May 062017
  • MediaBuzz videos: late-night Corey
  • Reliable Sources videos: Fox probe widens; more lawsuits; Fox Trump ties.
  • Q&A: Kelly Wright tells why he’s suing FNC.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Simon: Megyn Kelly is being hyped as the ‘New Godzilla of morning tv’.
  • Spin Stops Here Tour may lose one of its players.  Liz Claman in Omaha.
  • CNN anchor suggests Trump wants jobs credit that belongs to Obama.
  • FNC anchor demands Mississippi remove confederate emblem from flag.

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  • Michael T

    Re: Hensch: The ‘Spin Stops Here’ Tour may be losing one of its players.

    Don’t see how this was even feasible given Jesse’s Saturday night show. Perhaps he no longer does it. The fact it appears on my DVR schedule for tomorrow night is hardly definitive.

    Anyone know if he’s still doing it? Seems a bit much given his M-F obligation to The Five.

    • CDG24

      Yeah, he still does it. Just like Gutfeld doing his show.

      Pretty sure they are both usually taped on Fridays.

  • Lurker

    Is it really racism with Kelly Wright? I think it has to do with Conservatism

    Maybe FOX saw Kelly wasn’t the right person for Fox & Friends Weekend, he’s not a guy that would play the conservative part

    Look at Harris Faulkner, she’s Black & has a great gig on FOX, I suspect FOX likes her alot because she is Conservative

    J$ has seen Clayton’s liberal leanings on Twitter but he plays that Conservative guy really well on Fox & Friends Weekend & has me wondering sometimes is he really a Liberal guy? lol

    • sparty

      I liked Kelly on F&FW. And he has nothing to lose now. He already was put on the overnight shift. Other than Ainsley, I can’t think of anyone who has emerged from there, though I think Jackie Ibanez has a chance.

      • Larry Kelly

        Should have been grateful for the chances given, the rat.

        • Michael T

          Seem to recall some making the same argument about Megyn Kelly after Ailes had given her a primetime slot.

    • Mitch Alan

      If he is worth so much money, let him quit Fox News and see how few offers come in to hire him. He is just an opportunist and dbag.

      • Saintsfan720

        Regarding F&FW, I liked Kelly Wright when he co-hosted but my favorite hosts were Dave Briggs, Alyson Camerotta, and Clayton. I do like Pete but have wondered if Tom Shillue might deserve a shot to guest host and see how he would do.

        • Yes, I’ve thought Tom could represent the right-of-center viewpoint with humor and a smile, just what is needed for F&F. I think if he gets the chance he could very well take Steve Doocy’s place when Steve moves on for whatever reason.

          • sparty

            Don’t you think Steve’s seat is reserved for Peter Doocy?

          • CDG24

            Maybe when Ailes was there it might have been, but it seems to be pretty unlikely as of now.

          • KirkG

            I may have missed it but I have not seen Tom go into depth on a subject like they often have to on F&F during the week. He would have to match Kilmeade or get close to his knowledge.

        • CDG24

          If F&F spots become open, they should definitely give multiple people a shot to see how they do. There doesn’t seem to be a specific person who would likely be able to immediately claim one of those seats.

          Shillue has a pretty good personality for a morning show and is smarter than he has been able to show, but I can’t see him doing very well when the show has to be really serious.
          I’m not even sure he will still be at Fox by the time Doocy’s spot becomes open.
          Also, he is already in his 50s and I don’t think they will hire a new Fox and Friends host that is that old.

          They still should definitely have Shillue fill-in on the weekend to see how it goes.

    • Clayton dips into some liberal arguments on F&F from time to time but he’s a moderate lefty so he shouldn’t be reluctant to step up more often. His usual counterpart righty Pete Hegseth has the opposite problem: too strident and pushy for a weekend morning show, especially with Dem guests who aren’t expecting a slugfest at 6am.

      PS: Here’s a fun fact: guess who performed Megyn Kelly’s wedding ceremony?

      • sparty

        One big problem with Pete is all he does is repeat Trump talking points like the failing New York Times. It gives the impression he can’t think on his own.

      • Mitch Alan

        Was it Roger Ailes?

      • sparty

        It was Kelly, who’s a minister.

      • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

        Bill Clinton performed the weiner-Abadin wedding. I am NOT making that up.

  • Larry Kelly

    Mothra, maybe.

    • Grandpa D

      Matt is stocking up on moth balls.
      (That was really bad movie.)

  • J.J.

    Gutfeld took a swipe at Megyn Kelly last night for beginning her NBC career w/a Kardashian interview. It was funny, but surprising; it has seemed she’s kind of been off limits since leaving.

    • KirkG

      I am sure most people missed it but I thought it was very funny

  • I would’ve made this a link if not for it being old (from last year) but this is the first I’ve seen of it and maybe some will find it interesting. In this video Abby Huntsman (and Carrie Sheffield) talk about how and why they left the Mormon church.

  • Larry Kelly

    The average “NewsHour” viewer is 68 years old. I hate being average.

    • Michael T

      Robert MacNeil, who left The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour way back in 1995 is apparently still kickin’ at 86.

      Good for him…I’m partial to Canadian Americans. Nice people. Although one of my buddies from Toronto does cheat at golf.

    • Grandpa D

      Maybe I should start watching and bring up the average.

      • Larry Kelly

        great, then i’ll be below average

        • Grandpa D

          Age is one of those rare things where being below average is good.

          • ramjet

            Just like par.

    • sky303

      Guess I am way below average…

  • Minnesota Nice

    This past week someone tweeted a vile and defamatory image and used my disqus name along with three others. The person, I assume accidentally, exposed who they were and sadly it’s a regular here. I asked for an apology and expected the post to be deleted. Neither has occurred and since it’s an isolated incident, sadly not much can be done. However now the person is on notice and if it occurs again I have a case, especially if the original vile and defamatory image remains.

    • Larry Kelly

      You can be sure the skunk will spray again. They always do.

    • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

      I have a pretty good idea who this snake was, since he’s done it before with GATXER.

  • Larry Kelly
  • Larry Kelly

    🐎 one of the few things that gets me excited: the Kentucky Derby 🐎

  • Larry Kelly

    So Colbert makes an anti-Trump “joke” so crass the FCC is reviewing complaints and Bill Maher last night an Ivanka Trump incest barb that would had ended his career if an Obama daughter. These people don’t care if half the country won’t watch them but better understand a large part hate them.

    • Cecelia

      Sort of a different response from what Jesse Watters faced, huh?

      What’s really excruciating is Colbert and Maher’s stuff (in this regard) isn’t wit. It’s ham-handed contempt.


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