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Fox Haters Week in Review

Who's obsessed? Clueless? Vulgar? Who's a liar? Who welcomes gender and racial slurs? The answers in today's thrilling edition of Fox Haters Week in Review!

Another Lie Enters the Mythology:
Ah, the infamous, deplorable Keith Olbermann. He's so smart! He's the new Edward R Murrow! But we don't recall Murrow ridiculing other people's education or intelligence, and we surely don't recall him embarrassing himself as badly as Krazy Keith did this week. When Gretchen Carlson said "two" instead of "two percent", Olby pounced on "super genius" Carlson, cackling that if she actually went to Oxford it was not the University but the shoe. With a snide smirk, "super genius" Olbermann proceeded to explain what that poor dumb female couldn't understand:

Two percent, not the number two. Two percent of all the Cash for Clunkers deals in Minnesota were already approved, despite red tape. That would mean about 150 of the first 75 transactions in Minnesota had made it through the government red tape in only one week. Not two of them, 150 of them.
Professor Olbermann better adjust his slide rule if he thinks 150 is two percent of 75. It's more like 200 percent.

But this week, Olby's greatest contribution to communal ignorance was in the perpetuation of a smear that began--where else?--on his own blog, the Daily Kos:
Glenn Beck Fan, Highly Armed, Busted For Casing National Guard Base, Thinking It Was A "FEMA Camp"
Now reports from actual news sources reveal nothing about the "highly armed" (registered weapons transported unloaded in her trunk) woman saying anything about FEMA camps. But since the Kos writer isn't particularly fussy about things like facts, he had no compunction about making that up. Of course, from Kos the story has to go to Keith Olbermann, who embellished it with additional falsehoods:
Proof that watching crazy man on tv will make you crazy... She apparently decided that the base was actually a secret FEMA detention camp. Do you know where she got that idea? From Glenn Beck. She says so on her myspace page.
Shall we count the lies? She didn't think the base was a FEMA camp. She didn't get the idea from Glenn Beck. And what's more, her myspace page had nothing about Glenn Beck's views on FEMA camps. Nothing! As an Olbermann Lie, this one rates pretty well: kernel of truth, surrounded by fiction, lies, and delivered in Olby's best Howard Beale style. As of today, less than one week later, there are already scores of sites claiming that she thought the base was a FEMA camp, and/or that it was Glenn Beck who led her to think that. Our pal Oliver Willis even headlined that she was "planning an armed assault on the base"!

Amplified by the Echo Chamber:
It was inevitable that the newshounds would leap on the Glenn Beck smear. They monitor the blue blogs so you don't have to. Priscilla picked up her version from the aptly-named Crooks & Liars, and since it was Priscilla doing the regurgitating reporting, that means fodder for us. After headlining that this was a case of possible "domestic terrorism" (the actual charge was trespass), Prissy continues:
Can you imagine how Fox News and Fox Nation would react if a Muslim were caught taking photos of an Air Force base while carrying XM-15 assault rifle, a shotgun, and 500 rounds of ammunition?!
Unfortunately, she wasn't carrying all that stuff. The legally registered weapons were properly stored, unloaded, in her trunk.
In fact she is a big fan of Glenn Beck who is convinced that FEMA concentration camps are being built as we speak.
Well, since Glenn Beck has devoted at least three segments on his program to debunking the FEMA camps conspiracy theory (you can see the videos here), what can we conclude about Priscilla? Either she doesn't watch Fox News and therefore has no idea what she's talking about, and just smeared Beck out of malice. Or she does watch Fox, knows Beck doesn't believe in FEMA camps, and didn't care about telling the truth. Either way it sounds an awful lot like Another Hound Lie.

By the way, the whole point of her dishonest piece was to complain that she couldn't find the story on foxnews.com. Why would any news organization think an arrest for trespass is a national story? CNN didn't. The New York Times didn't. The Washington Post didn't. The Associated Press didn't. Even the news pages of MSNBC didn't, except for the transcript of the Olbermann Lie that started off this discussion.

Speaking of transcripts, guest blogger "Jonathan" is up in paws over Glenn Beck's joke about not poisoning Nancy Pelosi:
Mr. Beck: there is nothing funny about joking about the assassination of a high-ranking member of Congress, or any political member on the Hill for that matter.... This is one of those things you can't say and expect to get away with it.
"Jonathan" goes on to tells that there is "no place in a news organization" for such things. And yet, in a oddly incoherent moment, he simultaneously objects to the fact that he can't find this outrage on foxnews.com:
However, the transcript has been scrubbed of Beck's murderous "joke". Furthermore, the supposed link from the page to the video of the segment takes you to a completely unrelated item.
Let's see: "Jonathan" finds the joke dangerous and wants people to write to Fox about it. At the same time, he's upset that it's not on the website. So Fox was wrong to show the joke, and Fox is wrong not to show the joke! Really, why would he want it sitting on the website for everybody to see over and over again if it's so "dangerous"? Unless of course, he doesn't think it's dangerous at all, and just wants to smear Fox whatever they do. Ya think? Oh, and "Jonathan", this page you linked to, that you claim is a "scrubbed transcript"? It ain't a transcript at all. This is what a transcript looks like. Here's a clue: look really close and you'll find the word "transcript" at the top.

