Mar 012016
  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Red Eye video: Why is Stacey Dash Weekend numbers.
  • Top ten reasons to fire Harris-Perry.  Farhi: Is MSNBC now too white?
  • Joyella: Super Tuesday coverage rundown.  FBN hits ratings high in Feb.
  • February numbers: Fox News breaks 13-year record; CNN; MSNBC.
  • Flood: Debates, town halls give CNN Feb demo; FNC wins total viewers.
  • Did MSNBC cancel an interview over a mention of Melissa Harris-Perry?
  • CNN snags Mary Katherine Ham.  CNN to simulcast another Dem debate.
  • Trump rips Fox…while on Fox! NY Times revives the Wayne Simmons story.
  • Kelly File videos: on Trump and David Duke.
  • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

    These two could’ve lived “happily ever after.”

  • Larry Kelly

    Mary Katherine has been most everywhere. Ham always popular.

    • Highly regarded by almost everyone. Of course she has some detractors but now that she’s at CNN they will suddenly be struck by what a great commenter she is.

      • Michael T

        Reminds of the ICN piece five days ago with snippets from the NY Times.

        Committing $50 million more than it spent in 2012, CNN added 45 journalists to its political team. It also doubled the size of its special events and logistics unit.

        It’s eye popping how many new faces there are including Bob Beckel and David Gregory.

        So what happens when the election is over? Massive departures?

        Seems likely, although I admit I have little knowledge of how this works contractually for all these new folks. Heck, I don’t even know if they receive a flat contract rate or if they are paid per appearance.

        Oh well. All the best to MKH…a true pro.

        • Yes that was an interesting piece. It would’ve been nice if ICN had hat-tipped the site that he got that link from, but after all these years I’m getting used to that sort of thing. 😉

          • Michael T

            Dang. I didn’t know that.

            Let’s all stop posting comments on his blog in protest.

            Oh, wait a minute…I think we already have. (The article I referenced got ONE comment.)

          • No need to go that far. If you boycotted every site that didn’t give proper hat-tips, you’d have a lot of free time on your hands. 😉

          • Michael T


            I’m sure Joe Concha would back you on that pov.

          • Joe Concha

            I’m Joe Concha and I approve this message…

          • Larry Kelly

            Nothing, never mind.

          • Larry Kelly

            Many eyes, has the potato..

        • Larry Kelly

          I think as recently as last week I saw Gregory on the SPECIAL REPORT panel.

          • Michael T

            Maybe so.

            I know he was definitely on Bret’s post debate show as a panelist on February 6th.


          • Cecelia

            CNN should grab Harris-Perry as a cohost to Lemon.

            Call it Train Wreck.

          • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

            The Post of the Day.

      • carolr527

        Can’t imagine Mary Katherine NOT being on FOX.

        • Marty

          Just saw her on Tapper’s show.

      • homemaker

        Really liked her. Did Fox let her go or did CNN just give her a really good offer for more air time? I have a weird feeling about this. Did something happen at Fox after she lost her husband? Maybe I’m crazy? 😕

        • Wish I knew. The only suspicion I have is that several of her TownHall colleagues are with CNN, and there may be, or they may be thinking of establishing, some sort of relationship between CNN and TownHall. But that comes directly from the Dept of Speculation.

          • Cecelia

            It’s not unusual that after the equivalent of a bomb going off in someone’s life (the sudden death of Ham’s husband right before the birth of their child) that people want to start over again. Put old things and places behind them.

            Start fresh.

        • Fox News Fan

          My guess would be she needs more money. FNC contributors (for the most part) aren’t paid very well at all. FNC also has a habit of screwing around with their contributors acting like they are the “only” game in town.

          It was interesting they made Mercedes Schlapp a contributor a week or so ago (FNC). Maybe she took MKats place. But they already have so many “conservative” females. Smart liberal females on the other hand…very lacking. Other than Julie and Powers… the liberal contributors are very lacking. (sure they have lightweights like Tamara Boobs, Jessica Ehrlich, Jehmu, that scratchy voice lady… & no, I’m not talking “nails on the chalkboard” Tarlov.

          I don’t know where I’d put the gorgeous Eboni. She’s more pragmatic than anything.

  • gc
    some important cable news that just about every sentient being in the USA already knows but sings lalalalala anyway,

  • Larry Kelly

    Hmm… no Ice. Must be an early spring.

    • But Mr Freeze was spotted in Gotham yesterday.

      • Larry Kelly

        He needs to be put in Arkham with Cobblepot.

      • Larry Kelly

        Might be pronounced freyes.

  • Grandpa D

    No Joy on Joyellla. Link is to something about Invictus Games.

    • A day isn’t complete without me fracking up a link or two. Sorry about that.

      • Cecelia

        Don’t frack with us, Johnny.

  • Larry Kelly

    Before you start persecuting KKK members, you need to at least look at the circumstances. For instance Grandpa Kelly shouldn’t be too harshly judged:
    a) He was a deputy sheriff, there to make sure things didn’t get out of hand.
    b) There was only one black person in Ocenana County Michigan — beloved because he ran a mean still.
    c) Klan there mainly persecuted Dutch Catholics who, as far as I know, still deserve to be persecuted.

    • Michael T

      “White is right” Larry. Or at least Dave Chapelle thought so. Funny stuff.
      NSFW – language

      “Blind Supremacy”

      • Cecelia

        Mine’s the one who broke Geraldo’s nose.

        • Michael T

          That deserves and upvote even though I was siding with Geraldo as the lesser of two evils. 🙂

  • Larry Kelly

    Actually, I now think I have ten reasons to pull my kid out of Wake Forest.

  • Michael T

    It appears the real election coverage will begin no earlier than 7p ET when some states may be called during that hour. I almost have time to take in a movie. 🙂

    • Michael T

      Seems to me the best states for Cruz are obviously Texas, but also Arkansas. Similarly the best states for Rubio are probably Virginia and Minnesota.

      If these two get at least 40%-50% of all the available delegates in these 4 states, I’ll consider it worth celebrating, Maybe not with champagne, but perhaps a more low key celebration with Haagen Daz with the knowledge it’s not over yet,

  • ojfl

    I will miss Mary Katherine Ham on Fox. Maybe not so much now that they have turned into Trump News Network.

    • Fox News Fan

      At least CNN made sell out Kayleigh McEnany a “contributor”. I remember when she was Pro God, pro conservative, pro Reagan values etc. She sold her soul to push Trump.

      • ojfl

        I was very disappointed too. I thought the kid had a future and then she does this. Oh well.

  • Fox News Fan

    Love Greg Gutfeld calling out Fox News for all their hypocrisy in regards to Trump. My goodness, if Trump was running as a “D”, FNC would be obliterating him.

    So many at the network are so shameless…

    • Cecelia

      You had the CEO of CBS saying that Trump might not be good for America, but that the Trump Campaign has been good for CBS…

      I think there’s enough hypocrisy to go around.

      • sky303

        especially when the cable channels were airing Trump each night or every rally then wonder how’s been sustained, and how no one has tried to stop him early.

  • sky303
    • Larry Kelly

      Now comes Olbermann move #2, sue them.

  • gc

    i was wrong.