Debbie Does Disinformation

What good are lies unless there are dupes to believe them? An object lesson via the Outfoxed gals.

It was P.T. Barnum who famously said, "There's a sucker born every minute". That spirit is alive and well in the echo chamber of the Fox haters, who rely on the gullibility of their followers to pull the wool over their eyes time after time. Not surprisingly, this leads us to the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed mob). For example, the mutts complain that this morning Fox & Friends said nothing about the Iraq war:
While they're still not talking about the war in Iraq we did get to hear about the end of the President's visit overseas... And we still have Paris Hilton news to keep us away from the real news, like the war in Iraq.

Naturally, the kennel-dwellers took it as gospel:
  • FOX 'News" is nothing but a symptom of the overall control exerted by unaccountable tryannies; i.e. corporations.
  • Don't forget the breaking "news" of the saprano's [sic] finale! That is much more important than reporting some dreary news from Iraq!!

But was newsmutt Donna telling the truth? Did Fox & Friends ignore the Iraq war today?

Oops. Unfortunately, Deborah didn't do much better, declaring that the G8 summit, which dealt with climate concerns among other things, was "Important News FNC Had No Time To Cover This Week". She added: "FOX News might have mentioned this topic during the week but I definitely missed it." "Might have?" Multiple times each day is more like it. For example, here's a transcript of one of those reports Debbie missed. We posted this in a comment, and Deb promptly erased it. They're really interested in truth over at the pound, aren't they?

Plus we have Debbie to thank for another bit of houndpocrisy. She penned a hysterical screed outraged that Ann Coulter had appeared on Bulls & Bears:
How Did Ann Coulter Get On A FOX Financial Show?...
It's hard to say what sort of financial expertise Coulter possesses to qualify her for this position but no matter.

This was all it took for the denizens of the dog pound to go ballistic:
  • They would have the devil herself on if she loved Cheney. Or have they already?
  • Coulter obviously has video of Roger Ailes and Rush Limbaugh in a compromising position; how else could she get time on a financial show?
  • they are clearly a Republican propaganda outlet, and they are willing to smear, distort and lie to serve the interest of rightwing GOP.
  • Fox Financial shows? Let's see, Step 1. Bash Democrats Step 2. Praise Bush Step 3. Bash Democrats
  • Fox News claims to a 'fair and balanced network', but it's nothing more than a GOP propaganda outlet, disguised as a news organization.
  • As for how in the name of God she ended up on Cavuto? I got it! Not enough right-wing blonds on his show!

Note that several commenters believed Neil Cavuto hosted Bulls & Bears. Ignorance is as helpful as credulousness when you're out to dupe the suckers. But for all the talk of "GOP propaganda", was there something that Debbie left out? Something she didn't tell the lemmings? Um, yes. Ann Coulter was on for a half-hour, but then who was on the following half-hour?

Yes, that's Laura Schwartz of the Clinton administration, now a Democratic strategist. Why do you suppose Deb didn't ask what qualifies her to be on a financial show? Why do you think she made no mention of Ms Schwartz whatsoever? Perhaps it would have been too confusing to all the kennel-dwellers who were enjoying their "GOP propaganda" mantra. We posted about Ms Schwartz in a comment. It was deleted so quickly we didn't get a screengrab of it! And the echo chamber was kept pure.

Still we must give Debbie credit. She did come up with a scoop. Nothing as dramatic as Bill O'Reilly Found Guilty, but still worth noting:
The Bulls & Bears panel was in a tizzy today because Ann Coulter has become a member of the weekly cast.... One of the delirious male panel members gushed about Coulter joining the team...

The only problem is that it isn't true. Ms Coulter was just a guest. She has not joined the cast, and no such announcement was made. So where did Debbie get that idea from? She made it up! Oh, but could it have been just another "mistake"? We posted a comment to point out Deb's error. She made a stealth rewrite to her article (changing "has" to "had"), which clarified nothing and neatly concealed the fact that she had been caught again. As for our comment, it was summarily deleted. That was no mistake.

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Fox Fan
I'm starting to wonder whether the NH website is actually paid for by Fox News. They make so many false claims that are easily proven wrong that it could be a facade to show the world just how wrong the Fox haters are. 
Step 1: Create a website that appears to hate your organisation
Step 2: Make wildly false claims that can be easily debunked on that website for the world to see
Step 3: Gain credibility based on the need of haters to lie and slander!
Sly move Fox News!
June 11, 2007, 7:29:32 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Lol, funny but I doubt it.
BTW, why do you even bother with these sites? Honestly, who takes them seriously?
June 11, 2007, 8:02:15 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Fox Fan
My comment was in jest as I'm sure you realised. However, there are unfortunately tons of people out there that get sucked into this hate-Fox mentality and they use the far-left sites like NH to regurgitate the slander, libel, and lies.
Bottom line is that Fox is the only network that consistently brings on high caliber guests of both parties and actively pursues fair reporting.
All of the other news networks are provably partisan, pandering to the left.
June 11, 2007, 8:39:05 PM EDT – Like – Reply

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June 12, 2007, 2:25:38 AM EDT – Like – Reply