'His Comment Denigrates This Country'

J$P Video! John Murtha says he wouldn't join the military; Ollie North and PJ Crowley debate.

From The O'Reilly Factor, January 3 2005:

Col Oliver North and PJ Crowley discuss John Murtha's comments with Bill O'Reilly [QuickTime video clip; allow file time to load]:

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i saw live on fox-crowley brought up a point on Cheney and his decision not to go to vietem (i know clinton did the samething-clinton should have been honest like cheney was-cheney didnt lie)-what your thoughts on cheney? my thought is i have none since i wasnt born until 81
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johnny dollar
Crowley came right out of the box with that comment, which I thought was a cheap shot. It was an ad hominem attack and really didn't address the issue at hand. I thought it made Crowley look bad, and it didn't make the cut when I had to condense the discussion down to two minutes.
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i agree that it had nothing to do with what they were talking about-i just wanted to see what you thought of it
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