Look At Me! Please Look At Me!
One of the newspoodles has come out of her anonymous shell. Julie is Julie Driscoll, and from her own blog she has posted one, two, three articles in a row about J$P, its low-brow, plebian readers, and how inferior it is to the "influential" newshounds. It seems as if this desperate string of increasingly fact-challenged posts may persist unless we answer her "questions". We are more than happy to do so. No, yes, yes, no, yes, no, no, yes, yes, no, how would I know, we'll see. 'K?

Tolerance and Compassion:
Meanwhile back at Julie's other blog home, the kennel-dwellers once again showed us how sophisticated, intellectual debate is held. First, ban people who point out your mistakes and fabrications. Then elevate the tone, as these comments about Greta van Susteren demonstrate:
  • Van Cesspool proves once again that she loves the big paycheck from Roger Ailes more than fairness and balance.
  • Hey Van Ugly-steren, do you even know when you sold out your journalistic integrity?
  • After alterting [sic] Greta, Morris licked his private parts like a good dog.
  • All I want to know is why does Greta dress like and look like a man everything [sic] single day. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I think it's very telling.
But nothing spurs cerebral discourse at the pound like a discussion of Juan Williams:
  • House Negro Juan should pray that no one on the Fox Noise Plantation actually watches C-Span. His critique of Massa Bentpecker won't go over well. Juan may lose his weekend gig as a live lawn jockey at Bildo's mansion.
  • The Fox House Uncle Tom, Juan Williams.
  • Juan Williams is working in the 'whore house' and he wants everyone to think he's the only one who doesn't sw*ll*w!!
The TPM Countdown Clock
Keeping track of the brilliant insights and perspicacious prognostications for which Talking Points Memo is so highly regarded: there are now 21 days remaining until Shepard Smith quits Fox News or is fired. Tell your friends!

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J$ - excellent job once again. thank you for all of your efforts to expose the lies and the bigotry from the children over at the pound. Oh, and thank you for introducing us to the newest member of the kennel. Yet another one who is approaching John "That damned misinformed" T terrirory in (lack of) intelligence.
August 10, 2009, 12:51:44 AM EDT – Like – Reply

I read the 2nd and 3rd installment thingees from Julie at News Hound.
I have no idea what she's going on about other than Jets vs Sharks stuff.
There doesn't seem to be any rebuttal of anything.
If a 5000 word yabber perplexes people familiar with the drama, her other readers must be completely stumped.
August 10, 2009, 3:52:03 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Once again the haters have been exposed.
Perhaps after Julie reads about the lies and distortions of Ellen and her poodles she would grace us with another blog post explaining what I am sure she believes are minor discrepencies.
Of course I really don't expect any sort of resonse because one cannot logically defend the ongoing lies that pop up at the pound.
Perhaps little johnt could regale us with some of his intellectual judo and supply us with a clear and rational retort to what has been posted in the Haters Review column.
August 10, 2009, 8:22:36 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Little johnt and Pegleg Peggy are now posting on Julie's blog. And what do they do? They continue the tradition of News Hounds of avoiding the lies, distortions and personal attacks posted on their web site.
One lie posted by Claudo was that I thought Beck's joke about poisoning Nancy Pelosi was funny. Wrong. I merely stated that it was humor and the News Hounds have no sense of humor. I never said it was funny. Humor is not always funny.
August 10, 2009, 10:30:32 AM EDT – Like – Reply

I don't necessarily believe that using the News Hounds own techniques against them is hypocrisy. Let's call them(what was it that Julie said?) teachable moments.
They seem to get all upset when called out but can never justify their slurs and lies that they toss out when addressing those who disagree with them.
They keep bring up my post about children at school when I did some substitute teaching. They used one remark I made and twisted into something crude. Someone even changed the remark and reposted it which is something they like to do in an attempt to embarass someone.
It doesn't work. The truth is more powerful than their lies.
August 10, 2009, 10:48:50 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Mike C.
I'm just glad she didn't throw me in to her screeds.
August 10, 2009, 1:57:19 PM EDT – Like – Reply