Apr 062017
  • Larry Kelly

    hyphenated lady my have resurfaced but her linked page could not be found.

    • Try again. I’ve been having a bad night tonight and set the post to auto-publish and then didn’t double-check and old links got mixed in and…oh never mind. I fixed the damn thing. Sorry about that.

      • Larry Kelly

        Sadly, the claptrap furnished wasn’t worth the time spent by you or anyone at Amherst.

  • Michael T

    Re: Somerby: Maddow’s ratings notwithstanding, she doesn’t belong on the air.

    A neutral site (if such a thing exists) needs to conduct a survey.

    Who is more obsessed with a specific cable news host?
    Brian Stelter with Bill O’Reilly
    Bob Somerby with Rachel Maddow.

    I’ll check with Rosie O. I think she said there are pills for OCD. 😊

  • Michael T

    Forgive me that this is not cable news related. But this TV sports news stunned me.

    CBS will now pair the recently retired Tony Romo with Jim Nantz instead of Phil Sims — the #1 CBS NFL announcing team.

    I’m no huge Phil Sims fan — but have they never seen a Romo interview? He’s even less energized and more blah than Troy Aikman over at Fox.

    Makes no sense.

  • Mitch Alan

    Michelle Fields was on Hannity last night and did a rather poor job defending Susan Rice. She used to be a decent conservative pundit, or maybe it was just her looks. She is now officially a has-been.

    • Michael T

      I thought I heard yesterday while I was flipping channels that it was someone else who unmasked General Flynn.

      Did you hear the same?

      Google only showed a hit for the WSJ, but I can’t get past their firewall.

      • Mitch Alan

        Someone else leaked his name.

    • carolr527

      I was also surprised by her defense of Susan Rice.

      • Mitch Alan

        She is very emotional and hates conservatives now that she had that run in with Corey Lewandowski. Her career was destroyed because of her hysterical reaction, she was egged on by some reporter at the Washington Post.

  • Larry Kelly
    • Grandpa D

      A few tequila shots might boost his courage.

      • Larry Kelly

        Got me to dance wearing a lamp shade New Year’s Eve.

    • Cecelia

      When conservative media or pols blast liberal pols or media members, they are putting them in danger.

      When liberal media blasts conservative pols or conservative media members, they’re just doing their job.

      When conservative media members and pols are threatened, it’s their own fault because of their divisive rhetoric.

      Being liberal means never having to say you’re sorry.

    • Michael T


      What do Don Lemon, Ric Grenell, Andrew Sullivan, Shep Smith, Milo Yiannopoulos and Dan Savage have in common?

      No, that’s not it folks.

      Trick question.

      It’s that they all have moments of pique where they exhibit a pushy aggressiveness that borders on in-your-face arrogance and aloofness.

      Donning my goalie’s mask to dodge the slings and arrows headed my way.

    • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

      Or is he just a chickensh*t?

  • Larry Kelly

    Kendall Jenner’s ridiculous Pepsi ad does serve to remind us to never believe the first public defense of any controversy. Brad Jakeman, president of Pepsi’s global beverage group, wrote on Twitter that he was “super proud” of the ad — then later deleted his tweet, Advertising Age reported. Now the ad is gone.

    • Cecelia

      I didn’t see it, but I read something about it that made me wonder why they couldn’t get a black celebrity to represent how Pepsi could bring BLM and the po po together.

  • Michael T

    Steve Bannon removed from the NSC and Devin Nunes temporarily steps down from leading the Russia investigation.

    Both moves should be met with wide approval except for the “GOP can do nothing right” crowd.

    Two fewer issues for Sean Spicer to have to defend on an almost daily basis.


    Has anybody seen whats taking red eyes place next week?…….I’m hoping for a replay of the 5…….but Fox hasn’t changed next weeks schedule yet

    • CDG24

      Some sites have reported that Fox said a rerun of Tucker will go in the slot. Not sure if that will just be temporary.

      A second airing of The Five seems like it would make more sense than a third airing of Tucker, but Carlson is the last live show of the night for Fox. That would make it more timely than any other show. A rerun will also be able to be pre-empted without causing issues. Maybe they will cut in with over night updates more than they usually would.

  • Michael T

    Is Neil Gorsuch’s almost certain confirmation despite the filibuster the most anticlimactic news item this week?

  • Larry Kelly

    On Tuesday, O’Reilly Factor topped all of cable news with an average 628,000 adults 25-54 (cable news’ targeted demo) and 3.76 million viewers. That’s an audience increase of 20 percent from last Tuesday.

    • No wonder he was renewed.

  • Larry Kelly

    Next Supreme Court nominee: Steve Bannon.

  • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

    Don Rickles dead at 90.

    • Michael T

      R.I.P. Mr. Rickles.

      George Burns 100
      Milton Berle 93
      Don Rickles 90
      Red Skelton 84
      Jack Benny 80

      Still kickin’ Carol Burnet (83), Betty White (95) and Carl Reiner (95)

      While George Carlin and Robin Williams are the exceptions, there seems to be something to the notion that generally speaking happy people — or people who laugh a lot — live longer. Words to live by.

    • Larry Kelly

      Hope St. Peter can take it as well as dish it out..

      • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

        Just so Rickles doesn’t call St. Peter a hockey puck.

  • Larry Kelly

    Once again, Mr. Peabody’s pet boy was not nominated.

