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John McEnroe, secret evidence, sick dudes, urination, and a (gasp!) retraction. It's another edition of johnny dollar's mailbag. Updated!

Our first communique comes from the land of aol.com:

Its [sic] OK for Carl Cameron to cover Laci Peterson or Kobe Bryant (like Greta) but there is bias when he stands on the floor of the Democratic National Convention and gives commentary on speeches he hears. I don't recall seeing Greta on the floor in Boston. 87% of the one on one (reporter/guest) appearances on Fox are conservative/Republican/to the right. Don't pee on viewers and tell the [sic] its [sic] rain. The transcript quote is quite obvious. CAMERON: Oh, she's been terrific! To hear Pauline tell it, when she first started campaigning for you, she was a little bit nervous.

Where did that 87% figure come from? It's a made-up number and couldn't be more wrong.

As for the Cameron quote (again!), taken in context it is impossible to prove that the "she" who was campaigning is Pauline Cameron. It could just as easily have been Dorothy Bush. But we've been over this before. The great minds behind Outfoxed produce no evidence for their claim: no videotape, no newspaper articles, no transcripts--nothing to prove Pauline Cameron ever campaigned for anyone. At least real journalists had the integrity to ask Cameron about it, something that Robert "Xanadu" Greenwald couldn't be bothered with. And still to be explained is why the activities of Mr Cameron's ex-wife in 2000 have any bearing whatsoever on his coverage in 2004.

From juno.com a reader responds to our Knives and Forbes article:

What the morons from Foxhounds with their non-existent lack of institutional memory don't know is that both of the two Forbes on Fox liberals, Quentin Hardy and Elizabeth Murphy (?), both from San Francisco, are on vacation! Tell them to watch McEnroe. They'll love it! Last night I saw Howard Dean and Al Franken on that show continually spew half-truths and lies to a small cheering studio audience while McEnroe just sits tongue-tied. McEnroe is so bad even his sidekick sits far away from him.

And Dee, one of our biggest fans, has quite a bit to say:

The Dr. Dobson they are referring to was used as an example of a cult existence in the US in my Law Enforcement Discrimination course (72hrs) The Man is one sick Dude Quotes from Dobson himself
[some 27 quotations are provided, on subject like abortion, euthanasia, and homosexuals in the military--see appendix below]
Calling them Defamatory comments and slander when actually there are facts to prove what Dr. Dobson is, is being bias [sic]. And that is called DEFENDING. The man IS a racist and IS homophobic, and he IS a fanatical reactionary. So that wasn't slander, it's TRUE.

We probably brought this on ourselves, by noting that the charges of "racist" and "homophobe" were slanderous. However, our correspondent provided 27 quotes, and unfortunately none of them evinces racism or homophobia. Neither Dee nor the newshounds have supplied even one quote from Dr Dobson to support their charges. Some might just call that slanderous.

He claims he is a leader of God, yet he has no background history of Ministry studies or Theological studies. That in fact is how Cults are started.

Where does he claim to be an ordained minister? It is no secret that his background is in pediatrics and medical genetics. I mean, how could he receive an award from the National Evangelical Association as "Layman of the Year" unless he was...a layman?

One of the top 3 Law Enforcement Acadamies in the US would NOT use this man as an example, unless they had viable information to prove this. And they did.

Oh, so the "real proof" of his racism is based on secret evidence. That must explain why there is no proof in the quotes provided or from the newshounds.

And Dr. Dobson's site family.org, was shut down due to reasons they aren't naming. My guess he was trying to get money, but because he isn't a legalized form of Minister it isn't considered charity, he can't do that with a .org extension But that is just a guess

Wow, that's pretty convincing. I guess moveon.org is going to have to stop collecting money too.

And all your links to his appearances are dead and gone.......

No, only two of the links disappeared; one was an expired google cache, and we updated the other. We honestly do appreciate knowing When Links Go Bad.

And if you're someone whose [sic] against homosexuals and feminists, I just won't go any further.. Because I REFUSE TO DEBATE WITH PEOPLE LIKE THAT..... I won a large lawsuit against men who thought like that, and I refuse to go through it again.

That's nice to know, but what does that have to do with the point of our original article? The newshounds claimed that Dr Dobson is never invited on any other network other than Fox News Channel--when in fact he was, and frequently. Isn't odd that our letter writer talks and SCREAMS about everything except the fact that the newshounds lied, and have been caught in the act?

You are delusional, my dear friend, and I can see know [sic] you are hopeless. It's just not worth my effort to continue, because you are biased and entrenched in it to prove your point no matter how. I can appreciate the effort you are trying to put in. But your opinions just don't add up.

