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It's a festival of phony, doctored quotes from one unlucky Outfoxed gal--unlucky because she's been caught, and stonewalling can't save her. With J$P Video!

If Fox News is so terribly biased, then why do the Fox-haters have to make stuff up to prove their case? That question should probably be addressed to nancy of the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed syndicate). Because when it comes to phony quotes, nefarious nancy will always be top dog:
[Jim] Angle bemoaned the current state of affairs in DC & asked "was it always this way?"

Note the quotation marks, a tip-off that Angle didn't say it:

ANGLE: You've been watching this spectacle on the hill for the last several weeks, particularly the last three or four weeks. What do you make of that as you think back on the days in the 1980s?

So where did "was it always this way" come from? Nancy made it up!
Angle mentioned an upcoming conference ("Progressives Taek [sic] Back America") which gave Deaver the opportunity to hit a GOP talking point (people don't know what Dem candidates stand for)...

ANGLE: It's interesting, next week there's going to be a two-and-a-half day conference called "Progressives Take Back America", and it's one wing of the Democratic Party. They did a lot of polling in advance, and one of the things that they found and said is that Democrats look at their candidates and say, we don't know what our people stand for.

So let's see: it wasn't Deaver, it was Angle talking about what Dem candidates stand for. And--oops!--that's not a "GOP talking point", but rather a talking point from the Progressives who are putting on the conference! A twofer: lie about who said it, and then lie about whose talking point it was. But the dishonest newspooch is just getting warmed up:
[David] Asman interviewed Bob Beckel (Dem "strategist") & Mark Williams (radio talk show host). Asman called the arrest of Ronald Grecula a "victory"...

Love those one-word "quotes":

ASMAN: An American offers to sell a homemade bomb to FBI agents who were posing as Al Qaeda operatives, and he was promptly arrested. Now it's a victory for Homeland Security, but an article in today's New York Times suggests that the would-be terrorist, Ronald Grecula, was a small fish entrapped by the FBI.
Asman chimed in that Grecula "was saying stuff".

More counterfeit quotes. Asman never used the phrase "was saying stuff":

ASMAN: Bob, this guy was going around his neighborhood talking about how the United States deserved to be hit, and hit hard...

So where did nancy get this phony quote? Once again, she made it up!
Williams went into rant mode, putting words in Beckel's mouth (he claimed Beckel said a military background was required to be a terrorist)

WILLIAMS: To suggest that military background is a criteria for a terrorist is absolutely outrageous, Bob....
BECKEL: This is a classic Republican right-wing attack--
WILLIAMS: I'm not even a Republican.

We assume that nancy knows the difference between one criterion and a "requirement", so her sloppy paraphrase appears to be a deliberate falsehood.
Asman made one weak attempt to shut Williams up & let Beckel respond...

ASMAN: Hold on, hold on. One at a time, one at a time. Finish your point, Bob, and then we'll give Mark a go-ahead.

When they started talking over each other, Asman called for order and let Bob speak. Calling it a "weak attempt", when in fact it succeeded, is just another nancy lie, and a sleazy one at that.
Beckel said the case against Grecula looks like entrapment to him, & described how Grecula has no background supporting the charges brought against him (e.g., no knowledge of explosives). Asman sneered "Ah so it's all about entrapment"...

It's another classic example of nancy's psychic power of remote viewing [QuickTime video clip]:

Yes, you guessed it. David Asman wasn't even on-screen when nancy saw him "sneer"! (With paranormal powers even Allison DuBois would envy, nancy must be a wonder at Texas Hold-'Em.)

We were about to pounce on nancy for another phony quote, but this time her victim--Byron York--beat us to it:
Hume finally got back to the docs themselves, asking whether they are "what's holding up" the nomination. York said that when "Voinovich turned on us"

Aha! Proof that "Fox" identifies with the Republicans, because York, an interview guest (!), said "us". (Don't even try to decipher that bit of hound logic.) But unfortunately, York said no such thing--it's another phony quote:
Byron York contacted us to deny that he said "Voinovich turned on us" but rather said "Voinovich turned on it". York provided the Nexis transcript, which reads as follows:
That is what -- what has happened is, after the nomination was sent from the committee to the full Senate without recommendation, because of the George Voinovich turn on it, the Democrats still had requested this additional information.
I have listened to my videotape again, & while I agree that I may have misheard (it now sounds like gibberish to me, after repeated playbacks), in the interest of fairness I thought I should post both versions.

This is classic nancy. Post a lie, and when you are caught, claim that the audio sounds like "gibberish". Don't retract your falsehood, but leave it up "in the interest of fairness"--because to nancy newshound "fairness" means giving equal time to the truth and a lie.

Is nancy so desperate to slime Byron York that she won't retract her falsehoods, even in the face of irrefutable evidence? For some reason, she doesn't post that bit from her videotape. Why would that be? Might it be that the clip doesn't sound like "gibberish" at all? Might it be because it proves nancy falsified her original story, and now is stonewalling? We report, you decide [QuickTime video clip]:

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