Nov 242015
  • Larry Kelly

    Shep on the Turkey – Russian shoot down kept wanting to characterize the event as a “mistake”. It wasn’t. Russia had been warned multiple times by Turkey to stop flying in their airspace or bad things would happen. Russia deliberately chose to ignore those warnings and Turkey deliberately blew the Russian plane to smithereens. That’s not a mistake other than a mistake in judgement by the Ruskies because the outcome was foretold. Shep kept acting like someone pushed the wrong button and went, “whoops”.

  • Larry Kelly

    I’m guessing Nixon never took a shortcut into Iranian airspace to cut a corner in the Gulf War.

  • Cecelia

    Chris Hayes still has the implacable characterless Soviet Premier look going on.

    • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

      I always wanted to hear Brezhnev say “Moose and Squirrel.”

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  • sky303

    Nowhere but Up for HLN ? maybe maybe not… the only thing that makes it worth it is Robin Meade

  • GSwizzle83

    Did other media outlets show the video of the shooting in Chicago besides CNN?