Oct 112016
  • Leaked emails: CNBC debate moderator trashed Trump, praised Hillary.
  • Monday’s numbers: Anderson Cooper-Rachel Maddow-Bill O’Reilly 1-2-3.
  • Sunday showdown: Reliable Sources tops Media Buzz.   Weekend numbers.
  • Success cover story: Megyn Kelly says work harder, do better, stop whining.
  • Outnumbered videos: Panel erupts over Trump campaign
  • Zucker play: CNN’s Brazile shared town hall questions with Clinton camp.
  • Gerri Willis, back on Fox Business, details six things cancer has taught her.
  • Videos: rates the debate mods; Joe Concha on Billy Bush.
  • Coop brings debate viewers to CNN.   Why Carol Tshabalala said no to CNN.
  • CNN AppleTV app gets extreme makeover. CNN doc targets girls’ education.
  • Avenger

    Looks like Billy Bush may go the way of Andrea Tantaros and never return from his suspension according to multiple sources (two) at the network.

    • GATXER

      Well….first I admit….I didnt know who this guy even was…..Ive heard the name……on MSNBC I think…..but I still haven’t figured out if he’s a reporter or an entertainer of some sort……I haven’t watch the big 3 morning shows since David Hartman……..that said

      How important to the show is this guy? If he’s just one of many host like AT was at Fox……i’d say it’s goodbye…………if he’s a major part of the show…….and Trump loses….I expect him back sometime mid Nov.

      • Avenger

        While some of the report is a little hard to follow, the NY Post has more:

        Bush never told NBC News brass about the tape when he joined “Today,” and they’re not happy about it. “Billy was bragging about the tape to other NBC staff while in Rio.

        If he knew about the tape, and remembered the full extent of such an explosive conversation with a presidential candidate and didn’t disclose that to NBC News, that is a very, very serious problem,” the insider said, adding it could violate the “morality clause” in his contract.


        • Cecelia

          By “explosive conversation” they mean potentially damaging to someone running for office. Specifically, to Trump, so why the hell didn’t it occur to you tell us about it asap, boy.

          It’d be interesting to find out when a Bush did tell them.

    • Cecelia

      I predict a gulag for this sort of thing in the future.

  • homemaker

    So much truth to Gerri Willis’ article. Cancer is everywhere. The day that you hear a family member or a friend is diagnosed is one you never forget. But you also know that if you love them you will help them fight that disease every day in every way they allow you to.
    In these crazy days try never miss an opportunity to tell someone you love them/care for them and give them a hug. Life can turn on a dime.

    • Larry Kelly

      Well spoken.

  • Larry Kelly

    Why begrudge the decadent old man his secret, vulgar talk about 🐱 when the old woman secretly hates all us common 😾😾😾😾😾😾.

    • Cecelia

      It was quite the treat this morning listening to a guest on MoJo explain why Hillary’s charm factor and political candidate talent is inversely proportional to Bill’s.

      The little people and their provincial mores (like taking her husband’s last name) have made her guarded.

      Damn villagers!

      • Larry Kelly

        Campaigning is so filthy.

  • Avenger

    Just turned on my TV to see what was happening in the world and caught this brief (and weird) exchange.

    Host: “Then why call it locker room talk?”
    Dr. Ben Carson: “Call it whatever you need to call it to make it feel good to you.”

    Many here will probably disagree. But ol’ Ben is one strange dude. A nice decent man to be sure…but a really odd public persona to many of us.

    Remember when he claimed that while in the ninth grade, he attempted to stab a friend who had changed the station on the radio; the blade broke in his friend’s belt buckle?

    • GATXER

      Well…..what Trump said was classic locker room talk……..however it was high school locker room talk and he was like 50.

      EVERYDAY…..I get new reasons to not vote for either of these people.

      • Avenger

        This amidst growing speculation — fueled by the red meat for his base at the debate – that he already is pretty much conceding and focusing on his end game Trump TV.

        What gave rise to this theory was his focus on pumping up his base as future viewers rather than focusing on broadening his base.

        I’ve heard of crazier theories. I don’t think it qualifies as wacky and outrageous.

        • homemaker

          Cilizza called Trump sexist because Trump used the the pronouns her and she to describe Hillary. He’s someone who said it was wrong to question her health in any way. Than…..she has pneumonia and that viola!, than it was ok.

    • GATXER

      Carson doesn’t make Trump look better…..he should just stop.

      I agree he seems like a great Dr……but he should have stayed out of politics.


    See this is why i dont like to defend reporters or people I dont watch.


    I defended this guy somewhat after this debate……….now I feel like a idiot for doing so.

    • Larry Kelly

      What on earth prompted you to defend that guy?

      • GATXER

        You know I can’t remember….I remember doing it but i looked back and cant find it…..Im thinking it had something to do with piling on……but it was the worst debate this year………..I had some respect for him as a reporter BEFORE the debate…..so maybe that was it.
        However I really didnt know him……kinda like i have little idea who Billy Bush is…….had no idea he was actually related to Jeb Bush.

        Sometime later I’ll try to find it……if for no other reason so I dont do it again.

        • Cecelia

          Hargrove has been one step removed from a Ron Fournier mentality BEFORE Fournier completely threw away any sense of perspective and professionalism.

          • GATXER

            Like I said….I have to stop defending Journalists I only barely know……..I havent watched this weeks debate yet……..but you won’t hear me say anything about the woman mod…..because i couldnt pick her out of a line up with 5 men and one woman….I have no idea who she is………I should done that in this guys case….I’d only seen him a few times years ago…..and he seemed OK.

