'Line 'em Up, Rummy, Here We Go!'

J$P Audio! Shepard Smith gets political: NoKo nukes, failure in Iraq, and more.

From Brian and the Judge, October 17 2006:

Talking with Brian Kilmeade and Judge Napolitano, Shep lets loose on Iraq, North Korea, and lying politicians [mp3 audio].

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Good grief, Shep Smith is a nut. 
Does he believe that Russia, China, Japan, South Korean and the US (among other nations) all got together to promote this fiction about North Korea having a nuclear weapon?
October 17, 2006, 6:12:42 PM EDT – Like – Reply

No, he's being realistic. The big threat from N. Korea is to Japan. Next is S. Korea. We've held Japan back because of WWII. It's time for the world to let Japan defend itself. And S. Korea thinks we are a bigger threat to them than N. Korea. Not at all true, but why are we there if they don't want us. We are the world's military, and it is about time we let the world make more of their own sacrifices. We've given all these countries security guarantees, and they could care less. We have 2.5 million troops, but we can barely spare 160,000 to fight two wars. Did you know we have troops in the Siani Desert since the Carter Administration? Why are they still there? The Big Red One should be in Iraq or Afghanistan, but it's in Germany... to protect West Germany from East Germany, Poland, and the USSR!!! How dumb is that??? Half of the European countries we have troops and "security guarantees" for, hald less troops in their own militaries than we have stationed in their country. All 34,000 of our troops in S. Korea are on the northern border and would be wiped out in the first week while we sent more troops. Shep is being realistic. Why are our leaders so helpless to make the changes we need to make the logical changes we need to make? Why are we fighting two wars with 5% of our military forces?
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"No, he's being realistic."
How is he being realistic when he says that the announcement of North Korean's nuclear capability was a diversion from Iraq?
Do you think the Bush Administration made this story up? Along with South Korea, Japan, China et al.?
That's what Shep is saying, that there is no danger or threat and that it was simply a ruse to divert attention away from Iraq.
October 18, 2006, 5:37:11 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Fox Fan
I agree with both of you. We should withdraw troops from ineffective stations to deploy in active regions as erljr says. SMG is correct that the press coverage on NoKo is NOT a ruse to divert attention from Iraq as Shep may think.
NoKo is a real threat and they state it time and time again- they teach it in the schools (research this if you don't believe)- they want to kill Americans and they are nuclear capable.
Fortunately their long range missile test bombed, if you'll pardon the pun.
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