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Fox Haters Week in Review: Part Two

More attacks on Beck, Cavuto, Juan Williams...see what the smear merchants are trying to pull in part two of today's Fox Haters Week in Review!

You'll Get a Correction When Pigs Fly:
We mentioned Glenn Beck in part one of this report. And now he's back with the focus on his swine flu programming. You will recall that last week we caught Julie Driscoll opining on his H1N1 special without bothering to watch it. Lately a kerfuffle was kicked up when Aaron Barnhart was caught stretching the truth about Fox PR for the show. But Mr Barnhart's attempts to spin an explanation needed a good old-fashioned Fox attack for a big finish, so he offered this:

If you're wondering whether Glenn really did kick it up a notch for his very special H1N1 vaccine show, enjoy this clip from "The Daily Show"...
AAIIEE! Aaron is supposed to be a tv critic, a journalist, and to cite proof of what was on a one-hour show, he offers a montage from a comedian? A comedian who only shows one sentence of a 60-minute program? A comedian who deliberately edits clips out of context to make jokes?!? When will this fascination with making a serious journalist out of a kable klown finally blow over?

That's pretty stupid, but Jacob Weisberg of Slate goes over the top in his hysterical diatribe:
Meanwhile, the crybaby Glenn Beck has begun to exhibit a Strangelovean concern about America's precious bodily fluids, charging the government with trying to invade our bloodstream by vaccinating us for swine flu. With this latest misinformation campaign, Fox stands to become the first network to actively try to kill its viewers.
We are aware that there have been some changes in the law, but we're pretty sure it's still a crime to actively try to kill people. While waiting for the indictments to materialize, let's note that Mr Weisberg's ultimate source turns out to be a Media Matters compendium of quotes. Many of these quotes, if true, come from Beck's radio program. So they can be tossed out, because Jacob's article is about what aired on Fox News, not talk radio. Most of the remaining Beck quotes are from promos or teases for the swine flu special that bothered Mr Barnhart so. Isn't this a bit odd? Weisberg makes his case with commercials for the swine flu program, but no quotes from the swine flu program itself, even though it aired a week before his article appeared?

In fact it seems pretty clear that neither of these "journalists" bothered to watch the program. See for yourself: was Barnhart right that Beck was selling fear and "kicked it up a notch" for this show, or was the discussion "fair and balanced"? Does what you see corroborate Weisberg's cartoonish claims? Far be it from us to disagree with two such respected "journalists", but wouldn't people who saw what Beck said about H1N1 be a bit more qualified to discuss it than they are? How about that tool of the far-right, Salon.com:
It seemed like Beck was leaning towards the pro-vaccination side, that he, for once, doesn't believe the conspiracy theories.... Beck even went so far as to debunk some of the wilder rumors floating around the Internet...
Barnhart didn't report that because, well, that wasn't the clip Jon Stewart used. And as for Weisberg's claim that Fox News is killing its viewers, based on programming that he didn't even watch, there's this:
I feel like I need to defend my decision to vaccinate my family against the H1N1 virus this year.... I DO do my research, and after discovering the mortality rates for pregnant women, versus those of the general population due to H1N1, I feel that I am making the best decision for me and my family.... I don't take any of this lightly, and as I already stated, I was very much against the vaccine in the beginning, but after research, talking with doctors, watching Glenn Beck's special on the subject with those both FOR and AGAINST, and thorough prayer, I am happy with where I am now.
It seems like Jacob Weisberg got it exactly backwards. Watching Fox News will save your life.

