Apr 012017
  • MediaBuzz videos: furor; vs Koppel;
  • Reliable Sources videos: Tina Brown endures Hillary’s loss; suing O’Reilly.
  • Fox News tops Facebook.  (MS)NBC is ready to par-tay.  Sunday talkers.
  • Q&A: Jeannine Pirro, Clarissa Ward.  Chris Hayes at Claremont College.
  • Zucker Play:  CNN promotes five ‘must-have apps‘ for illegal immigrants.
  • Video: Tucker grills over Obama admin spying.
  • CNN panned the flight electronics ban before they knew the reason for it.
  • Odd, so many FNC scandal articles hitting at once. Juliet Huddy resurfaces.
  • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

    It sure looks like CNN is conspiring to violate the immigration laws.

    • Larry Kelly

      Sanctuary network.

  • Larry Kelly

    “CNN panned the flight electronics ban before they knew the reason for it.”
    Of course they did. Anything to trash Trump. No integrity whatsoever.

  • Larry Kelly

    Last night on SPECIAL REPORT in the WINNERS & LOSERS segment, poor Atlanta nominated a “loser” for the absolute traffic nightmare a main highway bridge collapse will cause. No, don’t expect weeks of continuing MSNBC coverage about a governor causing it… maybe a few seconds on this guy showing that all lives matter: https://youtu.be/U7g7a8c3yzk

    • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

      Seems like a act of domestic terrorism to me. Charge the oedipals with the appropriate crimes and give them the max.

  • Larry Kelly

    Jeanine and Chris babble on. Clarissa explains it all..

  • Larry Kelly

    Will Mr. Bill be collateral damage as the magic of FOX lawyers has turned to hog warts? The NYT ministers of dark arts hope so.

  • Sorry I screwed up that Juliet Huddy link. It’s fixed now.


    For you weekend laughs……..example #345577 on why you NEVER can trust a Disgraced Racist Newshound “writer”™ We have this:

    @ndrew_lawrence FNC Promo “Every weekend The Greg Gutfeld Show is the most watched. Most trusted” Last week he lost to a rerun of The 80’s.

    included for those who he has cowardly blocked……is this picture of ratings for last sat.


    My first though was I guess Greg was off or had a bad night….I don’t watch so I wasn’t sure….but then I remembered that with the DRS™ there is ALWAYS a catch…….and of course there is.

    Hes showing the demo…..so I looked for the facts…..turns out Greg Gutfeld show destroyed CNN show in total viewers….
    making it……wait for it………the most watched in his time slot….and in fact he had more viewers than ANY show on MSNBC or CNN that night……… and I wont even go into why a guy who claims to watch Fox so we don’t have to because he a media “critic” is sending tips to the disgusting Media matters but since it was a lie….they will most likely use it.

    Then theirs the lack of common scenes post:


    @AndrewKirell I’m not joking. This is the top story for a business news channel at 5pm.

    The story hes whining about..is..CA banning so called fake news….from websites…….he cant understand how that might affect businesses nation wide or worldwide…….of course if he read the suggested law………maybe he could see it…..but cant have facts get in the way of a FBN whine……later he complains about a story about Trump wall builders getting death threats…….I’m sure building a 16B$ wall wont involve any business in a DRS™ mind…….I guess he would be happier if the just played the Westminster dog show like CNBC does.

    Its not that they lie that I find bad ……its that they are so darn bad at it.

    • When I exposed one of his fabrications on twitter the snowflake promptly blocked me. You should get a twitter account just so he can block you too. It’s a badge of honor.

      • Larry Kelly

        Getting blocked by Olbermann and Chris Hayes and all of the stooges makes me feel like a decorated Russian general.. Now I just need to find where I put the wodka.

        • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

          Ask Comrade Doog.

    • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

      All of the Stooges are nothing but damned liars. They simply make up garbage.

  • Mitch Alan

    Did you watch the Juliet Huddy youtube video? Who are those sleazebags she is associating with? When was she let go by FNC and why?

  • J.J.

    Wow…..Juliet Huddy……looks like lots of work on the face…..not as pretty

    • Mitch Alan

      she was gorgeous and then got a really bad nose job.

      • Michael T


        I guess I don’t see any issues with her nose in the 2016 photo.

        • Mitch Alan

          You have to see her side profile to tell.

      • Cecelia

        We’ve talked about that here.

        Heavens knows why such a lovely girl thought she needed a nose job in the first place, but it did nothing for her.

  • gcblues
  • Why are “so many FNC scandal articles hitting at once”?

    • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

      When you are clobbering the competition, there is always someone taking shots. In this case, they have handed their enemies some of the ammo.

      • I’m a little more conspiratorial. With Maddow’s nightly goon show picking up steam they think this is the time to take down Fox. It’s not accident that one scandal retrospective after another appeared within just a few days’ time, all of them just before the latest O’News. Even with all the stooges working overtime it won’t work, but it will be ugly while it lasts.

        • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

          I tend to be skeptical of conspiracies, but you are quite probably right. The only thing that it might accomplish is O’Reilly deciding that he no longer needs the aggravation at his age, and retires. And his replacement will draw as well and clobber MSNBC and CNN.

        • Cecelia

          My conspiracy theory is that Joe Scarborough went completely anti-Trump after he saw that this has given Maddow great ratings.

          • Not implausible. Joe has always been somewhat flexible in such matters. A regular weathervane.

          • Cecelia

            He’s a skunk.

          • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

            You owe skunks an apology. Except for Pepé Le Pew, of course.

        • Cecelia

          Notice that the media doesn’t do a story on CNN being sued for racial discrimination.

          Like most industries, they protect each other… unless it’s FNC.

      • Son of Blackflon

        Wilbur Mills pourrait poursuivre le concours pour des dommages-intérêts punitifs

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