    • homemaker

      Harwood has always been/will always be a shill for the Dems. He’s one of those slimy/oily/slippery guys that you just don’t want to get too close to. I watch Squawk Box in the am and he is very blatantly biased.

  • Avenger

    Re: “Outnumbered videos: Panel erupts over Trump campaign”

    Two good Out# clips. TY Johnny.

    Not only was it a good conversation, but also good television.

    I thought Meghan McCain spoke with much more clarity than she usually does. Sometimes she seems to just rant — which is okay I guess. But today she seemed to have a message as well as examples of why she feels the way she does.

    I also thought Harris and Dagen McDowell did well. I haven’t seen much of Dagen since her days making me laugh when she appeared with Don Imus.

  • Avenger

    Disqus problems?

    Not sure page refresh is currently working.

  • Larry Kelly

    I think the concerted effort by the media to STOP TRUMP would make a best selling book when this election is all over. So much material available.

  • Larry Kelly

    Mr. Concha nails the Billy Bush situation. Greyhound does not have enough buses for the NBC prudes to toss him under.


    ONLY in this election year could you call a rape victim a tramp and NOT be immediately fired and shamed into hiding.


    If HRC is the most quilifyed person to EVER run…..i would hate to see the worst.


    On the plus sided I knew all the people she somehow ,missed.

    • Cecelia

      You can always count on these champions of women to show you just what feminists they truly are.

      They pull that card in and out of their sleeve depending on whose ox is being gored.

      No finer example of that than The dissembling for ole Bill and Hill.

      • Larry Kelly

        Rule — you got to be the correct thinking kind of woman.
        Rule — you got to be the correct thinking kind of black person.

        • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

          And injuns should say, believe and be offended by what we are told to be offended by after it is whitesplained to us.

    • Avenger

      Perhaps many would say it’s not a stretch (especially in a comedic setting) to jokingly call Gennifer Flowers a “tramp” given that she had a 12-year relationship with a married man (Bill Clinton). But apparently that’s not what Joy Behar did because Ms. Flowers was not at the debate.

      I don’t think Kathleen Wiley, Juanita Broaddrick or Paula Jones were willing participants like Flowers.

      Certainly Ms. Jones wasn’t given that she received an $850,000 cash settlement. What about Juanita Broaddrick who was having an affair with a married man at the time of her encounter with Bubba? Was it legit to joke about her being a tramp? If you’re a Clinton fan, perhaps the answer is yes. Not very kindhearted though.

      I definitely think Joy Behar owed them all an apology — even Juanita Broaddrick.

      • GATXER

        ” What about Juanita Broaddrick who was having an affair with a married man at the time of her encounter with Bubba. Was it legit to call her a tramp? ”

        Isn’t that what they call rape shaming?

        Notice they never call Bubba a name….just the women…..I expected more from a woman like Joy…..I was wrong.

        ANYBODY who calls a rape victim a tramp or slut…..should be banned from ever having a job again………..in the business world Joy would be on the street with her box of stuff.

        I never heard about the rape case at the time…..but based on the stuff Ive seen and the fact that BC has denied this stuff before only to later admit it was true……….I believe she very well may have…….but I should say allegedly……

        • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

          In a sane world, Joy would be working the graveyard shift at Circle K.

          I think that Hillary perfected the art of rape shaming when she was defending the 41 year old who raped the 12 year old. What kind of animal would go after a young girl on the stand, and then laugh about it? The creature running for president as a Democrat.

        • Avenger

          “ANYBODY who calls a rape victim a tramp or slut…..should be banned from ever having a job again.”

          Hard to disagree.

          After a 15 minute cursory review of Juanita Broderick’s rape accusations (and subsequent denial/reversal) I think it’s more likely than not that the accusation is true. But it was never tested in court.

          So what I am left grappling with is the question: “When joking about someone being a tramp should it matter that the rape accusations were never proven in court?”

          I haven’t come to terms with how to answer that. My attention (not to sound cold and indifferent to Ms. Broaddrick) has shifted to the Cubs-Giants baseball game.

          • Avenger

            It raises interesting (if not troubling) issues about how far to go with adverse language and publicity about alleged victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment when the case has yet to be adjudicated.

            For example, back in 2004 should Fox News crucial ally the NY Post in the war over O’Reilly have been criticized for a blaring front page headline after Andrea Makris filed a sexual harassment lawsuit?

            The headline read:
            “EXCLUSIVE: O’Reilly Accuser in Bar Blow Up.”

          • GATXER

            Depends……was she in a bar blow up?

            I guess if the said…….”Tramp.O’Reilly Accuser in Bar Blow Up.”

            I would say way over the line……..otherwise are they not just reporting news?

            I would have no problem with a newspaper reporting a story about one of BC accusers doing something wrong……..calling her a tramp……not so much.

          • Avenger


            I guess we see it differently then.

            My take is they are both — especially as a blaring front page headline — meant to disparage an alleged victim. Not to report news. We both know how the NYP and the NY Daily News use the front page all the the time to mock, disparage and ridicule people.


    • homemaker

      Joy be ashamed of anything she says? Not in a million years. That apology was forced upon her.

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  • Larry Kelly

    If Trump is wrong about everything else, he’s right about one thing. “It’s rigged.”

    • homemaker

      After reading all the emails between the Clinton team and the media it is even more tugged than I wanted to believe. IMO no other word than DISGUSTING!

      • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

        And yet, the biggest news is Donald Trump talking dirty eleven years ago. The tape was released to deflect attention from the latest damaging leaks.

  • gcblues