Cover Story Redux

A new liar is running with the dogs. With J$P Video!

There's a new mutt in Fox Haters' town, but he's using the same old tired tricks. We're speaking, naturally, of the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed mafia). It's the old "Fox didn't cover" routine, this time elevated to a new level of laziness and dishonesty.

About once a week, the newspoodles turn to a "guest blogger", one Bill Corcoran (who, like all the doggies presents no credentials or background to qualify him as a "media critic"). His shtick is simple: scour the internet for stories about Iraq, post a long list, and then complain that Fox didn't cover them because they want to hide the truth.

In one case, he cites a story on about deployments stressing military families. Odd, the exact same story is on, but the biased bassets don't tell you that. Not a very good example, Bill. And then there's another story Fox is hiding from the people: Iraq's parliament on Monday shrugged off U.S. criticism and adjourned for a month. Our guest pooch provided a citation here as well. But this one didn't come from Yeah, you gueesed it, he got this story that Fox is trying to hide!

When one reads these weekly diatribes, it quickly becomes apparent to anyone who has actually seen Fox News that Corcoran doesn't know what he's talking about, as he lists one news item after another, and it's clear they have been reported on FNC, multiple times. Since this "media critic" has refused to state what sort of methodology he uses to come up with these weekly "Fox didn't cover" lists, the only conclusion one can draw is that he doesn't use any methodology. He just compiles stories and claims Fox ignored them. It's obvious that he doesn't watch FNC, isn't interested in verifying whether they covered the stories or not, and doesn't care if they did.

His latest screed has just appeared: more about all the Iraq war stories that Fox ignored or gave "scant attention" to "in their never-ending quest to keep as much news as possible about the Iraq war from the FOX News viewer". These included military suicides, a fatal helicopter crash, and the "four truck bombs that killed over400 [sic] Iraqi civilians". Corcoran claims these are "stories coming out of Iraq which FOX News has decided are not worth presenting to the FOX News viewers".

Of course anyone who actually watched Fox knows better, so we will focus on the truck bomb incident. We will show you a few clips from FNC, just a small sample of how they "didn't cover" the story. Because that's more than enough to expose "guest blogger" Corcoran as what he is: a fraud. [QuickTime video]:

Special bonus YouTube edition:

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