But our facts do. Which is why you don't even try to refute them.

And then there's this: We did step into it a bit ourselves over the weekend, posting an entry about Fox News Channel being back on the air in Japan, without realizing the story we relied on was from several years ago. The newshounds were in fact correct that FNC is no more in Japan, and we were wrong to try to take them apart for saying so. Our apologies to the pups and to readers who may have been misled.

Appendix: "racist" and "homophobic" quotes supplied by Dee:

January 1995 Focus on the Family Newsletter Dobson writes:
"Focus on the Family immediately joined the Family Research Council and other conservative organizations in getting out the word. Using our radio program and this monthly letter, we asked for a massive response from our listeners."
"Again, Focus on the Family threw down the gauntlet, We devoted our broadcast to this danger on three separate days, almost begging our listeners to flood the White House, the attorney general, and the Congress with letters of protest."
"One issue concerned the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child, which has worried me for years. I devoted a portion of my letter in January 1993, and again in July 1994, to the threat posed by this dangerous document. More than 150 countries around the world have already adopted it within their borders."
"The state of Oregon narrowly passed the nation's first euthanasia law, which almost defies comprehension. If the courts permit it to take effect, physicians will be allowed to assist their willing patients in killing themselves. The implications of this legislation are so ominous that I will devote a future letter to that topic."
"In May, I discussed this legislation in my monthly letter and warned of the many dangers that lie ahead."
"What ... I have called a `civil war of values' continues to rage."
"Focus on the Family will continue to fight for moral values. And we'll try to keep you informed of the threats coming against the institutions of marriage and parenthood. But we do need your financial support to get the job done."

March 1995 Focus on the Family Newsletter Dobson writes:
"Perhaps this explains the statement I made on the radio last month, which some of you questioned. Let me express it once more. I am committed never again to cast a vote for a politician who would kill one innocent baby. "
"Never will I use my influence, however remotely, to support the shedding of their blood."
"These are challenging days, to be sure, and there are other issues I wish we had time to deal with."

April 1995 Focus on the Family Newsletter Dobson writes:
"If you read my March letter, you know we have been very concerned about the Republican presidential hopefuls who, like the Democrats before them, are trying to tiptoe away from the pro-life position.... I am determined that they will not do it in secret."

May 1995 Focus on the Family Newsletter Dobson writes:
"To help us prepare for the congressional battle, let me present various points of view and then propose what we at Focus on the Family think is best for or nation's children."
"Many people, myself included, believe that the deterioration of public education in recent years can be linked directly tour inability to reach values and show respect for God in the classroom."
"Speaking again for Focus on the Family, our vision is for a just and righteous society...."

July 1995 Focus on the Family Newsletter Dobson writes:
"That concern led ... me to Capital Hill last week for a meeting with House Speaker Newt Gingrich."
"What is needed is a central registry through which violations of religious freedom can be reported. Henceforth, Focus on the Family will serve as the repository of that information, which will later be reported."
"From the early days of our ministry to the present, I have felt compelled to defend the principles of righteousness within the culture."
"We have stymied the U.N.'s Treaty on the Rights of the Child, at least to this time."
"We have tried unsuccessfully, but valiantly, to keep President Clinton from permitting homosexuals in the military and from assigning women to combat situations. We have fought for the unborn child...."
"Most recently we have opposed the efforts of Haley Barbour, chairman of the Republican National Committee, to move his party away from its historic moral underpinnings and toward a `mush middle' that stands for nothing."
"We must keep a very close eye on these politicians who willingly accept the votes of conservative Christians and then ignore their concerns when their back are turned."
"I am in even greater disagreement with the Democrats who continue to support anti-family concepts at this time."
"I will continue to address the moral issues when I feel our friends need to know what is happening."
"To expect me not to speak on behalf of the things I believe -- and not to defend the voiceless, powerless unborn child -- is absolutely impossible for me. I would rather die than remain silent in response to that which I'm convinced is profoundly offensive to God Himself."

August 1995 Focus on the Family Newsletter Dobson writes:
"I want to talk to you this month about what could be the most important topic I've addressed in many years. This matter has profound implications for the institution of the family and for what we have called "the defense of righteousness," yet it will not be covered adequately by the secular press. Thus, I'm asking that you give particular attention to the words that follow. "
"...the obvious question to ask is, `What can we do to derail this gender feminism juggernaut?' I would make four suggestions which I sincerely hope my readers will implement."
"...I emplore you to contact your representatives in Congress."

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