Nov 172016
  • Wednesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered video: Bannon, transition, and more.
  • Concha: Media again show their hands in flap over Trump’s ‘press pool’.
  • Keith Olbermann resurfaces.  Audio: talks to Howard Stern.
  • Q&A: Meghan McCain.   Hannity’s $29 million a year tops NYC’s ‘rich list’.
  • Calderone: End of Bloomberg’s WADR will leave a gap in MSNBC schedule.
  • Ellefson to MSNBC: Don’t go middle-of-the road; ICN: That’s just nonsense.
  • How CNN pulled off 18 months of election coverage.  About CNN’s chatbots.
  • The View videos: Megyn Kelly on Trump, O’Reilly, and more
  • Battaglio: Organized campaign trying to damage sales of Megyn Kelly’s book.
  • Post-election, MSNBC trails The Hallmark Channel.  Gretchen talks to 20/20.
  • Videos: Tucker Carlson debates Coop talks with Megyn.
Nov 162016

J$P Video! Joe Concha talks with Neil Cavuto about media that just can’t quit the bias game:

From Your World  16 November 2016

Nov 162016
  • Tuesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Sean Hannity-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Q&A: Megyn Kelly gets candid about Ailes, Trump, feminism, and more.
  • Video: Megyn about childhood bullying, attacks by Trump.
  • Concha: Media erupt when not invited to Trump family dinner.  Flashback.
  • Stelter slams ‘fake news’, while relying on sources notorious for fake news.
  • Videos: Megyn Kelly on CBS This Morning, with Savannah Guthrie on Today.
  • Q&A: Megyn Kelly on Trump’s ‘relentless campaign‘ targeting her and FNC.
  • Concha: Breitbart preps media lawsuit;  O’Brien: Could the target be CNN?
  • Kelly File video: Trump’s digital guru says they would win.
  • TMZ’s Harvey Levin to host special OBJECTified: Donald Trump on Fox News.
  • Q&A: Howard Kurtz on how he foresaw Trump win.  Alex Wagner resurfaces.
  • Somerby: Lawrence O’Donnell tops cable for ‘crazily bogus prognostications‘.
  • What Wemple has in common with Media Matters, Vox, etc; today’s O’Whine.
  • Factor video: O’Reilly uses to defend loyalty to Fox; Imus update.
Nov 152016
  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Sean Hannity-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Q&A: Ainsley Earhardt makes book; F&F video:
  • CBS video: Bill O’Reilly promotes his new book, comments on Megyn’s.
  • Hamdi Alkhshali on saving Arwa Damon: ‘Toughest 24 hours of my life.’
  • Kelly File video: Media with Trump win.  A big week for FNC.
  • Stelter: ‘Hundreds’ of swastikas, attacks; video.  Brianna gets noon slot.
  • Cable newsers react to Gwen Ifill death.   Wemple still ragging on Corey.
  • Brazile reiterates ‘CNN never gave me a question’…doesn’t say who did.
  • Dr Phil videos: Megyn on the the
  • GMA videos: Megyn Kelly with George Stephanopoulos
  • Megyn: After a year-long one-sided feud, ‘Trump and I are in a better place‘.
  • Video: Tucker Carlson on campus political correctness.
Nov 142016
Nov 142016

J$P Video! Janice Dean has a big announcement:

From Fox & Friends 14 November 2016

Nov 122016
  • MediaBuzz videos: Media coverage
  • Reliable Sources: Media blind spotstargeting media; normalizing Trump.
  • Hate tweets targeting Adam Housley and his wife trigger epic response.
  • Video: Doug Schoen analyzes with Hillary’s campaign.
  • Williams: The nonexistent threat of ‘TrumpTV’ is now really nonexistent.
  • Kimberly Guilfoyle moonlighting.   Corey quits.   Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Lisa Bloom has the sadz.  Fox News nominated for FanSided Fandom 250.
  • D’Addario: Because Trump won, Megyn Kelly has no viewership base…?!?
  • Video: Howard Kurtz asks if the media are with Trump’s win.
Nov 122016

J$P Video! On the Record‘s last broadcast included a discussion of media bias in election coverage, with Ed Henry and Joe Concha:

