'he is trying to rewrite history'

J$P Instant Transcript and Video! E.D., Brian, and the Judge discuss Ward Churchill. A classic Fox & Friends moment!

From Fox & Friends, February 23, 2005:

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E.D. HILL [FOX NEWS]: Let's talk about Professor Ward Churchill. This is, you know this nut. He works for the University of Colorado in Boulder.

BRIAN KILMEADE [FOX NEWS]: I don't think "this nut" was in the prompter. What was that?


HILL: I read his missive and I don't think a lot of people have, because he is saying things that are absolutely not right. He is pretending to pass off this diatribe that he wrote right after 9/11 as something that it wasn't. And he's saying, oh I'm just talking about in general, the United States not being tolerant, and therefore you can understand--baloney! He firmly in this says those people deserves to die, they're responsible for killing innocent Iraqi children. Anyway--

JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO [FOX NEWS]: You're looking at him in Hawaii. He spoke yesterday at the University of Hawaii. He had an overflow crowd of 200 people in addition to the 350 people in the room. The students cheered him. He doesn't back down an inch. He defends what he's saying, and it's nonsense. But he's got the right to say this stuff.

HILL: Let's listen to him:
Contrary to Bill O'Reilly, who we may also thank for this evening, I did not justify, I did not advocate the events of 9/11. I considered the events of 9/11 natural and inevitable. One does not advocate the inevitable.

HILL: That is a bunch of baloney. Read his paper.

KILMEADE: But what he just said is offensive.

HILL: He says it may be that more 9/11s, more attacks like this, are necessary for American finally to get it.

KILMEADE: And the people that died there were "little Eichmanns".

HILL: That's right.

NAPOLITANO: That's indefensible, that statement.

HILL: But he is trying to rewrite history. But if you go, don't listen to what he is saying, look at what he actually wrote. The other thing is, this guy has been selling himself as a Native American for years.

KILMEADE: He might not be.

HILL: He is the head of the, he was Ethnic Studies Professor.

KILMEADE: Turns out, he just liked F-Troop.


KILMEADE: Well, let me just bring this up. I didn't even like--

[more laughter]

NAPOLITANO: Oh Brian, what do you mean he just liked F-Troop?

[more laughter]

KILMEADE: A lot of people's first exposure to Indians was the Hekawis, right? They were friendly Indians; they had no fighting spirit. But I'm offended by his sound bite, his sound bite saying that it's inevitable that we were going to be attacked, as inevitable as a volcano, is offensive. What have we doing--he says the people in the Trade Center were brokers and investors, and their policies in the Third World breed misery, which is why we're attacked. I'm offended by that.

NAPOLITANO: So why is there--I agree with you, I'm equally as offended. But why is there a marketplace for this? Why were 500 students in Hawaii cheering this nonsense?

KILMEADE: Good point.

HILL: Because there are institutions of higher education that think that somehow--the Hamilton College President said this--we're in the search for truth. They somehow believe that this guy coming here and spewing his hatred is going to help them see the truth more clearly. I don't get it.

NAPOLITANO: On his way back from Hawaii I think he should stop in Los Angeles where O'Reilly is for the week, and I think they should do an hour show together, one on one. Would you do that, Professor Churchill?

KILMEADE: I don't think he's watching either. What is it, midnight there? One o'clock in the morning?

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