May 242017
  • Tuesday’s numbers: Maddow-Sean Hannity-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • Zucker play: Actual CNN headline.  Help wanted: An EP for Megyn.
  • Fox seeks sanctions against Tantaros for falsehoods in ‘hoax’ lawsuit.
  • Tara Palmeri joins CNN as ‘political analyst’.  Chanel Carmona upped.
  • Battaglio: Three reasons Fox News ratings dominance has taken a hit.
  • Hannity backs off Seth Rich case.  Jarrett: What is Mueller investigating?
  • Tucker videos: on Russia; on Manchester coverage.
  • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

    Good interview with Concha. The terrorists could set off a nuke, and CNN and MSNBC would still prattle on about Trump and his alleged friends Boris and Natasha.

    • Larry Kelly

      “Forget bomb, keel moose!”

  • Mitch Alan
    • Larry Kelly

      Brilliant people shouldn’t have kids.

  • Larry Kelly

    Glad I DVR’d Tucker and some other shows last night. After I check out if Iris West has been really killed by Savatar, I must find if Mr. Concha can bring some sense into the multiverse.

    • Iris looks like a younger Arthel Neville.

      • Larry Kelly

        Without that thing on the forehead.

  • I’d like to join in the compliments of Joe Concha. I always enjoy his TV appearances and columns.

    • Joe Concha

      All the checks cleared, apparently. Whew!

    • Larry Kelly

      His review of CNN and MSNBC coverage choices last night should make anyone there hang heads in shame. I don’t think anyone is capable of that though.

  • Lurker

    FOX News needs to ignore Tantaros & not pay her a dime

    Quit paying false accusers off!

  • Megyn wants an extended play musical recording?

    • Grandpa D

      Big mistake. Those 45 rpm players are getting hard to find.

      • Cecelia

        My father had a stereo, radio, liquor cabinet combo that took up a whole wall.

        To his delight, I was embarrassed by it as a teenage, but would give anything now if I had kept it.

        He always said that he wanted to be buried in it, and he certainly could have fit.

  • Larry Kelly

    Trump back up to 48%.
    Ha… enough to get AC360 to take a dump on his own desk?

    • gcblues
      • Larry Kelly

        Banquo’s ghost.

        • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

          More like Bunghole’s ghost.

          There is a little town in Indiana called Banquo. The locals call it “Bunghole,” even my cousins who live there.

    • Lurker

      I trust Rasmussen the most

      They also got the Election exactly right, Hillary by 2%

      but the MSM ignores Rasmussen probably cause FNC use to use them alot

      • Larry Kelly


      • Mitch Alan

        The Fox News Poll that they use is about as accurate as the NBC Poll which is not very good. The MSM doesn’t like Rasmussen because its results tend to be more favorable to the Reps.

  • homemaker

    I have to say I like Gregg Jarrett’s legal discussions. They seem very straight forward to me. I am not a lawyer but as a lay person he sure makes issues easy to understand.

    • Mitch Alan

      Jarrett made an amazing comeback. He was arrested for being drunk at an airport and looked like he was a skid row bum. He must have cleaned up his act. He is very smart.

      • Son of Rusty Shackleford

        I think he had taken some prescribed medication and somebody thought he was drunk when actually he wasn’t. I do remember he had a couple days’ growth of beard on his face so it wasn’t a good visual, as they say.

  • Larry Kelly

    We need to do the liberal cable news Jedi mind trick to erase thoughts of something being wrong with Islam that in these modern time serves as justification for the barbarism of the middle ages over and over and over again.

  • sky303

    Looks like FNC was kind of back to normal in ratings position last night with two notes: Hannity and O’ Donnell were close and the Five at 9 seems to be a weak link still.

    • Mitch Alan

      The great thing about The Five is how cheap a program it is to produce. Just 5 talking heads spouting off.

      • sky303

        Still worked better at 5pmet than 9pmet ; also but it cheaper than Beck was or Megyn was for FNC…

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  • Minnesota Nice

    “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”

    ― Mark Twain

    • Larry Kelly

      I would have guessed Susan ‘Benghazi’ Rice, but if you say so.