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'A Very Serious Constitutional Violation'

J$P Video! Attorney Peter Johnson Jr analyzes Poolgate:

From Fox & Friends, October 23 2009

Charles Krauthammer had a great Op-ED in today's WaPo. on the Fox vs WH.
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Just wondering.......
Is J$P on the Fox News payroll. I notice stories always slant towards the Fair and Balanced Network.
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Just wondering.......
Is J$P on the Fox News payroll. I notice stories always slant towards the Fair and Balanced Network.
Ron | 10.23.09 - 10:35 am | #  
Take a peek in the upper right corner of the web site.
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Ron, are you new here? If so, you sure did pick up fast on writing J$P.
If that really is what you noticed, you might want to note the "about johnnydollar.us" to the right of your screen.
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I notice stories always slant towards the Fair and Balanced Network.
Ron | 10.23.09 - 10:35 am | #  
If you ALWAYS noticed that, you would have probably also ALWAYS noticed the stated GOALS of this site.
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With Obama whining about Fox news, he is now the "whiner-in-chief" I was reading different headlines over at hotair and thats what Obama as become, the "whiner-in-chief"
Obama should grow up and deal with the REAL issues in this country instead of whining about a cable news network
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Joisey Goil
Obama has stood up to the bullies and they hate it. Sucks to be them!

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Joisey Goil | 10.23.09 - 3:09 pm | #  
I respect the way he stood up to Glenn Beck. He stood up to Beck by letting Van Jones go bye-bye and not lifting a finger to help ACORN, instead seemingly suffering memory loss about ACORN.
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Who is the bully here?
The chief executive of The United States of America...one of the most powerful men in the world, is starting down a road to a new place.
A place where government agents, paid for by my tax dollars, tell a free press not to recognize a well established member of that very press?
A place where credentials to interview public servants, again paid for by my tax dollars, are revoked on a moments notice.
Who is the bully?
Like any bully, stand up to them like the press did yesteday regarding the yanking of Major Garrett from the press poll rotation, and they fold like a card table....
FNC has never folded in their drive to question those with power and to cover the news in a way that has them #1 on cable...DESPITE the whining of the leftward leaning elite in our fair land who have had a monopoly on the media for decades.
Who's the bully?
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There is a significant difference between "whining" and punishing and intimidating.
The Chicago-style mob "protection insurance" racket that the administration practices has a multi-faceted purpose.
1. Getting "paid" with biased coverage for not punishing and occasionally handing out favors to the news outlet .
2. Punishing those who get out of line and refuse to play the game.
3. Intimidation and implied threats of "this is what'll happen to you if you step out of line."
4. "And btw, we'd appreciate it if you'd help us isolate and squelch the big, bad FNC."
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Notice this guy makes no reference to a SINGLE Supreme Court case. The First Amendment makes no such guarantee to Fox News. Hilarious legal analysis. I wouldn't hire this guy as my lawyer.
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johnny dollar
Peter Johnson's bio:
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The First Amendment to the United States Constitution is part of the Bill of Rights. The amendment prohibits the Congress from making laws "respecting an establishment of religion", prohibiting the free exercise of religion, infringing on the freedom of speech and infringing on the freedom of the press.
Sure it says congress, but it DOES cover Fox News and all the other Press in this country (but then again some people think that Fox news is not the press)
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Olby Sucks
Anonymous | 10.23.09 - 9:21 pm | #
You went to which law school?
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