Apr 302017

J$P Video! Happy Birthday, Abby Huntsman!

From Fox & Friends, 30 April 2017

  • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

    Good Morning Minot – Weekend Edition would be better than MSNBC.

    I guess that at Minot, they use the whole hand to salute: http://minotb52ufo.com/images/images/main-gate-2002.jpg I always just got one finger.

  • LenInFlux

    Abby Huntsman has turned out to be a good replacement on Fox And Friends weekends. She’s smart, carries herself well and has good chemistry with her co-hosts.

    As for the question “better than MSNBC?” – Huntsman is smart not to take the bait and, as a rule, burn any bridges and trash her former employer who she left on good terms.

    • sparty

      Abby seems very sweet, but Fox sorely misses Anna Kooiman. Abby also seemed much more moderate on The Cycle. Makes me wonder if she’s going along to get along.

      • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

        I liked Anna. I simply can’t get past who Abby’s dad is. Stupid reason, I know.

        • Anna was and is a delight. But Abby has done exceptionally well in making the role her own.