From On the Record 11 November 2016

Nov 112016
  • Thursday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Megyn Kelly-O’Reilly 1-2-3.
  • Concha: Fox reports, social media decide, and the stock plummets.
  • Rupert tells shareholders: There was never any risk of a ‘TrumpTV’.
  • Happening Now video: What can the media
  • Cable news nets consider formulas to continue Trump ratings bonanza.
  • Maglio: Live with Kelly and Kelly boosted ratings to near-Strahan levels.
  • Impartial CNN anchor: Trump win ‘a heartbreak‘ for children of voters.
  • FNC’s most-watched 11am hour ever.  Tucker show set to debut Nov 14.
  • FNC #1 on social media.  Election CNN’s ‘biggest day‘.  CNN makes book.
  • Video flashback: The Megyn revealed she’d been ill.
  • Megyn: I do not think Trump got debate Qs; it’s likely I had stomach virus.
  • Tales out of school: Megyn Kelly memoir details interactions with Trump.
  • Kelly File video: One host, two shows, two networks, of live tv.
Nov 102016
  • Wednesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Concha: As leaders confer, self-promoting pundits divide and conquer.
  • Zurawik rips CNN: All I wanted to do was turn off the channel in disgust.
  • Guthrie: Inside Fox’s $30M studio on an ‘unreal, surreal‘ election night.
  • Battaglio: What a Trump administration means for FNC and cable news.
  • Griswold: CNN airs agitator’s call for murder.  Today’s Wemple O’Whine.
  • CNN just figured out websites are reposting their clips.  Tweet of the day.
  • Here’s why the election’s end means very bad news for CNN and MSNBC.
  • Videos: Election coverage reviews by
Nov 092016
  • Tuesday’s numbers: FNC, CNN share honors for election coverage.
  • Concha: Trump defeats Hillary, mainstream media elites hardest hit.
  • Video: Live, with Kelly Ripa, Naomi Watts, et al.
  • F&F videos: Election reactions from and
  • Election night behind the scenes at MSNBC, Fox Business, with Shep,
  • Murdoch: We set the gold standard.    20/20 books Gretchen Carlson.
  • Tucker: CNN like a ‘sad trombone‘ compared to Fox/MSNBC coverage.
  • Wemple: Election day is cable news coverage at its nadir.  Today’s oops.
  • Swift: Megyn and Bret upstaged by ‘Chandy’.  Twitter zings Wolf Blitzer.
  • Somerby: How blindingly stupid are clowns like O’Donnell and Maddow?
  • Zurawik: The most engaging election coverage…the one with Megyn Kelly.
Nov 082016
Nov 072016

J$P Video! Tucker Carlson sounds off about Hillary’s maid, CNN collusion with the DNC, Brian Stelter, and more:

From Fox & Friends 7 November 2016

Nov 072016
  • Friday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Thursday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Sean Hannity-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Concha: Is CNBC’s John Harwood too buddy-buddy with Clinton camp?
  • CNN contributor accuses Katy Tur of ‘using her job to get a book deal’.
  • CNN: Asking Dems for questions is ‘smart’.  Wemple: Yawn…no big deal.
  • CNN asked DNC to supply questions for interviews with Trump and Cruz.
  • Ariens: High tech $30 million studio caps a momentous year for Fox News.
  • Video: at the Fox News Decision Desk and the Data Deck.
  • Tuesday could be most-watched election night. Cablers on breakout stars list.
  • Q&A: John Roberts talks covering Trump; Alex Wellen on CNN in your Alexa.
  • Q&A: Trish Regan on Trump and the markets; Neil Cavuto talks election night.
Nov 052016
  • Media Buzz videos: Pundits leak Trish Regan
  • Reliable Sources: Media misinformation; Baier blunder; CNN controversies.
  • Hogue: Tucker Carlson’s last day.  Video: F&F runs Tucker’s
  • Kelly File video: and Noah Rothman on escalating media bias.
  • Videos: Juan Williams, Varney over Brazile; reacts.
  • Today’s boycott demand.  Purple: Why I hate CNN.   Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Election coverage overview.  Schedules: Fox NewsFBN.  Info: CNNMSNBC.
  • Arwa Damon under fire. CNN branding is tops. MSNBC’s Split Second Decision.
  • Your Buzz videos: and
  • Q&A: Megyn Kelly on books.  Megyn: Hillary ‘too chicken‘ to come on my show.