Jan 182016
  • Zucker punch: CNN snaps up GOP debate when Repubs dump NBC.
  • F&F video: Trump speculates on Iran
  • ‘Happy for the opportunity.’  Where in the world was Brian Williams?
  • CNN won’t share its Amanda Knox footage.   The day the media died.
  • Rosenwasser: What television news needs is more affirmative action.
  • Thoughts on how to save television news…by the founder of CurrenTV?!
  • F&F video: Benghazi hero on the import of 13 Hours.
  • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

    What Keith Olbermann did for this country was profound. His courage and contributions should never be forgotten. He told the truth, defended what was right in the face of unrelenting political and cultural pressure, stood up for the powerless and voiceless. He did more than just live up to the highest standards of American journalism. He did more than just stand up when so many around him stood down.Keith Olbermann kept our democracy safe—and each one of us owes him our profound thanks.

    Print that out, shred it, and save it until spring. That is high quality manure to fertilize your gardens with.

    • In other words, he was the most reliable slovenly political hack on the face of the earth. Bring him back, damn it!

      • Cecelia

        If only someone had clued in Al Jazerra.

    • Marty

      The day the media died. Was it as bad as the day the music died?
      Bye bye Miss American pie…..

      • Cecelia

        Bye…bye..Mr. Bathtub Boy guy…

        • Larry Kelly

          Took my Chevy to the levy ’cause Olbie can’t drive.

    • sky303

      If you replace Olbermann with someone else it works better…. depends on who that someone else is.

  • Michael T

    It will be interesting to see if The Five and/or Outnumbered will cover the growing feud between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

    It was one of the top stories this morning on both CNN’s New Day and MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

    It was mentioned that Cruz supporter Mark Levin weighed in on Facebook on Saturday:

    Either cut the crap – your accusations this morning that Cruz is Canadian, a criminal, owned by big banks, etc. (see link below) – or you will lose lots and lots of conservatives. Save the liberal New York City bully tactics for the New York City liberals.

    Put down your computer keyboard for a few hours, think before you tweet, and collect yourself. You’re not politically invincible, regardless of the polls and media. I am already hearing more and more people getting fed up with the low road you’re taking against Cruz, which has obviously intensified this morning.

    You don’t need to attack his honor or attempt to smear his reputation. You can leave that to Mitch McConnell and the New York Times. Engage on real and substantive issues that matter to the country. Like I said, my friendly advice.

    • Michael T

      I also noticed the pro Trump commenters on Breitbart and the pro Cruz commenters on The Right Scoop are infiltrating each other’s websites with their war of words and harsh attacks on the other guy’s candidate.

    • Marty

      “Engage on real and substantive issues…..”
      That would be a first. Good luck with that oh Great One. The guy who helped create the monster.

  • Larry Kelly

    Al Jazeera America is Dead.

    No, it’s just outside, look’n in.

  • Cecelia

    Re: Rosenwasser: I’ve been saying that for years.

  • Larry Kelly

    Speaking of affirmative action, take the Oscars.


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