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'They Kept Us Safe? Safe From What?'

J$P Video! The Judge rules on the skyscraper bomber case:

From Studio B, October 26 2009

Brian, Ellen's latest dog washer, seems a bit mixed up here.
First he acknowledges that the segment was tongue in cheek then complains about it being the worst segment he's ever seen. Poor baby.
I keep telling you all that the Heinous Haters of Houndland have no sense of humor.
The segment was obviously tongue in cheek. But how would Cavuto like it if someone aired a segment about breaking down a locked door in his home or office? This may have been the worst segment I've ever seen on Fox. I was sick watching it.
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johnny dollar
What a dope. Equating someone's private home with what the people who are writing our laws are doing? What happened to all their screams about Bush secrecy? What about Obama's promise that this process would be aired on C-SPAN? They are such partisan hypocrites that they simply flip their positions willy-nilly depending on what's necessary to smear Fox.
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"Brian" from Newshounds was commenting on the Senate Meeting on health care reform being closed to the public, kept secret.
There's probably no bigger effort to write law going on now than health care reform.
Here's what Media Matters said about then candidate Obama making a promise.
"But in his September 22, 2008, comments, Obama did not promise to put an end to earmarks; rather, he promised to increase transparency. Obama stated: "As President, I will make it impossible for Congressmen or lobbyists to slip pork-barrel projects or corporate welfare into laws when no one is looking because when I am president, meetings where laws are written will be more open to the public. No more secrecy"
and poor little Brian gets all choked up over Cavuto's desire to find out what the Senate is talking about.
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Having read the first two comments here before reading the thread/comments at the Kennel I was fairly certain that Black and Johnny had to have been mistaken. There was no way anyone would take Cavuto's segment seriously in any way.
That'll larn me to question my betters.
Not only did this mutt take it seriously but he took it seriously enough to dream up a punishment that he considers appropriate to Cavuto's "crime".
"I hope Cavuto goes down and tries to force his way in only to be arrested by capital police. Then he can spend a few years explaining to his husband...er cellmate how libruls suck. Assuming he can talk with his mouth full...
Jim - Pa | 10.27.09 - 2:14 pm | # "
Such charming fun loving curs they are at the Kennel!
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Grammie, J$ is right, they have no sense of humor. I can see I have reason to feel sorry for Pennsylvania these days. They've got "Jim".
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I have a sneaking suspicion that Brian, Ellen's latest dog washer, is somehow related to the union goon and all around idiot little johnt.
They both seem to lack logic and a rational thought process.
Any one want to wager how long it takes for littlebusterjohnt or Patrick make their irrational comments on Reddit today?
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