
  • In fact,he may be the troll "Markovitz" over at CallingAllWingnuts....Be funny to call him up....
  • He cannot be a lawyer...
  • It is not a stretch to conclude that Johnny Dollar is a public figure. Cyberfishing for public information on him is not "stalking", in my opinion...

The newshounds' ace investigators have solved yet another mystery! Not. The "facts" about johnny dollar delineated above? All but one are embarrassingly wrong. One of these amateur gumshoes actually posted the address of what they claimed (wrongly) was our place of employment. It was later removed, but we hope none of the innocent people who happen to earn a living at that location are imperiled by Fox hating lunatics stalking them on the job.

The obsession doesn't end there. We were alerted to the case of a poster ("Johnthebaptist") who challenged the accuracy of a newspup claim. Like vultures swarming to attack fresh meat, the kennel-dwellers descended, immediately insisting that he really was--guess who?--johnny dollar!
  • Johnthebaptist - come on Dollar are you going to back up your claim?
  • Hey Dollar, that's on their web-site.
  • Yeah, go ahead and spin it Dollar...
  • Prove that Dollar.
  • A classic of Johnny Dollar...

As Johnthebaptist noted:
  • Not sure why any statement pointing out a MISTAKE brings references that I am in fact someone else, Johnny Dollar in this case (btw thanks for posting the entire name since I had never heard of the guy or site before reading it here and tossing it in google).

And J$P gains another faithful reader. By the way, no plaudits go to newspooch Marie-Therese, who posted:
Pleasae [sic] don't engage Johnny Dollar/John the Baptist/Truthteller....Most of his comments - written as JTB - have been (and will be) deleted.

Now M-T is a newshound. She has webmaster access to the haloscan comments and internal tracking, so it is clear to almost a metaphysical certitude that she knows Johnthebaptist and johnny dollar are not the same person. Yet she posts something that is patently untrue, to justify wiping comments from the thread. And what a thread it is, too. The topic was the kidnapped Fox journalists, and some of the kennel-dwellers' reactions to the abduction demonstrate again why we say to be a Fox hater, you first have to be a hater:
  • maybe just a way fo a new gruoip [sic] to get a brand name in prime ime [sic] usa news tv ? fox news and gurreila [sic] gruop [sic] will both benefits [sic] it
  • Sadly, these guys may pay the ultimate price for the constant anti-Muslim propaganda that Fox 'News' airs.
  • Maybe just maybe...FoxNews staged the kidnapping all by themselves to boost ratings. Wouldn't that be a hoot?
  • You would think that Sean Hannity and Bill O'reily [sic] would be the first two to head over and find them. I mean, they do love war right? They are righteous individuals right? Why not save their fellow chickenhawk?
  • So seeing that I live in Boulder I'll probably auction off the pleasure of paying me to go throw red paint on the Fox news anchor's [sic] and crew when they show up.
  • Hey, maybe they'll want to trade one 'Centanni' for one 'Falafel Man' . . [I hope the foxnappers are reading read . . please God]!!
  • maybe if those so called reporters, i did not care for centanni anyway he was a punk. who carried the bush adminastration's water in every report. i am not gonna now say oh god release him safe if he's killed - let foxnews spin it. those dirty punks at fox. foxnews is scum - i wonder why these punks are so quiet at fox right wing scum. if they behead centanni maybe foxnews will get a wake up call.
  • I think that we can all agree in here that the world is a better place w/less fox news talkers.

Yes, the tolerance of the Fox haters, in their own words.

Oh, one other thing we almost forgot. Johnthebaptist thought he spotted an error in that particular doggie dissertation. What was it?
The report notes that there have been no ransom demands, which is unusual. FOX News has not covered the story since the initial reports on Monday.

Marie-Therese posted this on Wednesday at 4:50 pm. By an amazing coincidence the last time we met M-T in this space, she had posted about something else that Fox "did not cover". When that assertion was exposed as a falsehood, M-T came up with an all-time classic bowser excuse. She hadn't watched Fox, so she didn't realize that they covered it. In other words, she critiques programming she doesn't even watch!

It would be an astonishing case of deja vu if, after having made that astonshing admission, she were to pull the same disreputable trick again. And yet, what do we find on The Fox Report? This was broadcast Tuesday evening, and the last time we checked, Tuesday does come after Monday [QuickTime video]:

The newsliars should post all their articles for the upcoming week on Monday mornings. Why not? They don't think it's necessary to actually watch Fox News before writing about it. And they could use all that time they save to track down our home address, place of work, and cellphone number. What fun!

