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Two Outfoxed gals sitting in a tree. Next thing you know: dishonesty. With J$P Audio! Updated! Watch how quickly lies travel through the noise machine.

It's been a while since we've visited our good friends over at the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed syndicate). We hope that hasn't left anyone with the impression that their tactics have changed, that they've suddenly decided to report accurately and even (gasp!) tell the truth. Because those are new tricks one can never teach these middle-aged dogs.

Take for example the brouhaha over the Saddam photographs. Mendacious Melanie tells us:
Both newspapers are owned by Fox News' parent company, News Corp. I saw a report about this on Fox News today but, of course, Fox didn't reveal its link to the two newspapers. If the "liberal media" published a picture which may have violated the Geneva Convention and which caused the White House to launch an "aggressive and thorough investigation," you can be sure that flag-waving Fox News would report all the details.

Emboldened by the lack of any critical thinking amongst the readers of her little blog (since such qualities will get people banned from participating), Melanie kicks it up a notch:
It [Fox] refuses to reveal its connection to the Saddam photo story...

No documentation, no data, no evidence, but as usual, it's enough to convince the credulous:
I have yet to hear anything about Murdoch owning these papers.
It seems they would rather not make it understood which papers have published the photos...
The 3 corporate pimps/All Stars on 'Special Report' laughed off the Saddam photos as a big yuk. Never mentioned that they appeared in two Murdoch rags.
Are they just going to ignore it like they do real news?

But it's time to interrupt this fruitcake festival with a dose of something the newspups hate more than vampires fear holy water: the truth.

JAMES ROSEN [FOX NEWS]: One final editorial note of course: the company that owns both the Sun and the New York Post is also the parent company of this network.

SHEPARD SMITH [FOX NEWS]: By the way, they're both owned by the parent company of our network: The Sun in Great Britain, and the New York Post here.

CARL CAMERON [FOX NEWS...appearing on 'Special Report']: The photos appeared in the New York Post, and initially in the British Sun newspaper--both owned by NewsCorp, parent company of Fox News Channel.

These references were all broadcast long before Melanie wrote that Fox "refuses to reveal its connection". (Not to mention all the times Fox disclosed the relationship afterwards, including twice during The Fox Report). So Melanie's statement is, what? An unfortunate miscalculation? A semantic malfunction? Or a bald-faced lie?

Whatever it is, it makes no difference to the gullible sycophants at the kook kennel, who take Melanie's fantasy and gleefully elaborate with further fictions:
I saw Gibson on earlier. He's blaming the Brits for everything.

JOHN GIBSON [FOX NEWS]: Is there any chance it wasn't an American who took and released the photos?...I mean, they were released to a British newspaper. I mean, is it possible that there was a British intelligence officer in there talking to Saddam Hussein, or observing him, or whatever, and took these pictures?...
MICHAEL O'HANLON [BROOKINGS INSTITUTION]: It's possible....I think you're right to withhold judgment on that point.
Fox is ignoring anything about the newspapers. But putting the blame on the people that took the pictures and released them to the public.

SHEPARD SMITH: Are they worried there at all that this stuff is going to pile up and cause all kinds of problems?... Do we have any idea whether there are more of these kinds of pictures? And what about the newspapers that printed them?

MARTHA MacCALLUM [FOX NEWS]: What is the media's role in terms of restraint and not publishing pictures like this, because they may have such a negative impact on our image in other places of the world?

So much for Melanie's misrepresentations, and the hungry hogwash of her hangers-on. But there is another:
John Kasich was talking about the latest developments in the Senate with Steve Malzberg and Ellis Hennican tonight. When Kasich referred to the "nuclear option", Malzberg was on him in a flash telling him not to use the term because Democrats coined the phrase....This is one of the myths that Republicans have been circulating...

Yes, it's deceitful deborah, master of the counterfeit quotes and doctored transcripts. And it will surprise none of her fans that she has risen to the occasion once again:

JOHN KASICH [FOX NEWS]: Any chance this is going to get resolved and we're not going to go to the nuclear option and blow up the Senate down there?
STEVE MALZBERG: No, no, I don't think there will be a so-called deal....Please don't call it the nuclear option and blow up the Senate. The fact is the nuclear option was employed by the Democrats when they did the unprecedented, in filibustering appellate nominees who had the up or down votes on the floor. This is a reaction to the nuclear option that the Democrats instituted.

Malzberg said nothing whatsoever about who "coined" the term. But deb wanted to make a point about who "coined" the phrase. So if Malzberg didn't play along by mentioning it, no big deal. Make it up! And just in case you think, oh, deb just made an honest mistake, we continue with debbie's next sentence, an out-and-out, unvarnished, brazen lie:
...telling him not to use the term because Democrats coined the phrase. Kasich caught himself quickly agreeing with Malzberg.

KASICH: Steve, that of course is false. Republicans have done this. And they've filibustered. And this is blowing up the Senate.

That's "agreeing with Malzberg"? Could deborah's deceit be any more blatant? If the truth doesn't make for a good story, just falsify it. Make up statements, invent quotes, and spin a web of lies. But don't take our word for it; listen for yourself [mp3 audio file of the entire discussion].
Hennican should be informed if he gets paid to debate on national television.

Right, deb. You tell him. Because if anyone knows about not being informed, it's you.

Update: Deborah's fictitious report of the Malzberg-Kasich exchange appeared late Saturday evening. We posted our proof that her article is a lie less than three hours later. But in the insular echo-chamber of the Fox haters, lies traverse the binary blacktop while the truth is left in the starting gate. A fistful of gullible websites picked up deborah's falsehoods and cheerfully posted them as if they were fact. (Of course debbie has been careful to protect her lies--deleting our trackback to her article as well as comments that pointed out how she was not telling the truth.) Consider the following a consumer guide to recklessness, a handy list of unreliable sources whose word on any issue of controversy is not to be trusted:
  • AlterNet
  • USResolve
  • Blue State News Only
  • Jim Gilliam's Media Blogroll

As we learn of others who have been duped by deborah's dissembling, we will add them to the list.

Update: All of a sudden deborah's article has been extensively rewritten, omitting any reference to who "coined the term", and no longer claiming that Kasich quickly agreed with Malzberg. We exposed the lies some 37 hours before deborah's latest version of truth. After we did, messages were posted at the hound site, messages were deleted, trackbacks were sent, trackbacks were deleted, more messages posted, more messages deleted, another trackback deleted, another poster banned--all in a desperate effort to keep readers from knowing that deb had been caught stepping in it again.

At the end of the revised (new, improved, now with Lanolin!) article, deborah notes:
This post has been corrected. In the original post there was a mention of Malzberg blaming Democrats for coining the term "nuclear option".

And in the original post, there was a claim that John Kasich rushed to agree with Malzberg, when in fact he loudly disagreed. No mention of that little falsehood in deborah's "note", so she's still hiding one of her major lies. But hey, even a half-correction is 50% more than usual, so we'll take what we can get.
The dialogue was taken from an audio tape of the show.

Hmm, we wonder where that came from. We suspect deborah would sooner walk barefoot on hot coals than admit where she found that audio file!

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