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Hill: Hannity, Beck Oppose Obama Because of Race?

Yesterday, Dr Marc Lamont Hill was fired as a Fox News contributor. Just last month he gave an interview to a hip-hop website where the subject of working for Fox came up. He went easy on Bill O'Reilly, but when it came to Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck, Dr Hill did not mince words:

Bill O'Reilly, I would argue, is probably actually a little more moderate than Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity on those issues. For example, O'Reilly doesn't believe in the birther stuff... But when you look at somebody like Glenn Beck, right? He takes the most extreme right-wing stance you could possibly imagine. Sean Hannity isn't far behind him. And both of them believe what they're saying. They're not lying to you. They actually believe these things. Glenn Beck is deeply invested in the cause he talks about. So is Sean Hannity.

Now the problem is, when they articulate that narrative to a certain sector of the American people, which is deeply homophobic, as well as xenophobic and racist, and there's all this sort of anxiety about having a black President anyway, it only plays into the narrative. So when you see them saying, Oh my God we don't want Barack Obama to address school children, what will he say to our children, as if he's going to read from The Communist Manifesto on national television, what it really is, is: We don't want this black man around our kids. Even televisually. I mean, that's what it really comes down to. But no one can really say that, so they smuggle in all of this sort of anti-black, anti-Muslim, anti-everything language and discourse through their superficial critiques.
You can listen to the entire interview here.