posted: Thu - August 17, 2006 at 12:08 PM       j$p  send 

Unfortunately all my comments on the page were in fact deleted. Guess they didn't like me pointing out the truth that Fox did report on Tuesday which as you point out was after Monday and before M-T's post. Right now there is a post by Janie talking about the same subject (kidnapped journalists) where she writes: "Brit Hume provided the first update on Fox News (that I've noticed)"
At least she qualified it by saying not that she had noticed. 
Incidentally when I said 'thanks for posting the entire name of Johnny Dollar' I was called a liar because 'no one mentioned the entire name', but alas when I quoted the actual posting that did have the name 'Johnny Dollar' in its entirety my post was summarily deleted. So much for the 'truth' on NH.
August 17, 2006, 1:34:12 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Welcome to the wacky world of the newshounds. After having their tricks exposed hundreds of times you'd think they'd catch on, but you can't teach old dogs new tricks.
August 17, 2006, 1:53:50 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Fox Fan
Johnny, you forgot to include a few key quotes from the kidnapping article. The entire comment section was pockmarked with quotes of deleted posts and responses to deleted questions, these are the "tame" ones that are left. This is an insight to the touchy-feely "love everyone" liberal democrats' true nature.
"Why couldn't it be Hannity and O'Reilly?"
"Already been said here, I was hoping that it was O'Reilly and Hannity, no such luck."
J. Arno
"damn those terrists have a good eye for infadels"
"Geraldo comes up, as do E.D. Hill and Hannity. Hmmm HSDG 
You left off O'Reilly.
The DU is having fun. No democrat owes any respect or reverance to the Foxites. The du all say they hope the two men come back o.k. (note from Fox Fan: lie) 
What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Fox terrorizes Democrats. So we can say what we want."
"oh [expletive deleted] cut their heads off hahahahahahahahahahahaa"
"If it were Hannity or O'Reillly, wouldn't we be rejoicing? Take Geraldo, please! And while you're at it Greta"
David Elliott
"They have been kidnapped. They will be ransomed. It will be humiliating for Fox. Good, they are partly responsible for all these wars..."

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August 17, 2006, 1:54:06 PM EDT – Like – Reply

The newsmutts are just a bunch of sick puppies. I could care less what they think of Fox News but to make those kind of statements about the kidnapped journalists is disgusting. There are journalists that I don't like but I don't wish them any harm. Karma will catch up with the flea bag news mongrels one day. I hope to be around to see it.
August 19, 2006, 12:00:54 AM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
To be fair, those comments about the abductees were from posters there; I don't THINK any of them was from any of the newshounds. But it does show you the kind of flies rancid meat attracts, and the kind of company the newsmutts keep.
August 19, 2006, 12:33:12 AM EDT – Like – Reply

This off topic so feel free to delete it. But, in my defense, this site has no forums for general discussions forcing one to fake forum-style posts here and there in the hopes some passerby sees it.
I bumped into another Fox News worship site - - that reminded me greatly of this one (it even provides a link back here). It made we wonder why there's such a thing as a Fox fan in the first place. The entire concept is absurd.
I would have posted something there but I applied and got the door slammed in my face for my trouble - huge surprise considering I co-host Fans, of course, don't want their worship spoiled by non-believers.
Who's a fan of a news network? Before 
Fox News existed, I never met anyone who was a "fan" of a news network. Sure, I know people who prefered Dan Rather over, say, Peter Jennings but they never called themselves "fans". Not in the rabid way Fox fans practice their faith. I know conservatives who refuse to watch any news outlet but Fox.
The entire concept is bizarre until to I recognized Fox News is all about promoting conservative interests. Rush Limbaugh has his army of dittoheads. O'Reilly has his conservative army of subscribers to his 'premium' web site content. Then it starts to make sense.
Fox News' web site, of course, has an area for Fox Fans. Maybe I missed it but I don't see anything like that at CNN. But then, despite being hated by conservatives for not always telling them what they want to hear, CNN is actually a news outlet, not a propaganda organ like Fox. I guess that's the key difference.
August 19, 2006, 3:41:43 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Fox Fan
"Maybe I missed it but I don't see anything like that at CNN. But then, despite being hated by conservatives for not always telling them what they want to hear, CNN is actually a news outlet, not a propaganda organ like Fox. I guess that's the key difference."
The key difference is that Fox does show both sides of the story while CNN and their clones tend to range from left-to-center to far left. Your opinion that Fox is a propaganda organ while CNN/clones are "news outlets" only shows that you don't accept fair and balanced reporting because you disagree with it. You prefer to have one sided "reports" shoved down your throat while you cheer for the MSM bias because that's what you prefer to hear.
It's a key difference that will not be resolved on a forum or comment section. A person who is left wing would rather see and hear left wing reporting while a moderate or conservative would rather see and hear both sides of the story.
August 19, 2006, 4:35:37 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Welcome back sknabt, it's good to see you pop up here for your periodic outbursts (Fox is a 'propaganda organ'). You do give us moments of entertainment, like:
" It made we wonder why there's such a thing as a Fox fan in the first place. The entire concept is absurd....The entire concept is bizarre..."
Yeah, that's why there's, which boasts:
"Welcome to the CNN Fan Centre, the one and only CNN resource for CNN enthusiasts! We have large discussion forums, an active community with a lot of CNN knowledge, various interviews, and are working on bringing more pictures and videos to the site at the moment!"
Yeah, there's no such thing as CNN fan sites? Heck, there are even fan sites for MSNBC, proving that even the most niche channel can have some fans.
"I would have posted something there but I applied and got the door slammed in my face for my trouble"
Well I'm glad to see you come out in opposition to this sort of censorship. Now I will wait to see if you do the same for the repeated, systematic, consistent censorship by the newshounds, thoroughly documented on this site. Of course if you do so, they might not like it and prevent you from promoting your site over there. Oh the ethical conundrums.
August 19, 2006, 5:39:18 PM EDT – Like – Reply

You really can't base anything on the Fox MSN group. I'll applied 4 times and was denied every time, even though I have an Shep Smith site of my own and belong to FNC other groups. *shrugs*
August 21, 2006, 2:47:39 PM EDT – Like – Reply