'There's Some Weird Stuff in Here'

J$P Instant Transcript! Valerie Wilson files suit, and the Judge has read the complaint.

From The Big Story, July 13 2006:

JOHN GIBSON [FOX NEWS]: Former under cover CIA officer Valerie Plame is now suing over the leak of her identity. She's suing the Vice-President, his former top aide, Presidential advisor Karl Rove, and others in the Bush administration, accusing them of conspiring to destroy her career. Let's ask the Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst about that, Judge Andrew Napolitano, author of The Constitution in Exile, a New York Times best seller. So yesterday, Novak tells the whole story, and reveals that Rove confirmed Valerie Plame's job but did not out her.


GIBSON: Says that he detected no campaign on the part of the White House to do anything to her, but she and her husband apparently don't believe it.

NAPOLITANO: No. Today the complaint is filed, and of course they name the Vice-President, as you just indicated, as a defendant as well. They obviously want to try to take his deposition to force him to answer questions under oath about who knew what when and who said what to whom when? The case, the complaint is an unusual. I called it "feathers" earlier, and we laughed about it. There's really a lot of fluff in there. There's quotations from President George H W Bush that he made earlier in career about the value of keeping secret the names of CIA operatives because they risk their lives. There's quotes from President George W Bush saying: I don't like leakers and whoever the leakers are they ought to be prosecuted. But that has nothing to do with the essence of this case. The essence of this case is this: they are bitter that the prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald--one of the most aggressive prosecutors in the land--did not indict anyone for outing her. Meaning she was already outed.

GIBSON: And isn't, according to Novak, he discovered her name by looking up the entry that her husband himself wrote in Who's Who in America, that her own husband had outted her.

NAPOLITANO: Correct, correct. And the Wilsons, Joseph and Valerie, are not happy about the way the criminal case is going. There's only one person indicted, and he was indicted for lying and committing perjury and obstructing justice. But nobody has been indicted for outing her, because apparently they outted themselves, either by the manner in which they failed to protect her identity, or by telling Who's Who who she was. But there's some weird stuff in here, John. There's a description of a phone call with our colleague from another network, Chris Matthews, in which Karl Rove says to Chris Matthews, "Mrs Wilson is fair game". Then they describe "fair game" as "a hunting term, used to describe an animal who is killed and eaten". This is just ridiculous, incendiary things designed to make people like us talk about it. It's not much of a case.

GIBSON: Judge Andrew Napolitano. Judge, thank you very much.

NAPOLITANO: You're welcome.

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