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No matter how much tripe the Outfoxed gals spew, there are still chumps who swallow it whole. With J$P Video!

Time for more pickings from the Fox haters grapevine, and more indefensible claptrap from the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed syndicate). You can always rely on them for ignorance and misinformation:
it was reported that Gen. Wesley Clark had left FOX News and had been replaced by [Harold] Ford.

Even the article the curs link to makes it clear that Ford's hiring was a coincidence. Besides, Ford was hired back in March, and he is a political contributor; Clark was a military analyst. So where did Ellen got the idea that Ford was a "replacement" for Gen Clark? She made it up! But wait, there's more:
Clark was the only FOX News military person who was not a cheerleader for Bush’s military “strategy.”

Another hound lie. But even so, it's not as reckless as what has to be the most brazen use of the "invisible man" technique we have ever seen. And for this we can thank deceitful Donna:
This morning on Fox and Friends you would have thought that it was the E Story about Paris Hilton. After being one of the top stories, it remained there for the rest of the show.... Serious news? You won't find it here. The war in Iraq remains Missing In Action on Fox & Friends, alongside a lot of other stories (i.e., politics, etc.) They did, however, find time to allow a high school valedictorian to say his prayer that he was excluded from saying in his valedictorian speech.... There you have it -- Paris Hilton and prayers - the Fox & Friends lineup.

Just like Charlie Brown trying to kick that football, the gullible kennel-dwellers actually believe the dishonest bilge from the biased bassets:
  • More confirmation that Fox&Friends is a morning kids show. If it isn't, it's just a tabloid show...
  • These scum sucking commontators of death were happy to do their part in starting the war and now no mention of the war
  • What Lugar said will NEVER be discussed in a sane manner by these death merchants...
  • I do think it's a little misleading, though, to only highlight Paris and praying.
  • the point is that on FOX and friends Paris Hilton was the wall to wall story. While other News stations might have covered the Paris story, I'm sure they also touched upon most of the serious stuff going on in the world. That's known as being balanced, a concept foreign to Fox.
  • I was going to comment about the crazy wall to wall coverage about Paris on Fox

There's only one problem with all this: it isn't true. Fox & Friends did not do wall to wall Paris coverage. Their line-up was not simply "Paris and prayers". Deceptive Donna left a few things out that didn't fit her slant. Tuesday's Fox & Friends:
  • 7:00 show open and teasers
  • 7:03 California wildfires, Lugar's Iraq speech, news headlines
  • 7:06 Paris Hilton released
  • 7:08 Ohio murder case
  • 7:10 German government bans Cruise
  • 7:11 Weather + commercials
  • 7:16 Paris + commercials
  • 7:23 Valedictorian's prayer + commercials
  • 7:31 Ohio murder case, news headlines
  • 7:36 Wrestler murder/suicide
  • 7:39 Weather, sports + commercials
  • 7:47 Marie Osmond + commercials
  • 8:02 Wildfires, news headlines
  • 8:07 Marie Osmond
  • 8:11 Weather + commercials
  • 8:17 Defunding Cheney + commercials
  • 8:23 DC pants suit + commercials
  • 8:30 Paris
  • 8:31 Ohio murder case, news headlines
  • 8:36 Weather, sports
  • 8:39 Smart dogs + commercials
  • 8:41 Tina Brown: The Diana Chronichles + commercials
  • 8:52 Mancow on Paris Hilton + commercials
  • 8:59 show close

Nothing about Iraq? Donna made that up. No coverage of politics? She made that up too. In fact there was an entire segment on the proposal to defund Vice President Cheney, with Rahm Emanuel (D) present for a live interview [QuickTime video]:

But Donna had her mind set on the lineup being nothing but "Paris and prayers", so Rep Emanuel became another invisible man--sacrificed to the hound need to misrepresent what was on Fox & Friends. But there's yet another incredible twist in the tale.

We know that the anti-Fox terriers will stop at nothing to smear Fox. They even post articles blasting FNC programs that they didn't even bother to watch. But this time Donna took it to a whole new level. Her article blasting Fox & Friends for all the stories it didn't cover? Take a look at the time stamp:

Yes, you read that correctly. Donna's withering criticisms were posted when the program was only half over. She wasn't just writing about something she hadn't seen, she was slamming something that hadn't even happened yet!

It would seem the biased bassets are so eager to publish their schlock that they can't be bothered to wait for a program to air. Now they slander FNC for what will happen in the future! And if their crystal ball proves to be a little cloudy and what they write proves to be wrong? The credulous haters in the echo chamber don't care. If anything, the dupes actually prefer hound fictions to Fox facts.

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