Jan 022017
  • Sean Hannity is en route to London for interview with Julian Assange.
  • Scarborough: Funny nobody objected when Obama talked to Zakaria.
  • Joe Scarborough in a twitter spat over partying with Trumps.  Day two.
  • What Were You Watching New Year’s Eve? CNN, FNC trounce MSNBC.
  • Bitter Lemon: CNN cuts mic as drunken anchor rants about ‘awful’ 2016.
  • Reliable Sources videos: Covering Trump; the Murrow Moment; populism.
  • F&F Weekend video:  Stelter Trump tweets trigger retorts.
  • MediaBuzz videos: presidents; Obama’s social
  • Larry Kelly

    The three ladies on the MEDIABUZZ panel were all excellent.

  • Larry Kelly

    Nobody likes a sloppy lemon.

    • Cecelia

      Media motto: When life gives us lemons, market Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

  • sky303

    Don Lemon keeps out doing Kathy Griffin on the NYE things woah….

  • Larry Kelly

    Stelter tweets trigger my retorts.

  • homemaker

    Crazy, how this meeting for Joe & Mika had to take place on NYE at Mar-a-lago? This couldn’t have waited until after the New Year? Joe confirmed that his family stayed at Mar-a-lago 5-6 years running but they decided not to stay this year.
    This stinks but it involves Joe & Mika so it doesn’t surprise me.

    Another issue-not quite cable related but MTP/Chuck Todd related. Sounds like Chuck has had his feelings hurt by DT. Reading this & the comments made me laugh and want to send poor Chuck a box of Kleenex.

    • Cecelia

      So you think that Joe should have stayed at Mar-a-largo this year?

      • homemaker


  • Larry Kelly
    • Mitch Alan

      Harwood should be banned from the White House press room.

    • gcblues

      As a fellow New Yorker I am pretty sure he knows to never fight fair. You may lose. Invent a name for him and call him first so he can tell him how stupid he is would be more likely.
      I still always carry a rock in pocket wherever i go.

  • Mitch Alan

    Hannity is going to Russia to interview Assange in London? That is quite a scoop.

    I hope Sean asks Assange about the DNC Seth Rich’s murder and why Assange is offering a reward for information.

  • Larry Kelly
    • Cecelia

      I thought he died…

      • sky303

        nah Charles Osgood is still alive, he’s still doing radio commentaries too .

        • Larry Kelly

          Should see him do a reverse-mortgage ad any day now.

          • Grandpa D

            Or selling gold.

  • Before I forget, on New Year’s Eve, I watched two sibling news channels ring in 2017. First, Sky News at 7PM ET, and then Fox News at midnight ET (albeit on DVR in the morning). I watched London’s New Year’s ceremony from start to finish, but only saw the countdown and heard the Guy Lombardo arrangement of “Auld Lang Syne” before skipping ahead to hear if the hosts would resume talking. Five songs went by and I only heard the music; no dialogue. So, I stopped and erased my recording.

    • I forgot to mention it was the first time I’ve ever heard Big Ben chime in real time.

      • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

        It is chilling to hear it in person on a dreary day. The sound is amplified by the cloud cover.

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  • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

    I saw Lily Langtry on this morning while visiting Mom. (sigh!)