I first saw Hill on Red Eye and thought he was very funny and had a sense of humor about himself. I was really shocked when I saw him for the first time on O'Reilly. I don't remember what the subject was, but he was obviously attempting to be the next generation Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton. Bill, of course, didn't really challenge him on anything.  
Hill is going to be very big. He's got the right talent.
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Yes, the whole Obama and the school children thing was silly. But race was not even a factor.
Hill comes off as another "victim" seller in his remarks. This kind of stuff is one of the reasons the blacks have problems among themsleves. They need to stop playing the victim or no one wil take them seriously.
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Mike C.
Maybe this interview is why he was fired?
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Fox Fan
I always liked Dr. MLH. He comes off as a used car salesman sometimes with his fast talking and the impression that he's trying to sell something that isn't quite true (as in this article's egregious example) but he was always polite and smiling.  
Too bad he had to stoop to race baiting. Fatal mistake. The race card is played so often that its sides are tattered and the ink is nearly worn off. It's obvious when it's in someone's hand before they even play it.  
All I have to say to MLH now, in the words of our NH friend Keg, is "suck it".
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You know which group of people that probably won't be sorry to see Dr. Hill go? The folks who provide real-time closed-captioning. I bet they just hated it whenever Hill was on.
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Mike C.
I'm not so sure about that, Damail, because they're probably caption for other networks. And they'll have to caption him at one of those networks, too, depending who gobbles him up ([coughing]: MSNBC).
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race race race, How about people opposing Obama because of who he associates with or has in the white house or his actual policies?
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Well, it's never a good thing to publicly knock your employer's best-producing and most powerful talent. I don't think it's his general perspective that got him in trouble -- it was the disparaging of the company's biggest money-makers that got him fired.
I always enjoyed MLH, especially on Red Eye, and am sorry to see him go. Rarely agreed with him, but always found him interesting and likeable.
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I enjoyed Dr. Hill on FNC, too bad he had to play the race bait game. If I see him going anywhere it will be CNN or PBS.
Don't see him heading for MSNBC. He won't trash O'Reilly.
BTW: I think somebody should file a missing persons report on Carlos Watson. Nothing at carloswatson.com. The stimulist website is on hold. Hasn't updated the facebook page.
No twits since Aug. 25th.
Forget Waldo, where's Carlos?
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I never was a big fan of MLH. He was in over his head on most of the topics he was commenting on. Those few he was qualified to speak, he would be so off the charts that it was not interesting.
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Howie Kurtz flat out lied this morning on Reliable Sources. He said Rush was forced to "WITHDRAW" from his Rams bid. In fact, Rush refused to withdraw and forced the head of the bidding team to publicly FIRE him.
Howie is truly becoming more and more unreliable and useless.
He needs to be called out on his lie.
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Tina, sorry, but the issue was forced on Rush. Technically, he was 'let go'. Howie knows, as well as we know, that if Rush had any option at all, he would still be part of the buyer's group. It came down to "Quit or be fired". That said, Kurtz could have stated it better.
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THe Factor
It is kind of sad. Hill was like two different people. At times he could be funny and argue his point honestly but at other times he devolved into just another hate monger race baiter. It is sad to see that when push comes to shove he is just another Al Sharpton.
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Tremblin Soul
I don't know if this has been asked ? Do all the TV's at airports hooked up to CNN get counted in TV ratings? If so I wonder how low would their numbers be if they weren't.
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This is a test. TinyURL has updated their site and the URL's are even more tiny. It seems a bit more user friendly too. You can track number of people who click on your link. We'll see.
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I think this is relatively new:  
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Dan, I've been wanting to ask you if your comment re Glen Beck showing the A Dunn video was a bit of satire or a genuine sentiment that Beck might not be a total screwball?
Based on your earlier critique of him, to which I replied but you may not have seen, I eas unsure.
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Grammie, I wondered if I would be called on that one! Leave it to you, you don't miss much , do you? . Satire? Me? Not this time.
I try to stay open minded. Sometimes it makes for contradictory assessments. I have decided that occaisionally Beck can hit a homerun. He did with the Anita Dunn video, as well as with Van Jones (however, the blog "Gateway Pundit" deserves much credit on that one). Cudos to him on that. Beck is plugged into some darn impressives sources. That said, his constant drumbeat of the 'Red Menace' having a foothold in the Obama Administration drives me crazy, as does his penchant for blubbering and crying. When I see his chalkboard of 'Communists' include the President, Sen. Lindsey Graham, Chairman Mao, etc, it doesn't resonate with me and turns me off, big time. His antics are entertaining, so I find myself watching quite often, lately.
Sorry I missed your previous inqueries, as I am always interested in your posts.
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Well, Dan, all I can say is that you are obviously very astute and an excellent judge of character!    
BTW, I substantially agree with the above critique of Beck. I have heard him on the radio on ocassion and he seems to be more even in his presentation.
He can also be hysterically funny on the radio. The first time I ever heard him was a few years ago on Groundhog's day and he was doing a running routine with his man on the spot talking to the Paw.......... groundhog with segues into AGW and Animal Rights.
Here is my response from the thread 09/09/09:
"ObserverDan | Homepage | 09.09.09 - 3:34 pm | #  
Dan, it depends on what the concept of Communism being a threat encompasses.
There are still many countries, some very powerful, who operate under the Communist philosophy. There are many socialist/part socialist countries, which could be described as Communism lite.
I believe that our own home grown "communists" now reside in the Global Warming, Green Peace type movements. The same objectives wrapped up in new language with the same ultimate goal, a very powerful state controlling every aspect of life.
Grammie | 09.09.09 - 11:28 pm | # "
I copied it b/c it is relavent to your earlier comment here.
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Grammie, points well taken.  
I guess I would ask if we as a nation are vulnerable to becoming a Euro-style 'social/democracy'? That would be awful and I believe our Constitution is strong enough to keep us a healthy Representative Democracy, with plenty of capitalism and entrepenurism.  
Does regulation mean socialism? Too much certainly might.
Does the 'Green' movement mean imminent socialism? In my opinion, some 'Green' ain't bad, and is an unstoppable fact of our future. I don't believe 'Green'-related regulations will have the power to overrule our Constitutional rights. An energy crisis or a 'real' man-made climate crisis may indicate more regulations, down the road.
Glenn Beck would have me believe these threats have become more real and of a higher probability simply because Barak Obama won the presidency. I just ain't buyin that.
In my mind, Beck is not serving FNC well. He has taken the network out there where the buses don't run.  
He was perfectly delightful a short while ago when he was simply part of a popular 'morning zoo' radio show.  
( I have to admit I'm watching him now).  This fool is making the point that 'volunteerism' is a dangerous, odius step toward Marxism. Yikes.
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