Apr 102017
  • Larry Kelly

    If Nancy turns out to be the murderer, I might watch.

    • jrd

      I’d watch if she’s the victim.

  • Larry Kelly

    The brothers Wachowski eventually sank The Matrix. Maybe the brothers Murdoch should start shopping for matching angora sweaters.

    • Michael T

      While Larry’s recall of old song lyrics and other trivia is impressive, there are times I must confess I don’t have a clue about who or what he’s referring to.

      My first step is to look for a science fiction reference with my trusty Google search engine.

      Works nearly every time.

    • Lurker

      There is no way Rupert would allow his Sons to drop BOR!

      That is like dropping Lebron James from the Cavs!! LOL

      • Michael T

        I think you may be right about that…at least as things stand at the moment.

        But if it does happen, does Hannity get 8 p.m. and they put Bolling in his 10 p.m. slot?

        Or the reverse?
        8:00 Bolling
        9:00 Tucker
        10:00 Hannity

        • Lurker

          Not Bolling hosting! I used to LOVE Bolling when he was just an oil analyst
          Not digging him as a Conservative Commentator, don’t really know why

          Give 10 PM to Jeese Watters instead

    • Grandpa D

      That’s OK, as long as they don’t “Look Back…” while wearing them.

  • Grandpa D

    re: CNN selling off: I can’t read to much in that. Out-sourcing sat truck work is common practice. And it’s more efficient. Trucks are already close to any given news scene. I know a few ex-TV station engineers who now work for a Houston area satellite truck operator.

  • Like the Cable Gamer, I’m on Team O’Reilly.

  • Lurker

    I read one of BOR’s accusers is that woman Wendy Walsh that was on with another woman that had a segment that was UNWATCHABLE, everytime that segment came on I would mute the TV

    There was definitely a reason why that segment got dropped! Not because she refused BOR’s advances!!!

    • The other woman was Bonny Forrest. I hated that segment, too.

      • I’m amused by all these people who aren’t lawyers but think they are on tv hyping up this Wendy’s allegation as big news. It’s the littlest big news imaginable. Of all the possible things to allege in a sexual harassment case, this has got to be some of the thinnest soup ever to come out of a can. The woman wasn’t even a Fox employee; she was a guest on the show. NO supervisor/employee relationship. She sez he invited her to his room, she declined. That’s apparently the extent of the encroachment. Then (without showing any connection except everyone favorite fallacy: post hoc ergo propter hoc) she didn’t get hired by Fox, which she wasn’t in the first place, and says O’Reilly had previously made a verbal promise to do so. ( And the word is ‘oral’ NY Times, though I can see where it might cause some confusion in this context.)

        This case wouldn’t qualify for The People’s Court – Wapner would laugh it out of court and Rusty would escort the plaintiff out the door so Doug could ask why she brought such a weak case. Years after the incident, to boot. It’s being hyped now for ulterior reasons.

        • I guess this occurred during one of Bill’s L.A. weeks.

          • Seems likely from the allegations that have been made public. It’s not really a case that would get laughed out of court (I slipped into hyperbole there) but it is tenuous and weak in key areas like causality and disparity of power. It’s one of those cases that will probably net something, but hardly close to what we have heard about other allegations.

          • Lurker

            What killed Roger Ailes was Megyn Kelly

            Her testimony gave Gretchen all the credibility she needed, I still don’t believe her, imagine she just made it all up & got rewarded for it?

            You never know with these women, when they smell blood, they’re ruthless, they all come out in full force

          • Saintsfan720

            As I understand it, Gretchen had recordings of Roger Ailes. That’s why she got a public apology and $20 million. Could some of these women be lying? Yes. Are all of them lying? Highly doubt it.

          • Lurker

            That was BS

            She was just saying that as a last resort since mostly no one was believing her after we saw all those lovely letters she wrote to Roger Ailes. Gretchen had nothing until Megyn Kelly stepped in & totally killed him

        • Michael T

          I know NBC’s Today did a segment on Wendy Walsh — which I haven’t watched yet.

          But that is yesterday’s news.

          How do MS(NBC) and CNN keep the scandal alive in the absence of new accusers?

          • Michael T

            What might cause a little heartburn if I was Bill O’Reilly is this snippet from the New York Times:

            Paul Weiss is the same law firm that conducted an internal investigation into Roger Ailes, the former Fox News chairman. 21st Century Fox executives decided to dismiss Mr. Ailes after the lawyers took statements from at least six women who described inappropriate behavior by him.

  • sky303

    Nancy Grace sure does a lot of Hallmark Channel stuff … sometimes fills in in for their daytime show Home and Family

    • Larry Kelly

      With her natural warmth, perhaps she also writes their greeting cards.

      • Grandpa D

        “Roses are red, Violets are blue.
        without a trial, I’ll convict you.”

        • Larry Kelly

          gets me all misty-eyed

          • Tom_Ohio

            Burma Shave

        • sky303

          “You murdered my heart
          and I sentence you to my love”

      • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

        She has all the warmth of Jodi Arias.

  • Larry Kelly

    Also: a fart is a ‘force of nature‘ and ‘ubiquitous presence’.

    • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

      Good comparison. Stelter’s opinions are of no more import than the breaking of wind.

  • Tom Shillue doesn’t have to stay up late any more.
    Abby Huntsman and Clayton Morris don’t have a permanent co-host on Fox & Friends Weekend.

    Just thinking out loud.

    • carolr527

      I’d prefer Andy Levy.

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