Beating About the Bush:
Prepare yourself for an instant classic of disinformation. It starts with those fine, fine folks at Think Progress. They kicked off the echo chamber mania by posting this screengrab, tossing in an incendiary (and cleverly inaccurate) headline:
Fox News’ Neil Cavuto: “Is this now the ‘Bush Recovery’”?
Then they added a little more fabrication to the mix:
On his Fox News [sic] today, Neil Cavuto claimed the stock market rebound is evidence of a “Bush recovery”:
No surprise, the story spread to other Fox hater sites, like News Corpse:
Fox has raised the stakes and brought in their “A” game. They are now, in all seriousness, proposing that what we are seeing here are the effects of the Bush recovery.
Two websites using the same screengrab, with no video. And then we have the newspooches:
Cavuto Asks If This “Is Now The Bush Recovery”
Actually you don't have to read very far in to catch the fact that Cavuto's question has been slightly doctored. What he actually asked was:
What was once the Bush recession is now the Bush recovery? Or is it a bit of a stretch?
The bowsers quote guest Jim LaCamp's thesis about Bush and the recovery, then they quote Cavuto as saying:
You're either a goat and only stay that way or suddenly become a llama.
And the hounds have a video clip. A video clip so good that Think Progress actually did an update to link to it! Yet there is something odd about the mutt video: it presents only about one minute of the interview! Let's look at the hound video and see where it ends:
JIM LaCAMP: I don't blame [Bush] for the banking problem, I don't give him all the credit for the recovery, but you can't blame him for the problem if you don't give him some credit for those moves that were made that are helping these banks start to recover.
CAVUTO: You're either a goat and only stay that way or suddenly become a llama. I don't know. But--
Did you catch that, how when the bowsers quoted Cavuto they left off those four words that show he wasn't agreeing with the guest? And that brings up another question. The mongrels cut off poor Mr Cavuto literally in mid-sentence. Why? What was he about to say? We'll tell you what the newsliars don't want you to know:
CAVUTO: You're either a goat and only stay that way or suddenly become a llama. I don't know. But let me ask you about what has happened since then. We've had rescues after rescues, and sometimes rescues for the rescues. And so whatever President Bush unleashed he might have regretted it. He hasn't said so in so many words, but one rescues begat auto rescues begat this, this, and this, and everyone has their hand out. What do you make of that and whether we might regret saying it was all good?
Whoa! Does that sound like Cavuto praising Bush? No wonder Think Propaganda was eager to link to the hound video. It was sliced and diced almost perfectly to match their little screengrab. You can listen to the rest of the segment for yourself and you will find that nowhere does Neil Cavuto "claim the stock market rebound is evidence of a 'Bush recovery'". A lie from Think Progress, mindlessly recycled by News Corpse, and enhanced with cropped video from the mongrels. A trifecta of trickery.

By the way, two can play that screengrab game:

We could adopt the Think Propaganda approach and say: Look, Fox News is biased for Obama, making excuses for the economy! But we won't, because we don't lie.

Tolerance and Understanding:
For our weekly moment of Zen, who better than the newshounds? All they had to do was mention Marc Lamont Hill, and the comments turned ugly. The target: Juan Williams! Some might call such racial slurs offensive. Some might brand this racism. One thing it is for sure--undiluted hate:

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I love the newshounds!
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Good one!
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Johnny, didn't Dr Hill comment both at the Kennel and then here b/c he was offended at the insults hurled his way over some stance that did not meet with Ellen's total approval.
If I remember correctly all the curs were yapping and biting their tales in a frenzy of disapproval of Dr Hill for being an identical twin, in their minds, to the "lawn jockey" Williams.
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johnny dollar
Dr Hill did comment here, but it was a reply to the guy at O'Reilly sucks, who said Dr Hill was a fake Democrat who goes on O'Reilly just to get on tv.
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Grammie, I answered your question on that earlier thread .
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This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
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No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revalation
And the mind's true liberation
Appears the sun has yet to rise at the Hound Pound.
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This is from little busterjohn at Reddit.
"Dollar's got a 2 part Fox Haters this week. Which is packed full of his lies and nitpicks. Typical Dollar propaganda."
Not one fact to refute the FHWIR report. This is the norm for Ellen's dog washers. They get their asses handed to them and send out this idiot to attack and smear.
What was it Joe Friday used to say?  
"Just the facts".
Well, the little union goon has no facts.
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