Jan 012017

Our best wishes to you for a healthy and rewarding 2017.

  • Nancy Wilson:
  • The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes:
  • Ellery Queen video: The Adventure of Auld Lang Syne   hulu

Happy New Year from johnny dollar’s place!

  • Cecelia

    Love that rendition of a seasonal favorite, Johnnie.

  • sky303

    Hope everyone has a great new year ! And Here’s to 2017

  • Cecelia

    Gregg Jarrett has repeatedly said this morning that he has seen the evidence that Russia hacked the U.S,

    Why isn’t he bothering to elucidate on that? Why isn’t he detailing that?

    Evidently, I’m the last person on the planet to see…recognize…and process the evidence that Russia hacked the DNC.

    If anyone here can read the report that evidences it and show me, please do.

    I’m obviously so utterly incompetent that I need a sitter. I don’t dispute that, just read the report and help me.

  • Larry Kelly

    If you’re shut-in
    Lonely at home New Year’s Eve
    Missing the whole experience including a funny drunk…

  • Larry Kelly

    I never gawk at a car wreck.
    After hearing Bolling last night on FNC mention just that was happening over at ABC, I have avoided watching clips of the Maria Carey performance.
    (I make exceptions for political cable news wrecks.)

  • Larry Kelly

    Someone shows up at a New Years Eve party dressed as Santa and kills 39 people. What do you suppose he shouted?
    1) Merry Christmas!
    2) Happy Holidays!
    3) Allahu Akbar!
    4) JESUS is Lord!
    5) I’m just a random crazy and this has nothing to do with religion!

    • Regis, I’d like to poll the audience.

      • I’m reminded of an early Millionaire contestant who didn’t realize Rerun was a Peanuts character as well as a character played by Fred Berry on What’s Happening!!. After phoning a friend, but not swayed by the friend, the contestant incorrectly, though assuredly, chose “Max.”

  • carolr527

    I hate to sound like a broken record, but I really miss “Sunday Housecall.” It was a nice break from the news and I actually learned from the good doctors. Arthel and Eric did a good job co-hosting, too.

  • Larry Kelly

    Ari Fleisher, a former White House press secretary for Bush, said the feeling is mutual between Trump and the press, calling it a “double-barreled hostility” where the media can’t stand Trump and Trump returns the favor.

    “He can use it to his advantage, because as the Gallup poll recently indicated, confidence in the press to report the news accurately and fairly has never been lower,” Fleischer said. “And so the press has made itself vulnerable, because it lost the trust of their readers and their viewers – and Trump has widely taken advantage of it.”

  • Mitch Alan

    Nominees for Fox News new hires: Tomi Lahren and Buck Sexton. Maybe they could co-host a show.

  • Nixon – niihpikiiookani