Nov 252015
  • Happening Now video: reveals big news to her audience.
  • Geraldo announces imminent cancellation of his morning radio show.
  • Ross: Emails say CNN reporter colluded with Hillary aide to attack GOP.
  • The war on Fox: Peaceful Chicago protesters harass Fox News reporter.
  • Littleton: O’Reilly’s Killing Patton next in line for NatGeo movie franchise.
  • Factor video: on media coverage of Syrian refugee crisis.
  • Zucker Play: HLN drops ‘social media’ gimmick, will become more like CNN.
  • Video: How Laurie Dhue overcame alcoholism.   Q&A: Maria Bartiromo.
  • Profile: José Díaz-Balart.  Today’s apology demand.  Today’s apology refusal.
  • No suspension: Christine Amanpour advocates for refugees…on!
  • Larry Kelly

    Black Fridays Matter.

  • Larry Kelly

    You know if you are a disgraced twitter stooge who thinks he knows about how media works… might want to be smart enough to know the difference between Fox News and the NY Post.

    I knew the haters mostly were vile about Fox news women especially the women of color but the posts ive seen @ EH are shameful and gross even by their standards or lack of.

    • I’ve seen the claim from those quarters that the NY Post is “an extension” of the Fox News Channel…even though the two entities are owned by entirely separate companies!

      As for the hateful comments about Elisabeth, I think anyone who would write for a website that welcomes and encourages such ugly comments about women should probably seek professional help.

      • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

        The DSM describes them as suffering from FNS – Freaking Nuts Syndrome.

      • Cecelia

        You can bank on this sort of sexist contempt and the put downs being the way they treat the women they are most familiar with behind closed doors.

        You don’t feel the need and the leeway to do it in one area of your life and be someone who wouldn’t consider acting this way in real life.

        What you see here is what girlfriends, wives, daughters, get in spades at home.

        • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

          This bunch would beat up their own mothers. They are the real War on Women.

  • sky303

    Geraldo lasted longer with that Cumulus station then Joe and Mika… unless they are still retooling the show and needed more time (sure taking awhile)

  • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

    Congrats to Jenna and her hubby!

  • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

    tipeewe eelaaminaanki! (Happy Thanksgiving!)

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