'This Administration Are Asses!'

J$P Video! Col David Hunt erupts in anger over the flag folding flap.

From Fox & Friends, October 31 2007:

Col Hunt is not happy about this, and he does not mince words:

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You know who can really do ceremony well? Have you seen those elaborate stadium size displays in N. Korea? Then you got your noble crap they pull in most monarchies. You know where the queen rotates her hand (waving) in the back of some rolls. Ceremony... takes time to get it right unless you live under a dictatorship.
The last time these services happened on such a large scale (much larger) was vietnam, so its now that this debate over the "13 folds" take place instead of the last 30 years. When Hunt says "this administration" hes not drawing any distinction between anyone, therefore his rant is wortless.
As far as my opinion on the issue, I hope the ceremony is professionally done, and that the family of the fallen get said what they want, but I'm not sure I would appreciate someone preaching things on my ceremony that I didn't believe in.
Its more complicated than Hunt makes it. He needs a tranquilizer.
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The flag folding resurtation is done at the families request and what is stated, is asked for by the family of the fallen. Be, they fall in war, peace time or as the master plan for one's life dictate's, their natural death. It is not forced on any family. If the family wants nothing said, nothing is said. As for being professionally done. You apparently have never been to a furneral for a fallen member of the military be they Active, Reserve or Retired. They are done with dignity for the deceased and for comfort of the living. Most are carried out by former miltary veteran's as it would be impossible for active duty member's to honor all of their fallen breathern that are dying at the rate of 100's a day as the WWII, Korea and Vietnam Veteran's lives are coming to an end. The VA has since resinded the order due to OUTRIGHT RAGE by the veteran's and American people. To believe one person can destroy a scacred military honor is disgusting and that person should deported to Cuba or North Korea and complain about something.
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also, what the hell is up with Col. Hunt. He has been going off the deep end for a year now. BUt then again, he see's the samething happening that happened during Vietnam. American hating libs disrespecting those that are fighting and dying for their right to be scumbags. He also see's politician's dictating a war and thus the fate of the troop's instead of letting them do what they are trained to do.. DESTROY THE ENEMY! Guess I just answered my own post.
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My concern over how professional the service might be was based on the story: If the 13 folds ceremony is banned from being performed by government employes, military or otherwise, then i assumed the families would have to make arrangements on their own to have the ceremony performed, therefore likely making for a less professional display. The family should get what they want. On that note, I wouldnt want a US soldier of some minority religion have this ceremony read for them if they didn't appreciatte it. It does favor judeo-christian faithful.
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