Jan 102017
  • Monday’s numbers: Tucker Carlson-The Five-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered video: Sean Spicer previews the
  • CBS This Morning video: on Three Days in January, and more.
  • The Cable Game: Missing personsHousecall, Insiders, Massi, Dash, etc.
  • Wolff: The best laid plans of Megyn and the Murdoch boys go badly awry.
  • Factor video: Tucker on celebrities, and Fox’s primetime.
  • Sunday Showdown: MediaBuzz beats Reliable Sources.  Weekend numbers.
  • White media outraged by white man.   CNN’s video wall.   Favre phones in.
  • Videos: Van Jones w/Seth Meyers  Nancy Grace resurfaces.
  • Spargo: Greta ‘never liked‘ Megyn Kelly, didn’t know they’d both be at NBC.

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  • Son of Rusty Shackleford

    I guess FNC should’ve put Sheppy Smith on at 9 pm instead of Tucker?

    • Friday’s ratings were skewed by the breaking Ft Lauderdale news in the afternoon; usually the most watched times are 5pm-11pm but on Friday there was a big surge in the early afternoon.

    • Cecelia


      • Larry Kelly

        yes, Obiwan, balance restored to the prime time force.

        • Cecelia

          Bit of delicious Dark Side.

    • Larry Kelly

      see last night’s ratings
      oil your shackleford

  • Larry Kelly

    Well, MSNBC prime is three whites that sleep with the ladies. Not completely convinced about Hayes.

  • Larry Kelly

    i will wait for part 3 video of Van Jones with Seth Meyers. What, not going be one? I’ll survive.

  • Larry Kelly

    As The Rev. Turns
    Any bets on the longevity of his Sunday show on MSNBC?

    • sky303

      He lasted longer than he should have already… 1 second was too long …

  • Larry Kelly

    My favorite CBS THIS MORNING moment of 2017 came during a serious report on false advertising of the MY PILLOW accompany when Gayle King admitted she had six on her bed. The next 90 seconds of spontaneous hilarity was priceless.

  • Larry Kelly
    • Cecelia

      I sure wouldn’t characterize people with that designed attraction as simply being”other humans”.

    • Son of Blackflon

      Julia Roberts pudia sue di i danni punitive

      • Larry Kelly

        yes, a bucket of original recipe, slaw, mashed. 🐔🐥🐔🐓🐥🐔

    • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

      I was going to say something about a monkey and a football, but it would be wrong.

  • Larry Kelly

    Bill O’Reilly’s historical “Killing” series have more than 17 million copies in print.

    • Cecelia

      Some wag or another referred to that series as “Killing Trees”.

    • sky303

      he’s making a killing … sorry..

  • J.J.

    Good interview with Bret Baeir. He seems like a genuinely nice guy.
    His new book sounds like a good read.

  • Larry Kelly
    • Cecelia

      Ira Madison, III, must be a newbie. The media ignores and disappears out of narrative phenomenon.

      They don’t damn comment on it.

      • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

        Ira Madison III, or as I will henceforth call him, “Three Sticks,” is low class trash.

  • Larry Kelly

    Famous last words.
    “Sure it’s a paycut, but at least i’m putting distance between me and Megyn.”

  • Larry Kelly

    Piers Morgan, “You’d be hard-pushed to find an industry that encourages more disrespect and violence than Hollywood.”

  • Cecelia

    The knives are out for Megyn Kelly.

    Don’t rule her out.

