Jul 302016
  • Media Buzz videos: Hillary; Bill; Trump’s
  • Reliable Sources videos: Conventions; Fox News ‘culture‘; Dan Rather.
  • Concha: Fox News is stable; there is ‘no rush‘ to replace Roger Ailes.
  • The Great Sean Hannity Wawa Encounter: part deux.  DNC voice vote.
  • Kilmeade & Friends audio: Julie Banderas demonstrates her breast pump.
  • CNN: ‘Absurd’ to say Wolf Blitzer was ‘celebrating’ Hillary.  The eyes have it.
  • Greta: Why so much of today’s journalism is shallow.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Kelly File video: on the conventions’ effect on a close contest.

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Jul 292016
  • Thursday’s numbers: DNC/CNN – DNC/MSNBC – Coop 1-2-3.
  • Concha: Trump’s acceptance speech outrated Hillary’s.  Flashback.
  • The War on Fox: Cameraman blocked, assaulted; reporter forced to leave.
  • Hogue: Nothing beats a great pair of legs.  Fournier: Hey, let’s ban Trump!
  • Video: Were the media in covering the two conventions?
  • Flood: Why Megyn visiting the CNN Grill is no big deal.  Dancing with Wolf.
  • Sherman: Ex-FNC booker with troubled history claims 20 years harassment.
  • Factor video: discusses DNC hacking, emails, and slavery.
  • Another photo copyright lawsuit.  The Great Sean Hannity Wawa Encounter.
Jul 282016
  • Wednesday’s numbers: DNC/CNN – DNC/MSNBC – Coop 1-2-3.
  • Q&A: Gretchen Carlson reacts to the ouster of Roger Ailes and more.
  • Wemple: One thing you can be sure of…on CNN speeches are ‘powerful’.
  • Out# video: Is Hillary best qualified ever? square off.
  • Concha: Suspension lifted…Newt Gingrich returns to Fox News August 1.
  • Factor video: Bill O’Reilly and guests address slavery and
  • Q&A: Jake Tapper; Chris MatthewsJoe and Mika on politics, romance, etc.
  • Greta: Let’s get this straight…what I said was true then, and is still true now.
  • Report: A ‘stony silence‘ at FNC as staffers take sides.  Peaceful co-existence.
Jul 272016
  • Tuesday’s numbers: DNC/CNN – Coop – DNC/MSNBC 1-2-3.
  • Chris Wallace meets Hillary.  Orlando Salinas resurfaces…in handcuffs!
  • A liberal pundit reveals ‘the truth’ about his appearances on Fox News.
  • Interrupting MSNBC reporter bellyaches that Trump told her ‘be quiet’.
  • Hate facts: Bill O’Reilly’s WH history lesson sparks social media outrage!
  • Factor video: Kirsten Powers on Dems   Geraldo is all wet.
  • Zucker play: CNN reveals the true victims of the ISIS Catholic church raid.
  • Q&A: Dana Bash on politics, parenting (via TVN).  Audio Q&A: Steve Kornacki.
  • Erik Wemple perturbed that Rupert Murdoch thanked his staff for ratings win.
Jul 262016
Jul 252016
Jul 232016
  • Media Buzz videos: it’s
  • Reliable Sources: Ailes bails part one, part two, part three, part four.
  • Fox & Friends video: in leaked DNC emails.
  • Jake Tapper responds to criticism re DNC emails referencing him.
  • Q&A: Meghan McCain says ‘I no longer recognize my party’.
  • Harris Faulkner lawsuit clears first hurdle.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • The ‘Political Insiders’ one-hour special Saturday.  Governor Gretch?
  • Wasserman-Schultz complained about Mika, Chuck Todd intervened.
  • Abrams: Running MSNBC I didn’t compete with Ailes, I emulated him.
  • NYT exposé on Fox News ‘culture’ cites
  • Concha: If timing is everything, Fox scored a bullseye with Ailes exit.
  • Guthrie: Behind the scenes on day one at Fox News sans Roger Ailes.
  • Bauder: Rupert Murdoch vows Fox News without Ailes is still Fox News.
Jul 222016
Jul 212016

J$P Video! Tucker Carlson, after bicycling onto the set, rips Ted Cruz’s speech:

From Fox & Friends 21 July 2016

Jul 212016
Jul 202016
Jul 192016
Jul 182016
  • Friday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Coop-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Concha: Gabriel Sherman ‘sources’ say Ailes exit is imminent.
  • Stelter: Review not concluded, ex-employees may be quizzed.
  • Ariens: An inside look at the media swarming the FNC.
  • The Five video: A look at the gang’s
  • Somerby: Maddow understands that what she said is just not true.
  • Concha: News nets prepped for convention, and maybe much more.
  • Q&A: Bret Baier talks conventions, coffee, Colbert, and Carlson.
  • Specularama: Why Megyn isn’t talking about Roger.   Cupp’s pilot.
  • The Brothers Murdoch may make changes at FNC…unless they don’t.
Jul 162016
  • Concha: O’Reilly pulls off a rare 2016 feat.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Q&A: Joe Scarborough is making music.   Audio Q&A: Meghan McCain.
  • Ratings for 20 Kelly Ripa co-hosts put Coop near the bottom of the pile.
  • Your Buzz videos: playing race
  • Maddow: 25 things you don’t know about me.  CNN is up for nine Emmys.
  • Abby Huntsman talks about Fox and Ailes.   Litigants squabble over venue.
  • Q&A: Ainsley Earhardt, John Roberts.  MSNBC’s somber 20th anniversary.
Jul 152016
  • CNNC: Much ado about an unplugged cable.  This is CNN.
  • Steinberg: TV news placing its bets on splashy ‘town hall’ productions.
  • Ariens: Innuendo-drenched Gretchen Carlson clip from 2007 surfaces.
  • Grove: Fox News colleagues mad that Megyn hasn’t stuck up for Ailes yet?
  • Ellefson: As a VP at FNC, Neil Cavuto had no business sticking up for Ailes.
  • Wemple: Hannity’s plane ride makes FNC look like GOP; today’s O’Whine.
  • Moses: CNN’s digital emphasis aims to ‘find new readers‘ wherever they are.
  • Wemple: O’Reilly’s interview shows why Hillary should do more Fox News.
  • Concha: O’Reilly gets first live post-attack interviews with and .