2006: Top Ten Lies

The Fox haters have spent 2006 smearing FNC with wild abandon. What were the worst fabrications of the year, and who told the #1 lie?

Every year brings a new profusion of slanders, and 2006 was no exception. Here is our annual rundown of the year's most egregious, indefensible, and preposterous lies.

10. This entry just made it in under the wire, as it was perpetrated only a few days ago. Not surprisingly, it's from the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed cabal). They describe an immigration discussion presided over by "Greg" [sic] Jarrett, adding:

All of this was under the banner, 'House Dems Consider Less Restrictive Bill On Illegals.' Comments: Fox insists on calling the Democrats, Dems... This is a derogatory term for Democrats.

No, this is another manufactured controversy from the newspooches. That "derogatory term" is used by, among others, The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, the DNC, ABC News, and the Washington Post. It's been used thousands of times at democrats.org. And guess what? You'll find multiple hundreds of examples at--of all places--the newshounds!

9. The gang at Media Matters are masters of misdirection. So when they did an "analysis" of guests on The O'Reilly Factor, it was accepted by the echo chamber as definitive. But it was really just a numbers game, and we exposed their Fuzzy Math.

8. The Clintonoids behind Think Progress use the oldest tricks in the book to smear FNC. Even after we exposed their dishonest cherry-picking (Thank You, Stephen Colbert), they thought they could get away with a similar contrivance again (Think Propaganda). They were wrong.

7. Riddle me this: the newspoodles slam Brit Hume and call him a liar. Oops, it turns out the curs were wrong and Brit was right. How do they handle the situation? Answer: they write in Disappearing Ink.

6. In his quest to pump up anemic ratings, Keith Olbermann has decided to become the voice of the blue blogs. This, of course, means, in addition to smearing Bill O'Reilly, Keith must attack Fox at every opportunity, even if it means doctoring quotes: Olbermann's Latest Lie.

5. The bowsers slammed Bill O'Reilly for nonexistent factual errors (complete with gullible kennel-dwellers swarming on a commenter who dared point out their mistake). It took a letter from an organization that didn't like being misrepresented to get the curs to take that rarest of steps: publishing a correction. Such is their Alliance for Ignorance.

4. A chronology of chicanery: The anti-Fox terriers lie about an FNC broadcast. They are told their information is false. They repeat the lie in a second article. Readers complain. Complaints are censored and deleted. Longtime hound supporters leave the site in disgust. Even they cannot defend this Snow Job.

3. When John Gibson catches Keith Olbermann in a lie, KO finds that desperate times require desperate actions. To concoct a new falsehood about Gibby, Olbermann lies about his own words. This double fabrication might have worked, if only Olby hadn't been caught on tape.

2. This is a group award to the biased bassets, for one of their must enduring, and overused, fictions: "Fox didn't report/cover/mention..." When you see the newshounds use that phrase, odds are good that they are not telling the truth. A small sampling from this year:

And the #1 lie of 2006:

1. Keith Olbermann's twisted allegation that Bill O'Reilly defends Nazi stormtroopers was one of Olby's most elaborate calumnies. And when his hatred of Fox led him to toss in a nonsensical conspiracy angle, the blue blogs lapped it up. Thus Another Lie Enters the Mythology.

This year brought a bumper crop of anti-Fox slanders, and no doubt 2007 will provide us with an abundance of fresh material. As long as there are shameless haters like Olbermann and the newshounds around, we'll never starve.

See also: 2006's Top Ten Audios, 2006's Top Ten Videos. Best wishes for the new year from johnny dollar's place.

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Fox Fan
Newshounds Lie.
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Analee Johnson
Just cruising this morning and found this site. Wow, I sure didn't know there were so many idiots out there. I knew about Newshounds & Daily Kos, but didn't know the truth was hated by so many!! I'm sticking with you folks. Carry on my White Knights!
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