'Who Was the Brain at MSNBC Who Decided That?'

J$P Extra! Matt Drudge gives cable news two thumbs down.

From The Drudge Report radio edition, Dec 26 2004:

If you had moved this 9.0 earthquake to somewhere near America, do you think CNN would have been doing ab exercises, as they were doing this morning when I turned it on? Do you think MSNBC would have been doing exit polls in Ukraine? Who was the brain at MSNBC who decided that? An earthquake not seen since many of us have been alive, and Fox News is giggling that American Idol begins in three weeks. It seems to me that if they don't have the staff to do it, throw it to an international feed. For a time we really didn't know what was happening there. It was a very lackluster performance on behalf of many of my fellow broadcasters.

MSNBC had Frank Luntz watching tv in a hotel room, using insider tones: "I have learned that the exit polls...". Not that the Ukrainian election wasn't important, but when you have waves taking out thousands of people on Planet Earth, we don't actually care what the exit polls are telling us, MSNBC. I guess you can't blame them; they don't know what to do at this point. They've seen the 0.3 share go to a 0.2 share to now a scratch. They could just have a dial tone from Frank Luntz's hotel room and that would get them the same number. 500 million dollars later and that's what they've got over at NBC News.

This earthquake moved an entire island 100 feet. You try doing that at home. Let some of these gang-bangers, some of these hoodlums try that. Let the world's richest man try to do that. Let the most powerful King, the wickedest tyrant try to do that. Something serious is going on here; who knows what it means? The notion that you need to get yourself together, to get your soul straight, hit me. We're living through history, and you see how the modern media are covering it.


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