Apr 152017
  • MediaBuzz videos: skies; again.
  • Reliable Sources: Dan Rather; Jen Psaki pspeaks; O’Reilly on vacation.
  • Somerby: Hateful Maddow revives long debunked smear of Sessions.
  • Tornoe: How CNN created a controversy that filled hours of airtime.
  • Zucker play: CNN considers unsealing Bill O’Reilly’s divorce records.
  • O’Connell: The ‘geniuses’ behind FNC’s graphics.   The Megyn factor.
  • Q&A: (MS)NBC’s Hallie Jackson; CNN Politics editor Rachel Smolkin.
  • Shafran: Aslan’s ludicrous portrayal of Israel.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

    Unsealing divorce records? That’s right out of the Obama playbook. See: Ryan, Jack

    • Grandpa D

      I’m trying to remember all of the Ryanverse books but can’t come up with plot twist involving divorce records. Is it somethng involving Ed Kelty?

      • GATXER

        He talking about Jack Ryan IL politician


        He was running when Obama entered the IL senate race in 2004…..the Chicago Trib who endorsed Obama got Ryan’s divorce records unsealed and his wife claimed in court that he had pressed her ……7 of Nine from Star Trek Voyager to have public sex in clubs.

        He dropped out from a race he probably would have won by a large margin as he was very popular here in downstate IL…then Alan Keys the nutcase ran against Obama and Obama ran away with it.

        • Larry Kelly

          Was Alan Keys ever making sense?

          • GATXER

            NOPE……it was embarrassing in the extreme………..I actually went down to the local DNC HQ….which Id done before….but this was the early part of me being disabled to make phone calls for Obama…….even though frankly I knew almost nothing about Obama before I went down there to stop Keys.

            Like Ann Coulter……Alan Keys is just another of a long line of MSNBC employee that belong in the local mental hospital.

          • What amazes me is a doofus like O’Donnell – how can anyone be so repeatedly, emphatically, inexorably wrong over and over again and keep his job?

            Of course Maddow is an entirely different case. Somerby has her number. Ever notice how people who jump on every word, comment, joke someone like O’Reilly makes never mention the false ‘facts’ and fake news Somerby has nailed Maddow on time after time? You won’t hear anything on Reliable Sources about that. Heck, even MediaBuzz seems reluctant to criticize Her Nibbs.

          • Cecelia

            Ive always liked Alan Keyes.

        • Michael T

          So unsealing an opponents divorce records is not “right out of the Obama playbook” as another commenter had stated.

          Thank you for clearing this up.

          You made the same point as Snopes[dot]com, who reprinted an AP article from June 2004 quoting Mr. Ryan as blaming the unsealing of his divorce records on the Chicago Tribune — not Obama.

          “In quitting the race, Ryan lashed out at the media and said it was ‘truly outrageous’ that the Chicago Tribune got a judge to unseal the records.”

    • Cecelia

      It’s the stuff of Wikileaks…worrisome, burdensome, fearsome when done to someone running for office, unfathomable against someone who is not.

      Media doing the work of hackers on their own.

      Greg Gutfeld summed up this phenomenon best by describing it as “the alligator that eats you last”.

      Zucker beware.

  • Grandpa D

    This will probably be the worst Easter vacation in Bill O’Reilly’s life.

    • It’s sickening to think about. Bill’s haters have no shame.

    • Larry Kelly

      Except maybe when Sharon Stone boiled the bunny.

      • Glenn Close.

        • Larry Kelly

          close… missed it by THAT much.

  • Cecelia

    Re: Divorce records

    Is there any degradation of their professional and personal standards that the MSM won’t engage in upon the stand of propping up their ideology-cum-theology?

    This is where you get when you tell yourself that all is justified against the bad guys, cause you’re the good guys.

    It’s the road to totalitarianism, folks, and quasi-theocratic totalitarians is what they are.

  • Michael T

    I remember when San Diego still had an NFL team and the TV blackout rules for games that didn’t sell out were still in place.

    I was so appreciative of all those fans who paid $90+ to fill the stadium so I could watch at home where I didn’t have to pay $20 to park.

