pardon the non-interruption

The Outfoxed gals bring us more doctored quotes, sloppy research, and a healthy dose of Colloqus Interruptus.

The President is in Europe, and the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed syndicate) are outraged:
At 11:22am [David] Asman said that Bush praised NATO (clip of Bush), then interviewed Lester Korn (former US Ambassador to NATO).

Um, Mr Korn was Ambassador to the United Nations. It's that big building in New York.
Patty [sic] Ann Browne said that Europeans are skeptical about Bush's "charm offensive" [comment: remember how Condi's tour was billed? that phrase must have played well with Fox fans]

A good example of hound distortion. It turns out the phrase wasn't Ms Browne's doing at all:

BROWNE: Europeans are expressing skepticism over what they call President Bush's "charm offensive"...
REPORTER: Now on this trip you have launched a sort of major charm offensive. At least the Europeans will see it that way.
BUSH: I appreciate it. First time I've been called charming in a while.

In her own dogged style, nancy manages to twist what happened in an interview with Rich Masters and Terry Holt:
As soon as Masters started to make some good points (he was noting that Europeans had seen Bush's foreign policy approach as "arrogant" & "go-it-alone"), Asman interrupted him to give Holt the floor.

Actually, Asman interrupted after those points were made and when Masters was praising Bush:

MASTERS: This kind of arrogant, go-it-alone foreign policy won't work. And so the President has been tremendous on this trip--
ASMAN: Hold on, let me give Terry a chance to come in here.
Master [sic] immediately caved & started agreeing with Asman & Holt.

MASTERS: Well I mean, clearly he's got four years of that kind of cowboy image to atone for, not just in Europe but throughout the rest of the world....He didn't help matters with some of his language....I'd like to see what kind of deeds back up these great words that he said.

Nancy then shows us how to adjust just a word or two in a quote to alter its meaning:
[Simon] Marks said that Bush's problem is not "of policy but of personality"

MARKS: President Bush's problem in Europe has not only been a problem of policy, it's been a problem of personality.
Asman (in a gee-whiz tone) said "they didn't think he was gonna win" & Marks said the Euro press "did a 180 turnabout" re both the US election & the election in Iraq.

Gee-whiz tone reality check.

Nancy continues on her deceptive declamations with a few examples of Colloqus Interruptus. Usually this technique simply requires that the tail-waggers report every time a Democrat is interrupted or talked over, but never mention when it happens to a Republican. All the better to prove "bias". But here's a new wrinkle: why not just lie about the interruptions?
[Mark] Melman no sooner started to talk (noting that Bush is "failing to get Europe to stop selling arms to China") when [Brad] Blakeman interrupted ("he's succeeding")

MELMAN: He's failing to get the Europeans to be able to stop exporting arms to China. If we had a different kind of relationship with Europe going on before this, he may have been successful in securing this.
ASMAN: All right, let's deal with that one point. Brad, what about that one point? We do have an interest in stopping the sales, European sales, of arms to China. Is the President succeeding or failing on that account?
BRAKEMAN: He's succeeding, but again, this is, when money is involved, money for some people overcomes their sense of duty and responsibility.

Maybe we're missing something, but pardon us, where's the interruption? Wait, maybe nancy will tell the truth this time:
Melman said yes, because Bush changed course & Blakeman again interrupted to say that was "absolute nonsense"

MELMAN: I think Bush is doing the right thing now, and it is a dramatic change from what he said in the campaign. He's principled for the moment he's speaking. He changed his positions, changed his principles.
ASMAN: Mark I started with you, let me finish with Brad. Go ahead, Brad. Last word.
MELMAN: Absolute nonsense. What Mark just espoused was the Bush doctrine.

Two interruptions "reported" by nancy. Could they be...fictitious? Made up? Phony? Fabricated? These are small threads, but when woven with consummate chicanery by the anti-Fox terriers, and combined with the usual serving of fabricated quotes and falsehoods, they help procreate the newspups' tangled, twisted tapestry of trickery.

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