'Somewhere Under Keith Olbermann's Wig'

J$P Extra! Matt Drudge on Armstrong Williams, the People's Choice Awards, and more.

From The Drudge Report radio edition, January 9 2005:

Does anybody have any unease about what we've done to the nation's capital with all these cameras everywhere? Cameras, and screens, and these big security complexes, and monitoring rooms. Fifty agencies aloft and on the ground, all for the inauguration. They're using helicopters--I'll bet you anything these are from the Pentagon. So we have the military doing domestic law-enforcement; this is unprecedented. Something's going on here, and don't tell me it's just about terrorism. It's the Department of Pre-Crime all over again. This is really becoming Enemy of the State. Did you see that movie? The most underrated film of the last century.

All these journalists are saying, oh how terrible that Armstrong Williams was paid by the White House, when they've all been in the pocket of every politician and every business. You see it on your local news too, when your NBC stations do the latest on hospital emergency rooms--right after E.R. Journalism is a house of thieves; people need to get off their high horses.

What is the problem that we are not getting vacancies on the Supreme Court? I take you back to 1999, when the box office queen, Roz Focker herself, was telling us the next President will have three or four appointments. We haven't had one. And we won't, if they keep treating the Supreme Court as a hospice. Privacy, privacy. It's none of our business if the Justices are too ill to appear in court.

Tim Robbins tonight is calling for the impeachment of President Bush. No word yet on whether Barbara Boxer has signed on. And I'll bet this is the last year the People's Choice Awards have voting by internet. Michael Moore sent out letters telling people, please vote for me. I've never heard of anything like it. Why don't Les Moonves and CBS just write a check to the DNC tonight? If I wanted to slam the awards we could have made anything the top film of the year. Millions of votes would have come in. We're asking for a recount. Moore, the new Orson Welles, is claiming a legitimate victory tonight. But what happened in November with 100-some million votes, oh that was all fixed in Ohio, somewhere under Keith Olbermann's wig.


Postscript: Hear Drudge's comments on the Rathergate Report here.

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