Jun 302015
Jun 292015
Jun 272015
  • MediaBuzz videos: Same-sex the
  • Reliable Sources videos: Covering gay rights, racial hatred, gay tv hosts.
  • TCG: Impartial MSNBC journalist on the horns of a Trump dilemma.
  • Bob Beckel thanks Roger Ailes: ‘He has been a loyal and good friend.’
  • Byers: CNN chooses sides in SCOTUS ruling.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • F&F video: Editor to ban anti-gay-marriage viewpoints.
  • Rothstein: Co-workers say he’s an obnoxious, duplicitous back-stabber.
  • Stelter tweet rips Blitzer, but there’s a catch.  Greta: Arrogant, pathetic.
  • Q&A: Kimberly Guilfoyle opens up.  CNN cameraman killed in Philippines.
  • Your Buzz videos: double
Jun 262015
Jun 252015
  • Wednesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Mentioners mention Nomiki Konst, Julie Roginsky for the Beckel chair.
  • Bob Beckel and FNC split; Shine: he ‘took advantage‘ of our generosity.
  • The Daily Show video: talks to Jon Stewart.
  • Wemple: Roger Ailes demoted? Yeah right: Ailes wins again.  Stocks boom.
  • Roger Ailes re-signed by FNC to multi-year contract.  More.  Conjecture.
  • Schwarz: How The Five became a Fox News hit that even Jon Stewart likes.
  • Morgan: Race-obsessed US media share the blame for Charleston murders.
  • Ahiza Garza jumps from Talking Points Memo to CNN.  Drew Griffin awarded.
  • Q&A: Megyn Kelly.  Matthews makes book.  Move Lemon to 8pm (v/CNNC)?
  • Factor videos: Memo, and dishonest media.
Jun 242015
  • Tuesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-The Five-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Fox News launching Sirius/XM channel ‘unlike anything else in radio’.
  • Today video: Bret Baier on debates, his son’s heart disease, and more.
  • Videos: Maria Bartiromo with Seth Meyers (v/TVN).
  • Wolff: How Brian Williams will save MSNBC from its comical self.
  • Concha: The Palin-FNC divorce should have happened two years ago.
  • FNC declines to renew Sarah Palin’s contributor contract.  Flashback.
  • Today’s firing demand.  Buffoonery?  Some viewers not soured by Lemon.
  • Factor video: Robust debate over racism turns personal
  • Chariton: Insiders say Roger Ailes still in control, can do whatever he wants.
Jun 232015
  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-The Five-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Kevin Spacey Fox 21 deal includes a co-production with Megyn Kelly.
  • Q&A: Roger Ailes discusses Megyn Kelly.  Campbell Brown resurfaces.
  • Robert Jonathan: Will Fox News cancel The Greg Gutfeld Show?
  • Fans react to revamped Red Eye debut.  Video: returns.
  • Wemple: Don Lemon’s stunt was actually ‘good tv and good journalism‘.
  • That’s Lemon with an ‘n’.  Shtick sparks ridicule.  CNN alum slams stunt.
  • Five things you didn’t know about Tom Shillue.  Weekend numbersSotU.
  • Pierce: Williams move to MSNBC is an embarrassment.  Staffers’ f-bomb.
  • After the Buzz video: on the prospects for news on MSNBC.
Jun 222015
Jun 202015
  • Media Buzz videos: Jeb race
  • Reliable Sources: Brian Williams, Lester Holt, perspectives on Charleston.
  • The Persuaders: CNN to match pharmaceutical ads to program theme.
  • Q&A: The Seventies‘s Mark Herzog.  Erin Burnett looking forward to July.
  • Wemple: MRC forsees ‘fun’ with Brian Williams.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • NY Post: Brian Williams is the shame of MSNBC.  Tyndall: ‘Sloppy seconds.’
  • Bernard: Women who are ‘brilliantly well-educated professional journalists’.
  • Your Buzz videos: party, boat, Michael
Jun 192015
  • Thursday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Chris Wallace 1-2-3.
  • Video: The who spotted Roof, trailed his car, tipped police.
  • Somerby: The Rachel Maddow gong show turns to Donald Trump.
  • Factor video: on media opportunists assigning blame.
  • CNN signs Bill Carter as on-air contributor, promotes Sunlen Serfaty.
  • TCG: Forget it, Jake…it’s Zuckertown.  Arthur Aidala inducted, engaged.
  • Video: What can Brian Williams … and vice versa?
  • Greta to Brian Williams: Welcome to cable news.  Joyella: You lost me.
  • Video: Brian Williams starts the apology tour.  Reactions largely skeptical.
  • Wemple: So what exactly will Brian Williams be doing all day at MSNBC?
  • Zurawik: Williams gets a second chance, and truth strikes out at (MS)NBC.
Jun 182015
Jun 172015
Jun 162015
  • The Five video: Robust debate over
  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-The Five 1-2-3.
  • Tapper’s State of the Union debuts in 4th place at 9:00 am (25-54).
  • Trump likely to make the cut for first debate.  Weekend numbers.
  • Today’s firing demand.  Concha: Find yourself another scapegoat.
  • Ashleigh Banfield disqualifies herself.   When reruns trump news.
  • Videos: Gretchen Carlson and returns to
  • Ed Henry frozen out.  Jake parties.  Farah: It’s the end of everything!
  • Kelly File video: on the dearth of due process at US colleges.
  • Q&A: Thomas Roberts; Mika Brzezinski; Dana PerinoJosh Levs and All In.
Jun 152015
Jun 132015
  • Concha: Fredricka Whitfield’s non-apology fails damage control 101.
  • Media Buzz videos: Hillary’s NY Times Hill’s
  • Reliable Sources videos: Debate over debates, Hillary, Rupert, and Jake.
  • Video: The world’s largest free-flying American flag
  • Hogue: NewsmaxTV’s Daily Wrap is ‘a great show for political junkies’.
  • Fox News fights fire with fire.  Q&A: Greg Gutfeld; Profile: Mike Tobin.
  • Jake Tapper to moderate GOP debate.  Fredricka and the hardest word.
  • Sunday special to rebut Blackfish lies.  CNN wins award…for marketing.
  • Profile: Thomas Roberts, MSNBC’s pitchman.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Wemple: Enough with the shrouded, disguised Baltimore cop interviews.
  • Your Buzz videos: the Fox