'An Incredible Spy Scandal'

J$P Instant Transcript! Newly released documents contain startling revelations; why are so many in the media uninterested?

From Fox News Live, March 26 2006:

ERIC SHAWN [FOX NEWS]: An Al-Qaeda operative meeting with an Iraqi envoy in 1995. A declassified Iraqi account presents what would be the clearest evidence yet that former dictator Saddam Hussein did have talks with the people who planned 9/11. A former 9/11 Commissioner says the report should be investigated. Former Senator Bob Kerrey saying: "It should not be used to tie Saddam to attack on September 11. It does tie him into a circle that meant to damage the United States." For more on this, Fox News Contributor Liz Trotta joins us now. Good morning.

LIZ TROTTA: Good morning.

SHAWN: So how come we don't see this on the front pages of all the newspapers around the country?

TROTTA: Well this morning, Condoleeza Rice went on NBC's Meet the Press and was asked this. And I must say, the wishy-washy stonewalling that went on was really atrocious. We have to congratulate Peter Hoekstra of Michigan, Congressman, for literally threatening them, threatening the Director of Intelligence to release these millions of documents that GIs have collected since the beginning of the war. The worst of which that we know about, so far, is that the intelligence, the Soviet intelligence, had a mole, a spy, right in the American, middle of the American command, in Dohar, Qatar--I'm getting excited about this because I can't believe it's happening. Nobody's identifying where this came from, but there is in these documents information. They had lists of how many troops, ships, tanks, fighter pilots, invasion routes. Most significant, that the US was not going to attack the cities and would proceed north along the Euphrates. And what kind of a cost to American life was that, and why was Condoleeza Rice again backing and filling for the Russians?

SHAWN: Well maybe she's trying to do that to get a deal on Iran. But this sounds like an incredible spy scandal, but also a media story. Because we've reported, for the last three years, bits and pieces, but you don't really see it any place else.

TROTTA: Right. Well, Representative Hoekstra said that he wanted to "unleash the power of the blogosphere". And one hopes that the bloggers are really going to get to the bottom of this. Because the newspapers, and the television networks, are not doing that good a job at all. And one of the built-in prejudices in doing too good a job on it is that there are hints that nuclear weapons were removed. And the press, the mainstream press, has made it a fait accompli that there were no weapons of mass destruction. Now with all these millions of documents and audio tapes to go through, it bears watching to see whether there's going to be any kind of a backup on that. I think Mr Negroponte, when he referred to it as mere history, was opening a Pandora's box.

SHAWN: Well there were all these reports, not confirmed, that the weapons may have been moved and buried in the Bakka Valley, at least potential chemical and biological weapons. Not proved. And that group, intelligencesummit.org, got all these tapes. They played them and there are 50,000 boxes of stuff.

TROTTA: That's right.

SHAWN: 3,000 hours of audio tapes, and we don't hear hardly anything about it.

TROTTA: Well I wonder if the President's going to look into Mr Putin, hardened KGB spy that he is, into his eyes one more time and see the good soul and the true friend. I mean, this is nonsense.

SHAWN: Well you've got a Russian general, the two Russian generals at the time, reportedly helping Saddam Hussein and the regime, micromanaging some of their response, dealing with Russian equipment in Iraq. And I want to get back to this point. This seems to me a huge story, but for some reason mainstream media doesn't want to touch it.

TROTTA: Exactly. The only person to put it on page one--the New York Times had it on page A-7 on the inside, below the fold, on Saturday--

SHAWN: But why do they do that?

TROTTA: Well, because they don't think it's a big story. But the New York Sun, God bless them, our homegrown newspaper here, had it on page one. And they had Bob Kerrey saying, who is also a member of the 9/11 commission, these are significant facts, and show that Iraq was a significant enemy of the United States.

SHAWN: And I think the New York Sun's website is nysun.com, if you don't live in New York, you want to see that. Liz Trotta, thanks very much. See you next weekend.

TROTTA: Thank you very much.

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