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'You're Causing a Disturbance'

J$P Video! James Rosen tries to stay on the air at the Values Voters confab:

From Studio B, Setpember 18 2009

Mike C.
I find myself sympathizing more with Rosen, and the Mooar from MSNBC, than with the killjoys that disrupted the live shots.
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the hazards of live TV
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Newsbusters has hilarious video of Norah O'Donnell jumping to the conclusion that MSNBC was being asked to leave by official's because they didn't want the content of the seminar to be public.
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Mike C.
I was originally going to type "the guy from MSNBC" or "the Mooar guy," but forgot to delete "the." I stand by my killjoys remark.
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Mike C.
I stand by it because I don't like to be condescendingly excuse me'd. I take it personally.
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Fox Fan
Looks to me like Values Voters wanted to keep the recording private because either they wanted to say some crazy stuff or they wanted to make money off the recording. Either way, there's some kind of shadiness about their approach to banning the press.

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Once again, it was the reporters talking over the speaker at the podium that was met with objections. The calls for them to leave the room was based on the noise they were making. I could be wrong. I'm basing my opinion on watching both channels live while it was happening. What I found most interesting was the differing reactions from the two networks studio hosts, Rick @ FNC and Norah & Monica @ the Mess of NBC.
"WOW!"-Norah on Huck's speech
"Eyebrow raising..."-Brian Mooar on tomorrows agenda
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Off topic (a little)
Remember our old friend Dari Alexander?
Her co-anchor ( Ernie Anastos) dropped an 'F' bomb. Watch her face, priceless!
I think Ernie is going on Vacation.
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Mike C.
Ernie is not going on vacation, puck. He misspoke, but apologized. Here is the story behind the misspeak. Ernie meant to say "plucking," but it came out with an "f" in place of the "p."
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What? A Fox News reporter was being hassled by a conservative? How can that be? Giggle...
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I meant the vacation stuff as in jest, as a joke, okay? Ernie has been around it seems since the dawn of New York News (really since apx. 78'). You of all people should know that.
People can figure this out MikeC. or should I say "we get it Dad." It was a Whoops moment. Even Rachel gets it.  
So what if Ernie takes a few days off. Ernie gets fired? Ernie is on Channel 2,7, or 11. By the end of the month.
The priceless moment here is our old friend Dari's face. (That was my point, you forgot to mention that) Next time read my whole post please!
Thank You!
BTW: Does anybody know what gym Dari belongs to? Workout Moms Rock!
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Mike C.
I read the whole post, but I wanted to clear up the "f" bomb part, jest or not. Jerry Barmash did a good job doing that in the link I provided. But yes, Dari's reaction was funny. :lol:
Back on topic, I'm glad the Value Voters hierarchy apologized later.
September 19, 2009, 2:31:42 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Yes MikeC the top brass was not happy in the link you provided, but it happens. We all know Ernie has been a class act, and in the following days everyone on the left and right has agreed it was a flub.
He might get a few days off because of who is in control of the FCC these days. And if anybody from the upper west side of Manhattan complains because it's an evil Fox Channel. Again no big deal, anyone in the NYC area knows it was what it was.
I'm surprised the Newshounds have not tried to tie it in with the Mother-Ship.
No doubt if I worked with Dari, I would be flubbing lines too.
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