  • Larry Kelly

    I can’t look at Maxine Waters now without seeing James Brown’s hair. On the plus side, maybe Mr. Bill and I will be cellmates.

  • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

    Carly Simon and her older sister Lucy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6lpxcN01u8

  • Michael T

    Re: Wednesday’s numbers: Maddow-O’Reilly-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3

    Looks like the answer is YES to the question I posed yesterday about his demo ratings,

    Now that viewers know after two nights that Mr. Bill is probably not going to comment, will his ratings gains start to subside? After all, he only beat Maddow by less than three percent in the demo on Tuesday.

    Of course, 3.6M total viewers is hardly chopped liver.

  • Minnesota Nice

    Below is a comment I posted on another site in regards to people saying Fox News will be hurting due to O’Reilly (temp) ad boycott.

    O’Reilly is only one program on Fox News.

    From 2016 Pew research . . .
    Fox News, the revenue leader, was projected to grow its revenue by 14% to $2.3 billion. CNN was projected to grow by 6% to $1.2 billion, and MSNBC, by 3% to $518 million.


    O’Reilly may go (I personally don’t care as I don’t watch), but does it really matter as Fox News earns at billion more than CNN and nearly 2 billion more than MSNBC.

    End (of comment on other site)

    I will add I think O’Reilly is fair and always gives both sides a chance to present themselves on every issue or event, far from a “bigotry” program as some have said. .

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  • Larry Kelly

    Not cable news, but for all the grief I took over the Puerto Rican chicken place, the new series of training videos should be.

  • Larry Kelly

    Now at CNN, Chris had his cillizza removed.

  • Michael T

    I just saw a Facebook post by a friend “WE JUST ATTACKED SYRIA.”

    Anyone have their TV on. Heard it was with dozens of Tomahawk missiles.

    Don’t make me even think about liking you Donald Trump. 🙂

  • CDG24

    Looks like the final Red Eye will be/was taped tonight (still airs tomorrow/ Saturday 3 AM) and the panel is/was Gutfeld (unless he wound up hosting it), Dagen McDowell, Rob Long and John DeVore.
    Not yet aware of any cameos or surprises. Also not sure what kind of episode it will be. Would assume that the entire thing would be about the show, but would think they would have some different panelists and would have Andy Levy on the panel.
    [Chance that this line-up was also changed since announced. It originally was listed as the Thursday line-up.]

    So, it looks like Gutfeld is going to be the only panelist this week who wasn’t already appearing on Red Eye recently. 10 of the 20 panelists this week made at least two appearances in the final 11 episodes. They might have decided to just stick with guests they were in recent contact with.
    Not sure if they asked some fan-favorites to appear and they turned it down. Also, have not heard anything about potential appearances by Bill Schulz or Joanne Nosuchinsky. The long desired return of Bill as a guest panelist seems like it is not going to come to fruition.

    Although, depending on what goes on with Syria, there is a chance that the last episode of Red Eye already aired. It would be pretty fitting that a bad week for the show would end that way.
    (I assume they would make the shows possible to see in some capacity if they get pre-empted.)

  • Mitch Alan

    CNN is killing Fox News’ coverage of the launching of Tomahawk Missles in Syria. Shep Smith seems clueless, I keep switching to Anderson Cooper who has a good group of military experts on hand.

    • Michael T

      It’s gotten better Mitch.

      Shep just interviewed the always solid Jennifer Griffin.

      Earlier I had switched to a competitor as well after seeing the hyper partisan General Jack Keane droning on about Obama and the red line. It was all about politics with him.

      To which I say, “We know all that, Jack. Even NBC’s Richard Engel over the months has been sharply critical of Obama’s positions on Syria. But you should be talking about what’s happening today. Save politics for tomorrow big guy!!”

  • Larry Kelly

    Hate to say it, but watching Shepard Smith tonight talking about and questioning the missile attack on the Syrian airbase… he actually sounded stupid. Brain stuck in the swamp of his old “what comes next” arguments… as if we are invading the place.

    P.S. Obama made a deal where the Russians took all of Syria’s nerve gas away, right? So tell what they are using?

    • Mitch Alan

      Shep is furious that this move makes Trump look Presidential and makes Obama look like the zero that he truly was.

      • Larry Kelly

        Hard for all the Trump haters / Obama lovers that Trump was the one who avenged poison gassed children and babies.

    • Shep was struggling a little tonight at first. Good thing Jack Keane was there to keep things on track. After the Hannity break Shep was more solid. I have a feeling he’ll be on until 1am then Eric Shawn will be on with Pete Hegseth.

      • Larry Kelly

        Jack Keane did appear to have given Shep a splash of cold water. He needs more guests on his afternoon show that, unlike the bald WSJ dude, don’t feed his Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

      P.S. Obama made a deal where the Russians took all of Syria’s nerve gas away, right? So tell what they are using?

      Obviously pixie dust and unicorn farts.

    • homemaker

      Shep was awful tonight early on. If it weren’t for General Keane I would have turned him off. Then when Hannity came on-it was time for my book.

  • sky303

    Hoping all the continued best to Gerri Willis as she recovers..

    • Michael T

      That video was a touching and inspirational interview. Especially for those of us who have dear friends and family members who’ve had a similar experience.

      All you women out there please get tested. An early diagnosis meant a friend only had a lumpectomy and radiation — thankfully no mastectomy, no chemo and no hair loss.