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'Apparently It's OK to Use Racial Slurs'

J$P Video! Juan Williams strikes back at racial slurs over the Limbaugh controversy:

From The O'Reilly Factor, October 16 2009

I missed the start of the program; thanks for the video.
BTW, Juan did a great job tonight. He's really improved since his first Factor sub.
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Mike C.
Thank you, Johnny. And thank you, Juan Williams and Rev. Hutcherson!!!   :+: :+:
Thanks additionally to Tammy Bruce.
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Juan and Hutcherson took the race pimp Ballentine to school.
Great work.
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Thank you Juan Williams for bringing the truth to the viewers! It's appalling to see what is happening in our country with these racial attacks against anyone whom disagrees with the left or their agenda. I sometimes don’t agree with Juan’s views, but I respect him and his views. It’s a travesty how the left is trying to silence the people but I must say it won’t work!
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Awesome segment. Welcome home Juan!
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I don't always agree with Juan Williams but he is a stand-up guy. I'd love to buy him a drink and hang with him for a while.
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Welcome home Juan indeed. Now this Rush situation appears like a setup and I think Rush knew he was being setup and wanted to expose Obama even more. As more time and people get involved in this discussion more and more is revealed to us. More people are exposed to us as their true positions and beliefs are brought to light. Like Michelle Maulkin always says sunlight is the true disinfectant. Brilliant move by Rush!

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Great post! I really like your blog - keep up the excellent work!!
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I'm so happy to see Juan Williams and the two others blow Ballentine out of the water. Williams, as a person with both FNC and NPR, is about as fair to both sides as you can get. He guest-hosted for one of the FNC shows several weeks ago. His guests were (liberal) Alan Colmes and (conservative) Monica Crowley, and he acted as devil's advocate towards BOTH of them. That's what he is supposed to do. Juan Williams is a TRUE JOURNALIST.
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I loved Rev. Hutcherson's closing comment: "Welcome home, Juan!" Golden.
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Please get this out to the American public ASAP!
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I am so glad that Juan took this moron to task. I saw that segment and I couldn't believe that that jerk said what he did to a gentleman like Juan. The irony that he did so after speaking up to castigate Limbaugh for the "tone" of his commentary did not escape me.
I frequently disagree with Williams, but always find him to be a class individual. He has earned my respect.
Good for you Juan for speaking up!
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