Another Day, Another Newshounds Lie

This time they wrap it up in a glittering display of slander and defamation. But it's the lie that proves how worthless their "analysis" is.

The newshounds are taking on Dr James Dobson of Focus on the Family. According to this "media criticism" site, Dr Dobson is both "racist and homophobic" and a "fanatical reactionary". Such defamatory comments are a new low even for this bottom-dwelling site, but they're not content to just indulge in hateful slander. They have to lie to make the case more convincing. To wit:
Dobson is never invited on other networks because of his reputation as a fanatical reactionary, yet he is considered perfect to promote the Fox agenda.

What we have here is an out and out lie. And more than that, a lie that is ridiculously easy to disprove. (Maybe not for the newshounds gals since they have already demonstrated their inability to figure out that complicated mystery known as Google.) For example:

Dr James Dobson appeared on MSNBC (Hardball) on November 10, 1998
Dr James Dobson appeared on ABC's This Week with Sam Donaldson on July 17, 2000.
Dr James Dobson appeared on MSNBC (Scarborough) on Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Dr James Dobson appeared on MSNBC (Scarborough) on Wednesday, December 10, 2003
Dr James Dobson appeared on CNN for a full-hour interview with Larry King, on September 5, 2003 [the fourth one-hour interview with Larry King in two years' time]

Remember, newshounds is the website set up by the "Outfoxed" gang. They are responsible for the laughably unserious and error-ridden commentaries. Now they have added defamation and lies, and it isn't funny any more.

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