  • Larry Kelly
  • Larry Kelly

    More reasons to be thankful. Mike Allen reveals Hillary Ghost Cabinet:

    Secretary of State: John Podesta, Bill Burns, Joe Biden
    Deputy Secretary of State: Kurt Campbell, Wendy Sherman
    Treasury Secretary: Sheryl Sanderg, Lael Brained
    Defense Secretary: Michèle Floury
    Attorney General: Loretta Lynch retained, Jennifer Granholm, Jamie Gorelick, Tom Perez
    Commerce Secretary: Gregory Meeks, Sheryl Sandberg, Terry McAuliffe
    Labor: Howard Schultz
    HHS: Neera Tanden
    Energy Secretary: Carol Browner
    Education Secretary: Jennifer Granholm, John Sexton
    EPA: Likely an African American (and/or at Education)
    Budget Director: Gene Sperling
    U.N Ambassador: Tom Nides, Wendy Sherman, Bill Burns
    Director of National Intelligence: Tom Donilon
    CIA Director: Tom Donilon, Mike Morell
    SEC Chair: Gary Gentler
    Big Jobs: Tom Vilsack, Cory Booker

  • gcblues

    Do not see it above, so it is from Stirewalt email. Well said i would say;

    George Washington’s set the standard in 1796 when he – having chosen not to seek a third term because “choice and prudence invite me to quit the political scene, patriotism does not forbid it” – outlined the hazards he saw facing the infant republic, particularly domestic factions – what we now know as excessive partisanship – and unnecessary foreign entanglements.

    It was 41 years later that Andrew Jackson delivered the next valedictory, cautioning against pork-barrel politics and, of course, bankers. Thirty years later, impeachment survivor Andrew Johnson delivered a petty list of recriminations against his political enemies.

    We didn’t get another one until Harry Truman decided to put an era of astonishing change into context and outline what he saw as America’s new role in the world. Truman at his plainspoken best, asked his fellow Americans to “realize how big a job, how hard a job it is – not for my sake, because I am stepping out of it – but for the sake of my successor.”

    That successor, Dwight Eisenhower, gave the most famous departure speech of the modern era. Having presided over the military buildup for the Cold War, the former general gave his countrymen a stern warning against the “unwarranted influence” of the “military-industrial complex.”

    Every president since Lyndon Johnson has offered some farewell address, though none of them were particularly memorable other than Richard Nixon’s, but that was because of the context, not the contents.

    Part of the reason is that these presidential farewells, much like the now-dreadful tradition of the State of the Union Address, have become so boring is that they have become not warnings for the future, but spin jobs about the past.

    They have, frankly, become pretty hacky stuff. The concept is appealing because, like Eisenhower or Washington, a president freed from the bonds of public service and heading into retirement can offer a new perspective and speak freely. Not anymore.

    There’s always the next election to think about and, a legacy to burnish. This forgets, of course, that the other half of the country not in the outgoing president’s political party, won’t believe a word of the spin, and the historians who will craft the judgement of time won’t either.

    Barack Obama will add his 2 cents today, whether you like it or not.

    Obama, like his immediate predecessors, will likely be rationalizing why his presidency was a success. It’s a narrative he and his team have already turned into a mantra. Obama leaves office taking credit for being almost a caretaker president, a steady hand through a challenging season of economic turmoil and war.

    Not mentioned, of course, will be that he came to office as a change agent who vowed to disrupt politics and government and usher in an era of reform. Pffffttt…

    Part of the reason for that is Obama has proven to be a very cautious man, especially when it comes to his image. Democrats now laboring to save his signature health law remember when they were crafting the legislation and Obama mostly declined to participate. He told them what he wanted, but wasn’t inclined to put himself on the hook for the actual polices.

    They call it ObamaCare, but not only was its core principle not his idea, it was actually stolen from his 2008 primary rival, Hillary Clinton. As the man himself once said, “you didn’t build that.”

    So it was with the Syrian civil war, Russian cyberattacks, a grand bargain on debt, taxes and spending, gun control, global warming regulations and more. Obama said he wanted results and then blamed others for not delivering them. When other politicians declined to share the potential blame, Obama walked.

    In his mind, Obama no doubt believes that his role has been to summon other elective leaders to action. His failures, therefore, are their failures. He was Moses, they were the unwilling Israelites. He was the visionary, they were the political pigs.

    That’s what happens when you have a president with a low-pain threshold. Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, was so much the opposite that it sometimes seemed like he was a masochist. Bush took the blame for failed ideas that weren’t even his. Bush willingly stood in the public square to be pilloried for failings in Iraq and the panic of 2008.

