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'In This Reporter Gaggle Were Maddow and Olbermann'

J$P Video! FNC blowback to latest Gibbs attacks:

From Fox & Friends, October 21 2009

TV Newser is reporting that along with Cankles and Maddow, Eugene Robinson, Maureen Dowd, Gwen Ifill and Gloria Borger were included in the off-the-record briefing.
The bomb-throwing pundits from NBC NEWS, (along with the partisan hacks Dowd and Robinson), are welcomed with open arms into The White House the very same day that an entire news organization is villified for providing a stage for similar styled, but ideologically different, pundits.
Nixon would have loved to have been 50% as blatantly Machivelian as Obama is being.
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Mike C.
Keith Olbermann, via Media Matters, referred to an updated Pew study that says 34% of FNC viewers are Republicans and 10% are Democrats (he omitted the independents). Considering the sources, I don't buy the findings. Am I right in not buying it, J$?
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Mike C.
Also, Keith snarked back at the F&F video that this thread is for. He chose Gretchen as his Worse target.
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johnny dollar
What Keith did is parrot what Media Matters wrote. What MM didn't make clear is that the two studies surveyed different things. PEW's annual state of the media survey polls news consumers and gets their political views, news sources, etc. Straightforward.
The Pew study that Olby quoted had a different metric. It polled Repubs, Dems, and Independents and asked them what source do you get most of your news from. That is a different question than just asking people what sources they get news from. By limiting it to "most of your news" people give their favorite source, but not the only one. So the two polls have different results, because the questions asked are different questions.
Wait until Pew's next annual survey comes out and I think you'll find the results closer to their 2009 report than to a survey asking which source people use most.
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Mike C.
Thank you for clearing that up.  
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speaking of the pew study, they found that 40% of stories where negative for McCain and Obama during the campaign, I'm just curious about the 60%
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