Top 10 Things We've Learned

What do the people behind Outfoxed really believe? We take a look at what two weeks of newshounds postings have taught us.

We've been monitoring the articles posted at newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed syndicate) for a couple of weeks, so we thought this would be a good time to reflect on all the hitherto unknown facts that this website has put forward as truth. Some of these we've mentioned before as they bear on Fox News. But the real gems are those items that we ordinarily don't address: articles posted on wildly off-topic matters that show a genuine insight into the people who created Outfoxed.

Some of these observations are so bizarre that you may be led to believe they are parodies. They are not.

So with no further ado...The Top 10 Things We've Learned from the Newshounds!

#10: Sandy Berger has been "vindicated", but the national media are covering it up.

#9: A political reporter married to a Bush supporter is a conflict of interest; a foreign policy correspondent married to the chief foreign policy advisor to Terry McAuliffe, the DNC, and John Kerry represents no conflict at all.

#8: President Bush should resign because he is away from work campaigning.

#7: The Abu Graib prison abuse videos actually show child rape, but the national media are covering it up.

#6: Joe Liebermann behaved like a bratty child at the Democratic Convention.

#5: The Fox News ticker isn't really a news ticker, because all it does is run pro-Republican propaganda.

#4: Iraq is a dangerous place, but the national media are covering it up.

#3: After a man divorces his wife, his ex-wife is still his wife.

#2: George Bush has a cocaine conviction on his record, but the national media are covering it up.

And the #1 thing we've learned from reading the newshounds...

#1: The terror alert level was not raised on Sunday.

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