    Obama doesn’t do it like that. Not only does Obama tend to eschew ownership of his failures, like the multi-generational disaster in Syria or the broad dissatisfaction with his health law, he takes time to construct narratives to place blame on others, including members of his own party. Pain is not his thing.

    Perhaps listening tonight will be Obama’s successor.

    We don’t know exactly what Trump’s pain threshold will be in office. The early signs are that he is not inclined to suffer in silence. But as Trump listens to Obama rationalize, it should be a cautionary moment for the president-elect.

    Every great president has had to sacrifice popularity, comfort and sometimes even their lives for the cause. It is a consuming and often destructive undertaking. Obama’s unwillingness to pay the full price is part of why he leaves office with a modest, compromised legacy.

    If greatness is Trump’s thing, that means suffering greatly too.

  • I didn’t want to RT this on twitter because I would feel guilty embarrassing Greta, who was one of my earliest twitter followers. But her debut night was pretty grim. She lost to FNC and CNN, but her show at 6pm even lost to Fox & Friends at 6 AM. I think she will grow if they stick with it, but that’s a huuuuge hill to climb.

    • Larry Kelly

      Her appearance between announcement and first show very fast. I’m not sure many know yet she is on. Also, FNC fans are not about to give up SPECIAL REPORT at that time. Too bad MSNBC didn’t replace LOD with her and give an alternative to the political Hannity.

      • One of the reasons they moved her to 7pm was that she disliked the 10pm time slot and wanted something earlier. So I don’t think she’d want to go back to that schedule. But who knows. Maybe she’ll end up like Sharpton doing an hour a week right after The Farm Report. She deserves better.

      • sky303

        I’d put her at 7 move ole Chris to 6

    • sky303

      The other hard thing is some of her FNC fans might not watch because it’s MSNBC and some of the Lean Forward- MSNBC fans (who need to let that go ) won’t watch because she’s from Fox. Both those groups are missing out on something good though, even if they DVR it.

    • homemaker

      I generally don’t like to go here but Greta being a Scientologist kinds of creeps me out. After watching the Leah Remini series on that crazy religion I view her very differently. I’m curious how she does all her charity work with Franklin Graham. Scientology does no such kind of work in the world. I’m guessing she gets a pass on certain things because of her high profile, i.e. Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Kirstie Allie, etc.

  • Larry Kelly

    Could I pull the switch on Dylan Roof? Probably, and you’re reading a guy that couldn’t shoot the raccoon ripping up 3 garbage bags it pull out of my can.

  • Larry Kelly

    Today’s question: who is the wealthiest Huddy.

  • LenInFlux

    I was wondering myself what had happened to the weekly “political insiders” segment on the Sunday edition of the Fox Report. Maybe the ratings weren’t what they used to be.

    As for Stacey Dash, I would assume that Fox did not renew her contract and replaced her with Meghan McCain on Outnumbered. Dash seems like a nice person but she never had much to contribute beyond some outrage over this and that and a few talking points she seemed to gather from Conservative websites.

    • timdub70

      Bob Massi was listed as missing too, but his show does run on FBN.

      • Are they showing new episodes or replaying eps that have aired on FNC?

    • GATXER

      I didnt start watching that show till the stooges started unfairly attacking Harris and i wanted to see how great she must be……did that segment exist before election season? If it didnt….I expect it’s over…..if it did I expect they will be back….they got a huge block of time…….maybe a well deserved break……..there’s a new election right around the corner…….my local paper has already had a story about who might be running in 2018 for congress.

      • It began during the ’14 campaign and they were the Campaign Insiders. After the election they changed the name to Political Insiders and it ran continuously right up to this November. Then it stopped.

        • GATXER

          I can’t remember his name (bald with glasses on Hannity I think) but I saw one of them tonight on Fox…so they still work for the company……interesting that the Political Insiders twitter account also stopped right after the election. Seems a waste to kill a account with 12,000 followers.


      • sky303

        the segment’s been around for awhile it used to be part of ANHQ before they added Media Buzz when Media Buzz’s repeat took an hour of ANHQ away they moved PI to FR.