    Those fans were doing something I could never understand — to watch a losing team with all the hassle of attending a game vs. watching it at home. Okay, I’ll say it, “I thought it was sorta stupid.”

    Well, now for the thousands of people marching because they want Trump to release his tax returns. (A position I don’t oppose.)

    Really people? Really? You must be the same people who pay those inflated prices to park and attend NFL games.

    Maybe I’m just old fashion. I’ll admit it.

  • Larry Kelly

    North Korea missile test. Goes plop. Happy birthday.

  • carolr527

    I haven’t watched “Cashin’ In” in quite a while. I watched today and was surprised at how political it has become. When Terry Keenan and Cheryl Casone hosted the show it was about business and finance. Today it was nothing but politics.

    • Michael T

      I would hope to get a break from politics when I tune into a business channel…even though I know FBN has seen a surge in ratings growth since they’ve gone so political.

      Here’s a topic from the NY Times it would have been interesting to get their take on:

      The transformation (from brick-and-mortar shopping to online shopping) is hollowing out suburban shopping malls, bankrupting longtime brands and leading to staggering job losses.

      More workers in general merchandise stores have been laid off since October, about 89,000 Americans. That is more than all of the people employed in the United States coal industry, which President Trump championed during the campaign as a prime example of the workers who have been left behind in the economic recovery.

      The job losses in retail could have unexpected social and political consequences, as huge numbers of low-wage retail employees become economically unhinged, just as manufacturing workers did in recent decades. About one out of every 10 Americans works in retail.

      Store closures, meanwhile, are on pace this year to eclipse the number of stores that closed in the depths of the Great Recession of 2008.

  • LenInFlux

    Re: Maddow’s smear of Jeff Sessions.

    What drives me crazy about that is that she is perpetuating the belief that anyone who is for border enforcement is really just a racist who doesn’t want “those people” coming into the country.

    There are racists on both sides of the political aisle but they are not the majority and she, like way too many on her side, are quick to assume the worst when it comes to people who want to crack down on illegal immigration. Even if you sat her down and went over the paragraph in question from Sessions’ speech and noted the syntax and modifiers and so on she would still probably say that we all know what Jeff Sessions “really” thinks of illegal immigrants. I don’t think it was some sleight of hand she was doing – I think she honestly believes the charge she made.

    • Grandpa D

      “honestly believes the charge she made” Sincere Delusion.

      • Larry Kelly

        the willing suspension of disbelief

        • Cecelia


          She’s willing to repeat partisan fodder that she know has been debunked because she wants to keep the ratings it brings.

          LeninFlux is correct too that she justifies it by joyously embracing the belief that this is what Republicans in private do call people with brown skin.

          • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

            I have ran into more racism from the left than the right.

  • Cecelia

    I decorate for Easter and still dye eggs, but I miss making Easter baskets.

    I used to make one for my husband as well as my daughter so that he wouldn’t eat 75% of her treats.

    • Larry Kelly
      • Grandpa D

        Great sweater!

        • Cecelia

          Since our mother died when we were young and my grandmother didnt want us at the mercy of my father (who owned three very expensive years-old suits, all nearly identical…) she would take us out shopping for Easter swag.

          It was her dime, and she always enjoyed it and liked being assured that we wouldn’t show up at church in anything that embarrassed her.

          We were decked out from new underwear to shoes to suits, shirts, ties, new dress, spring coat, and handbag for me.

          You’d have to cash out your life insurance to pay for all that today.

      • Cecelia

        In her Easter attire! Lovely pic.

    • Grandpa D

      We don’t dye eggs anymore; just the two of us couldn’t eat that dozen in time. But my wife does decorate a little, including “yard art”.

      No candy treats. We’re still working on the Christmas candy.

      • Cecelia

        We like egg salad on ciabatta around here, and the dogs are very fond of the occasional deviled egg.

  • Cecelia

    This another great piece by Lee Smith written 2015.


    He’s has chronicled the Obama Administration’s use of the NSA during the Iran nuke deal when were redefining virtually any Israeli organization that was against the deal as being an agent of the Israeli State. That way they could find out which American groups were organizing against the policy too.

    Here’s a piece written April 2017 on how this practice.


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