        • GATXER

          Yea Id seen them together but I dont watch much News on Sundays till this year because of NASCAR (the only true sport) is on at the same time most weeks.

          I enjoyed the shows that I remembered to DVR……I miss them also…….but with my luck they will be back right about the time NASCAR goes to Daytona

          • sky303

            Well everyone needs a day to rest from the news

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    5 three white guys
    4 outraged by
    3 missing persons
    2 go badly awry
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Spargo: Greta ‘never liked’ Megyn Kelly, didn’t know they’d both be at NBC.

  • Larry Kelly

    Decide for yourself:
    If you’re captivated, check out the latest NATIONAL ENQUIRER expose, “Man kicks over paper bag. Alien’s head roles out!”

    • Cecelia

      I had forgotten where I put that.

  • carolr527

    Does every president who leaves office give a speech like Obama is doing? I don’t remember GW Bush doing this.

    • sky303

      yes … Obama’s was just longer
      Bush’s was like 15 minutes : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFqezJcneeI
      Clinton was like 8 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O45zUlQPUQ0

      • Larry Kelly

        Nixon’s address to his staff stands the test of time.

        • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

          “Turn out the lights
          The party’s over
          They say that
          All good things must end
          Call it a night
          The party’s over.
          And I hope the Country
          Likes the used Ford
          That I sold them.”

    • Usually it’s done from the White House minus the screaming extras.

      • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

        I’m glad that I didn’t watch it. Instead, I went out to eat with a friend. It helped me get my mind off of things.

        • Cecelia

          I didn’t watch it either.

          Watched I, Claudius with a fried baloney and egg sandwich.

    • Larry Kelly

      Would Obama miss an opportunity to pat himself on the back? Secret Service had to rescue him from drowning at the Cherry Blssom Festival after he fell in the Tidal Basin trying to kiss his reflection.

      • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

        Speaking of the Tidal Basin – Remember Wilbur Mills and Fanne Foxe?

        • Larry Kelly

          The POWERFUL WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE (full title)

          • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

            Had to resign from the committee since those weren’t the Ways and Means that Congress intended.

    • GATXER

      I saw a report on Fox News that George Washington started it…..in letter form of course.

  • Larry Kelly

    Watch THE MICK. Don’t waste your kid’s time sending them to Sunday school.

  • Larry Kelly
  • Larry Kelly
  • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

    What happens if you only get your Fox news info from disgraced racist newshounds.


    @laura_lrnzo @rmasher2 I swear. If you only get your news from Fox, you would have no clue about the day’s biggest story.”

    Too drunk to notice its been talked about on at least every show Ive seen tonight including Hannity…..what a bubble these people live in.

    Idiot thinks thats todays biggest story……….not Obama’s farewell speech….not a racist killer getting the death penalty (a fan perhaps)…….not VW having to pay 4 billion dollars….not the AG hearings…..but a story it publisher even says there are “serious reason to doubt the allegations”….that’s the stooges biggest story of the day????? No wonder they have no clue about so many issues.

    • Larry Kelly

      Well, they do claim the moral high ground. So what’s important must be pretty clear from way up there.

      • GATXER

        Yea they like to claim a lot of things…..but….who could trust a “writer” who belongs to a site that has supporters who twice called for everybody at Fox News to be killed…….calls women sluts…..has been caught lying to many times to count.

        Moe calls women he disagrees with goons….then complain about how trump treats women…..and old frozen one says nothing………Worst person of the in the world!!. (in my best KO voice)

        • Larry Kelly

          Decent people wouldn’t be stooges.

    • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

      Moe’s back on the Everclear.

    • I had to check this out. Turns out his girlfriend told him Fox didn’t cover it. Of course she also said in a separate tweet she wasn’t watching Fox, so that was just like what they always do, but once removed. instead of him whining about something he didn’t see, instead he parrots somebody else’s whine about something she didn’t see. It’s like the old saying was written just for Fox haters: ignorance is bliss.